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Operation Chaos & Operation Red Circus Complete Guides (Black Ops Cold War Side Missions)

For the first time in the history of Call of Duty, Black Ops Cold War includes a feature where you must collect evidence and analyze them for clues. Adding to the gameplay's interactive aspect, there are two optional side missions that you can complete. However, completing these missions requires you to first collect evidence, decipher codes, and solve puzzles.

The two side missions are Operation Chaos and Operation Red Circus, where you assume control of Mason as he and Woods go on these missions to take out specific targets associated with Perseus, in hopes of reducing his influence and hold.

Below, we have covered everything you need to know to complete these side missions, from collecting the evidence to solving them.

Operation Chaos

Operation Chaos is available on the evidence board after the completion of the 'Fracture Jaw' mission. However, you will not start this side mission just yet. You must wait until the completion of the 'Red Light, Green Light' mission as you will need to collect three pieces of evidence used to decrypt the floppy disk for Operation Chaos mission.


These pieces of evidence are found in different missions. We have listed down all the pieces of evidence and where you can find them below.

Evidence Collection

There are three pieces of evidence, as mentioned before. You can find them in three different missions that are as follows.

  • Coded Message: The first piece of evidence is a coded message that you can get by interrogating Qasim Javadi in the first campaign mission, 'Nowhere Left to Run.' During the interrogation, a dialogue prompt will pop up that reads, "who's Arash meeting with?" select this option. Qasim will spill his beans about the coded message upon which the evidence will be added.

  • Observer Newspaper: This evidence is added once you've collected 3/6 photo intel during the mission 'Red Light, Green Light.' When you are in the vicinity of the intel, you will get a notification at the top of your screen indicating that you are in an objective area. Check the walls around you, and you will notice a highlighted map with a camera icon on it.

    Take the picture to add it as intel. There are six in this mission, but you only need 3/6 to get the Observer Newspaper evidence. You can use only any three.

  • Numbers Station Broadcast: The third evidence is collected during the mission called 'Brick in the Wall' You will meet an informant who asks you a favor of finding her contact, to either help rescue him or eliminate him.

    Make your way to the informant who is held in the basement of an apartment. There will be several Stasi (guards) on your way to the basement. You will come across a door with apartment number 732. There will be a guard outside. Take him out, pick the lock, and enter the building.

    You will find three guards with a tied prisoner. You can easily take out these guards without getting spotted. Use your silent pistol to take them out one by one. Shooting them in the head will do the trick. After taking out the guards, check the table next to the prisoner as the evidence is on the table. What you do with the prisoner is up to you.

Decrypting the Floppy Disk

Once you've collected all the evidence, we can proceed with Operation Chaos floppy disk decryption and, finally, the mission itself. To decrypt the floppy disk, we need a code and a passphrase that we can get by using the pieces of evidence that we've collected from various missions.

Step 1 - Deciphering the code

First, open up the newspaper and you will notice that some of the letters on the newspaper headline are highlighted in red. These letters are an anagram for one of the cities in the Numbers Station Broadcast which we will come to in a bit.

The highlighted letters for us were ATATLAN, which spells the city ATLANTA. Note that the city names, numbers, and all the content used to solve is completely random and unique for every player, but the method to solve is the same.

Once you've identified the city's name, open up the Numbers Station Broadcast and check the numbers corresponding to that city. As you can see from the image below, Atlanta has the numbers 0,1,8,6.

0186 is your passcode.

Step 2 - Deciphering the passphrase

To get the passphrase, we will do the opposite. We will use the coded message from Qasim Javadi to identify the numbers and convert them into a city instead.

As you can see in the picture above. There is a sequence of numbers in both blue and red, with some missing (written as "?"). We need to find the missing numbers and find the corresponding city.

First, write the red and blue numbers separately.

Red: ?, 09, 15, 21, 27

Blue: 63, ?, 69, 75, 83

The second step is to find the pattern in these numbers. Find a pattern that the numbers follow and accordingly find the missing number following the same pattern. Note that the pattern will be completely different for all the players. So, you must find your pattern. Here's an example of what our pattern looked like to give you an idea of how to approach the problem.

If we only look at the red sequence, you will notice that each number has a difference of 6. If you subtract 21 from 27, you get (-)6. If you subtract 15 from 21, you get (-)6 again. That means whatever the missing number is, it must be a product of 6 subtracted from 9. You get 3. So the missing red number is 03.

For the blue sequence, if you subtract 75 from 83, you get (-)8. If you subtract 69 from 75, you get (-)6. If you notice, the difference isn't consistent like our red sequence, where the difference of 6 was consistent throughout the sequence. Here the difference is decreasing by 2 every time we move from right to left in the sequence.

To ensure we get the far left number as 63, we must follow the same pattern of decreasing the difference by 2 every time. We will get our missing number, which is 65, by subtracting 4 from 69.

And to confirm this pattern's authenticity, we can subtract 2 from 65 to get 63, which is the first number in the sequence.

So our two missing numbers are 0365. Open the Numbers Station Broadcast once again and check which city corresponds to the number 0365. For us, it was Omaha.

Omaha is your passphrase.

Step 3 - Entering the code and passphrase

Now that you have the code (0186) and your passphrase (Omaha), you can enter it in the terminal to decrypt the floppy disk. Click on the floppy disk to access the computer terminal.

First, you will be asked to put in the code, which is 0186.

Then the passphrase, which is Omaha for us. Make sure all the letters are lower-case as these are case-sensitive. Some people have trouble with this, and they get confused.

After entering the correct credentials, you will get an "Access Granted" message, indicating the successful description of the floppy disk.

You can now proceed with the main Operation Chaos mission, where you must go through the mission to reach Aldrich, eliminate him, and take a photo of the dead body as confirmation.

Operation Red Circus

Operation Red Circus is the second side mission, which is available after the mission 'Fracture Jaw.' You can either launch the mission right after it appears on the evidence board or wait until the completion of the mission 'Desperate Measures,' after which you would have collected all the needed evidence to identify the three correct suspects working under Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik.

Vadim Rudnik is helping Perseus place Soviet agents all over Europe. If you start the mission without identifying the agents, it won't be a 100% completion. You must identify the three agents before killing Vadim Rudnik.

Evidence Collection

Just like Operation Chaos, Operation Red Circus also requires collecting some evidence that will help you find the three key agents. There are three pieces of evidence spread across three different missions.

  • Franz Kraus's Ledger: You can find Franz Kraus's Ledger during the mission 'Brick in the Wall', in his apartment. You can find a small wall grating behind a side-table in the living room by the couch next to the bookshelf. Once you are close enough to the grate, you will get a prompt to search.

    When you search the wall grating, it will open up, revealing the evidence.

    Note that the location of this ledger can be different for some people. Another possible location includes the side-table in the bedroom located upstairs. When you go upstairs, you will see two doors. Enter the one on your left, and you will be in the bedroom.

  • Cassette Tape with Activities Report: The second evidence is a cassette tape that contains an activities report. You can find this during the mission 'Echoes of a Cold War' when you visit Mount Yamantau from the classic Black Ops 1. The cassette tape is not far into the mission once you're in the first building (The SATCOM) with computers and terminals.

    The cassette is on the middlemost table next to a payphone.

  • Wristwatch containing Dead Drop List: The third evidence can be found during the mission 'Desperate Measures.' The location of this evidence also varies for different players. Sometimes you can find it in the Records room, and sometimes in the Data Entry Room. We've managed to find it in both these rooms on two separate playthroughs.

    For this guide, we found it in the Data Entry room.

    There are several methods to access these rooms as part of the campaign mission. Just follow the on-screen instructions depending on what approach you use to obtain the bunker key.

Identifying the Suspects

Now that we've collected the evidence, we are ready to identify the suspects and mark them. We will start with the wristwatch.

Step 1 - Wristwatch

The wristwatch helps us identify the locations where the possible targets must have visited. The three targets are dubbed as the "Bearded Lady," "Strong Man," and the "Juggler."

From the wristwatch dead drop list, we can identify the locations these three suspects have visited and the date they visited these locations on. For easier understanding, let's draw up a table and start filling in the information as we gather it.

Step 2 - Cassette Tape

We can use the cassette tape to identify our suspects' genders, in order to narrow down our list of suspects.

In the image above, you can see how the three suspects are referred to as either "He" or "She" this helps us identify their gender. This means that the Bearded Lady and Strong Man are both males while the Juggler is a female.

Step 3 - Franz Kraus's Ledger

Finally, we come to the ledger. This ledger contains the list of money paid to these three suspects and the locations where they were paid at. This gives us another set of locations with dates. You might be wondering why we need more locations? Some of the targets visited the same location, so we need more locations to cross-check and confirm.

According to Kraus's ledger, the bearded lady was paid $15,000 in Dijon, France on 09/04/80, The Strong Man was paid $7,000 in Vienna, Austria on 01/08/81, and the Juggler was paid $12,000 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 12/04/80.

Step 4 - Identifying & Marking Targets

We now have all the needed information to start marking the targets from the "Review Suspects" menu.

Our first target would be Alex Superty. He matches the complete profile of the "Bearded Lady." He is a male suspect, just as we established from the cassette tape. His recent travel list includes visiting Krakow, Poland on 10/04/80 and Dijon, France on 09/04/80.

The second target would be Aaron Lee, who matches the "Strong Man" profile. The Strong Man is a male just like Aaron Lee, who visited Paris, France on 01/21/81, and Vienna, Austria on 01/08/81.

The final confirmed suspect is a female. For this one, we can ignore all the other male suspects and focus on the three female suspects. The only female suspect who matches the exact profile of the "Juggler" is Claire Koberstein. Her recent travel list includes visiting Rome, Italy on 01/09/81, and Copenhagen, Denmark on 12/04/80.

Our final table looks like this. Remember, your suspects can be completely different based on the information you get from your pieces of evidence.

After identifying all the targets and marking them, you can proceed with the main Operation Red Circus mission to find and eliminate Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik.

Remember to take a picture of the body for confirmation.

And that's how you complete both the side missions. Note that after a certain point in the campaign, you won't be able to access these missions, specifically after the Cuba Briefing. Once you start the mission 'End of the Line,' you won't have access to the evidence board from that point onward. So make sure you complete both the operations before that.

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