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NFL players just leaked DMZ mode for Modern Warfare 2

It's not unusual for video game developers to partner with sports players to promote their games. Activision, in particular, has a reputation for giving the likes of professional NBA, NFL, and MBL players, among others, early access to their games. But, we're pretty sure that this privilege comes with strict instructions. Specifically, how much these players can share about still-in-development games like Call of Duty and when they're allowed to reveal such info.

We're pretty sure the Los Angeles Rams won't be getting early access to future Activision Blizzard games for a while.

Case in point, a couple of Los Angeles Rams players just leaked vital intel about Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer.

We're hoping that we'll get a better look at the long-rumored DMZ mode for Modern Warfare 2 soon.

Cameron Dicker, an NFL kicker, posted a photo of the multiplayer lobby of Modern Warfare 2. In addition to this, other NFL players did the same as well. The interesting part is that one of the players put up a blurry photo of Modern Warfare 2 with the word "DMZ" on the screen.

Dicker and the other players have since deleted the photo. Obviously, this doesn't help at all. The rest of the internet has saved their own copies and shared them with the rest of the world for everyone to see.


Call of Duty's DMZ mode is not new information. Several leakers have talked about this unconfirmed Modern Warfare 2 mode for a while. Unfortunately, Activision hasn't shared anything about it yet. Because of this, many considered it more of an in-development mode that might not make it to the game. Thanks to Dicker, we now know that the mode exists and that it could launch along with Modern Warfare 2 on October 28.

Thankfully, we can look forward to some form of official information from Infinity Ward about Modern Warfare at the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend.


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