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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Main Easter Egg (Legion) Solo Guide

The Outbreak game mode for Black Ops Cold War Zombies has received its first-ever main easter egg quest with the release of Season 3 reloaded. This easter egg is one of a kind in the history of Call of Duty Zombies and certainly shows the potential that the game mode holds.

In this guide, we guide you through the Main Easter Egg Quest of the Outbreak mode. We cover all the relevant locations, optimum weapon loadout, and the best solo strategy to take out the final boss.

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This easter egg requires proper setup, weapon, and attachments for the final boss fight, unlike the Firebase Z and Die Maschine easter egg.

The new custom mods available in Zombies make things much easier, but this guide still covers everything regardless of the custom mod availability. If you find a higher rarity of the same weapon shown in this guide, then you can pick that up and apply your desired custom mod to get the same attachments on a higher-tier weapon!


We also have a complete video guide showcasing everything for you to follow along with this written guide.

Video Guide


You need to set up a couple of things before you jump into a game of Outbreak. This easter egg requires thorough preparation before you can get into the final boss fight. If you are not prepared accordingly, your failure is inevitable (trust us, we failed multiple times). This is certainly one of the harder easter eggs of COD Zombies.

Weapon & Attachments

So far, we've seen people running the tactical burst rifle M16 for this boss fight. M16 has become the meta for this easter egg. While it is a viable weapon against the final boss Legion, many players tend to have difficulty due to its burst firing feature and a slower rate of fire than your regular assault rifle.

To counter this, another excellent option and our recommended choice is the SMG PPSh-14. That's right. This classic favorite is one of the best, not just against the regular zombies throughout the easter egg but also the final and one of the hardest bosses in Cold War Zombies.

With the right attachments, the PPSh-14 is an excellent weapon to use in zombies in general. These attachments were selected after a lot of consideration to ensure our PPSh-14 was optimized for both the damage and salvage drop rate. Our PPSh-14 Attachments were as follows:

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Muzzle: KGB Eliminator
  • Barrel: 15.7" Task Force
  • Body: Ember SIghting Point
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Magazine: Spetsnaz 71 Rnd Drum
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Spetsnaz Stock

Custom Mod Save

You can also save the above loadout as a custom mod in zombies for those of you who are not aware. This allows you to apply the custom attachment setups along with the camos on your weapons in the middle of the game.

This is an important feature as, during your game, you might come across a PPSh-14 having a higher rarity than the one you currently loaded into the game with. You pick up that high rarity weapon, but it won't have the same attachments. This is where the custom mods come into play. You can apply the custom mod to put the saved attachment loadout and camos on that higher rarity weapon.

It can help save a lot of time as you won't have to grind for high-grade salvage or do crystal world events for the aether tool. You can apply the custom mod from your pause menu. Make sure your weapon is equipped when applying the mod.

SMG Blueprint Upgrade

The SMG blueprint was also upgraded to Tier IV. We highly recommend upgrading the SMG blueprint to Tier V.

In the final boss fight, you will notice that when we start shooting the orbs, the critical damage went from around 800 to 2,000. That is the 25% critical bonus at close range, thanks to the SMG weapon blueprint Tier III. If you upgrade your SMG weapon blueprint up to Tier V, then you can do the same amount of critical damage even at longer distances and not just at close range.

Field Upgrades

There are mainly two field upgrades that you need to run for this easter egg with one optional field upgrade. The main field upgrades are the Aether Shroud and Frenzied Guard. The optional field upgrade is the Ring of Fire but in the early rounds (Round 1-3).

First, let's talk about the optional field upgrade. It is just to ensure you do not lose against the elite zombies that spawn during the world events and side-objectives in the beginning rounds as you are still not fully prepared in the game with your custom-built PPSh-14. If you are confident in your skills, you can skip this field upgrade and choose whatever you wish to have. There's no harm in having it either, though, as you won't be using the main field upgrades until later into this easter egg.

One of the two main field upgrades is the Frenzied Guard. You need to ensure that it is maxed out to Tier V. There are many good perks that come with different tiers Frenzied Guard has to offer.

The first tier is a no-brainer. Upon activation, your armor repairs fully. This is important as, during the final phases of the easter egg, it can get pretty hectic down in the bunker during the launch keys step. You don't get enough time to stand by the Arsenal and repair your armor, especially if you're on PC.

The third tier says that the regular zombies will explode when they hit you, which is another good point. The final tier, however, is what makes this field upgrade super useful. It slows down the regular zombies, which is an outstanding feature since, on higher rounds, you get super-sprinters. Super-sprinter is a name given to the zombies on higher rounds as they run extremely fast. This is one of the reasons why buying your perks in a strategic order is also critical. More on that later.

Finally, the most important field upgrade of all is the Aether Shroud. You will be running this field upgrade during the final boss fight. Activating Aether Shroud causes the zombies to ignore you. It includes both regular and elite zombies. It is also important to upgrade to at least tier IV (tier V is even better as you get two charges).

This is essential during the final boss fight due to how it is played out. In short, whenever the final boss is stunned, you get a limited window to damage its orbs that come out upon stunning it. There are three orbs, and destroying one will reduce 1/3rd of its full health.

To ensure you fully focus fire on the orbs, you activate the Aether Shroud and unload your bullets into one orb. It is difficult to focus fire on the orbs without the Aether Shroud as hordes of regular and elite zombies are constantly spawning.

That is all the preparation you need before jumping into Outbreak. Let's move onto the in-game preparation and how to optimize your preparation steps.

In-game Preparation

After you spawn into a game of Outbreak, you need to start focusing on upgrading your PPSh-14 to legendary rarity (unless, of course, you find one in-game) and pack-a-punch it to level 3. You also need to focus on gathering points for the perks and salvage for a full level 3 armor. Here's how you can optimize it.

Weapon Rarity

When you first spawn into the game with your custom loadout, you will have a red color strip by the name of your weapon. This indicates a 'Loadout' weapon. We need it to reach the orange color, which represents the Legendary rarity. Legendary rarity gives a 300% damage boost. And when this is combined with level 3 pack-a-punch, your weapon becomes a beast.

There are three main ways you can get a higher rarity weapon. Two of them include working for it, while the third is simply finding the weapon in a loot crate.

In the Outbreak mode, there are orange crystal world events that spawn quite often. If you complete these, you get an aether tool that can be collected to upgrade your equipped weapon's rarity. For instance, if your weapon was an Uncommon weapon, picking up the aether tool will upgrade the rarity to a Rare level. Similarly, if your weapon was Epic rarity, it will be upgraded to Legendary rarity upon collecting the aether tool.

Here's how you can optimize the strategy and make the best use of the aether tool. First, collect 1,500 uncommon salvage (green salvage) to upgrade your weapon rarity from 'Loadout' to 'Uncommon (blue).' You can now either collect 500 high-grade salvage to upgrade the weapon rarity further or do two crystal events. We recommend doing two crystal events unless you have 500 high-grade salvage to upgrade to Epic rarity and then do one crystal event to reach that Legendary rarity.

There's only one crystal event in each region. Therefore, it is sort of a gamble. That is why it is best to try and collect 500 high-grade salvage to upgrade to an Epic rarity and then go for the crystal world event to get a free upgrade to Legendary rarity. We need to be prepared by the time we reach Round 5.

As mentioned before, the attachments that we've chosen are optimized for damage and salvage drop rates. So, you can expect a lot of salvage drop from the zombies you kill. We've tested this. You can learn more about the weapon rarity and bonus damages here.

Perks & Their Order

It is also important to know the order in which you need to buy the perks. This is critical as whenever you go down, you lose some perks, and you need to ensure you don't lose the important perks such as JuggerNog, Quick Revive, and Stamin-Up first. These three perks should be your absolute priority.

You might also end up with a random perk from doing the side world events and objectives. If that happens, then do not worry. When you buy the perks, the random perk is always at the end. You can still buy the rest in the order you wish. When you warp, you will notice that the random perk will go at the end of the perks list.

Keep completing the objectives and side-missions to gather points and buy these perks.


As you progress through the rounds and objectives, make sure you constantly upgrade your pack-a-punch level of the weapon. Unlike the regular round-based survival maps, the pack-a-punch machines are randomly placed around maps in each region. You can bring up your map to find the location of the pack-a-punch machine.

Each tier upgrade costs as follows:

  • Tier 1: 5,000
  • Tier 2: 15,000
  • Tier 3: 30,000

This means you need a total of 50,000 points to fully pack-a-punch your PPSh-14.

Continue to do the objectives as stated and warp to Round 3.

Ammo Mods

The most important ammo mod in this easter egg is the Brain Rot ammo mod. There are multiple reasons for that. The first is that it allows you to turn elite zombies that can help you fight against the other zombies. You can only turn special zombies if you've upgraded your Brain Rot to tier IV. So, make sure you do that.

Another reason is when you are down in the facility during the launch key step of this easter egg. You are going to face 50+ Mimics. You are going to have a tough time dealing with these Mimics without a Brain Rot ammo mod. The Mimics are weak to Brain Rot.

Finally, during the boss fight, the zombies can be turned. There are going to be hordes of zombies and elite zombies during the boss fight. It would be advantageous to have a couple fighting by your side as you take down the Legion. The Legion boss is an upscaled version of the Tempest elite zombies. Tempest zombies are weak to Brain Rot as well. Assuming the same, the Legion final boss should also be weak to Brain Rot resulting in extra damage from your shots.

Keeping in mind all of the above points, we believe that Brain Rot is an absolute necessity for this easter egg. You can always run a shotgun as a secondary and equip a Hauer 77 with Shatter Blast ammo mod to take down elites such as Krasny Soldat and Manglers easily during the final boss fight.

Easter Egg Steps

Step 1: Maxis Radio

You can continue to do the objectives and side world events even on Round 3 to fully upgrade your weapon and buy all the perks if you haven't already by this point. However, Round 3 is where the easter egg steps begin.

Before you do anything else, we highly recommend you turn on your subtitles as they will make your life easier.

These subtitles will come in handy when we are doing the Maxis radio step. This step is exactly like the unknown signal radio easter egg, but instead of a song cassette at the end, you get a device called Beacon Listening Device.

The radios do not spawn before Round 3. These spawn on Round 3 and above in all the regions and have fixed spawn locations. If you have already done the unknown radio signals easter egg before, you will be familiar with this step. If you are unsure how the unknown radio signal easter egg steps work, follow along.

There is one base radio with three amplifiers that are placed in close proximity to the base radio. You first turn on the base radio which will play an alarm spawning and attracting several zombies towards you. The alarm will read "[FEEDBACK FEEDBACK FEEDBACK]" as subtitles.

Once it turns off, you can hear some static voice with a number in the subtitles indicating its audio. This is why it is best to have subtitles turned on. Otherwise, you will have to focus and listen to the audio itself.

Now, you need to find the three amplifiers. You can find them by hearing a static sound as you get closer to them. They are always near the base radio. You need to interact with them and set them to the same number as the base radio.

There is also a high chance for one of the amplifiers to play the alarm sound and spawn zombies. If that happens, clear them and then set the amplifier signal.

After completing all three, head back to the original base radio and interact for some points and the Beacon Listening Device.

You do not need to worry about finding all the radio and amplifier locations as we've done that for you. Below you'll find the locations in each region.

Maxis Radio - Alpine

Base Radio

The base radio is found near the middle of the Alpine region at a Steep Grove.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is also near the edge to the west of the base radio.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is located inside a small shed north of the base radio.

Amplifier 3

The third amplifier is located near a ridge by the main ski slope east of the base radio.

Maxis Radio - Duga

Base Radio

The base radio is found at the SAM Site in the northeastern section of the region.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is to the left of the base radio inside the guard tower.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is right in front of the base radio by some concrete walls.

Amplifier 3

The third amplifier is found inside the security shed at the entrance of the SAM Site.

Maxis Radio - Golova

Base Radio

The base radio is found on a stack of wooden pallets at the lower farmstead area.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is found in an open shed to the right of the base radio.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is found in front of the base radio by a shed and some hay bales.

Amplifier 3

The final and third amplifier is found in the upper farmstead area by the elevated building.

Maxis Radio - Ruka

Base Radio

The base radio is found inside the tent at the Old Farm at the western edge of the region.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is inside a small cabin to the right of the tent with the base radio.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is found in an open shed on top of some hay bales.

Amplifier 3

The third and final amplifier is found on the bed inside the house on the second floor.

Maxis Radio - Sanatorium

Base Radio

The base radio is by the foot of the central statue at the Sanatorium Underside.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier at the base of the stairs to the left of the base radio.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is on an elevated surface slightly north of the base radio.

Amplifier 3

The third and last amplifier is right in front of the central statue at the structure's base, right in the middle of the two sets of stairs near the main road.

The important thing to note is that the above unknown radio signal easter egg is completely different from the regular one. The regular one shows up on the map, but Maxis radios do not show up. The regular one's icon is shown on the mini-map in the image below.

Beacon Listening Device

Once you've complete the radio step, you will get a Beacon Listening Device.

Complete the main objective in the region and go to the Beacon site. You will get a new option on the Beacon to 'Respond' to Maxis' call. You will also see an 'M' on the Beacon screen after accepting the call.

After responding to her call, warp to the next region for the next step of this easter egg.

Step 2: Monkey Step

Once you've warped to the next region, you should be on Round 4 now. In each Outbreak region, there are four fixed Monkey locations. Shooting the correct monkey statue drops a projector microfilm slide.

The monkey locations are fixed, but the correct monkey changes every game. The correct monkey can be any one of the four monkeys in any one of the regions.

The correct monkey always has the letter 'M' somewhere next to it. It can be anywhere near the monkey statue, such as the wall or the shelf. So, keep an eye out for it.

This means you do not have to shoot all four monkey statues. You just need to find the one with the letter 'M' next to it.

Monkey Locations

The following are all the monkey locations in each region.

Monkey Locations - Alpine
Monkey 1

The first monkey is found inside the house by the bathhouse.

You'll find the monkey on the shelf inside the attic.

Monkey 2

The second monkey is found inside one of the Hillside Cabins in the southeastern edge of the region.

The monkey is on a shelf as soon as you enter the house through the main entrance.

Monkey 3

The third monkey is behind the electrical generator next to the Fire Aid Station in the region's northernmost part.

Monkey 4

The final monkey can be found in the western section of the map in one of the Base Suites.

The monkey will be on the balcony of the house.

Monkey Locations - Duga
Monkey 1

The first monkey is on top of a bus stand at the Hilly Clearing.

Monkey 2

The second monkey can be found inside one of the Bunkers. It is Bunker A, to be specific.

You will find the monkey on top of a blue barrel at the end of the bunker.

Monkey 3

The third monkey is at the base entrance area in the southern part of the region.

The monkey is on top of the security guard room at the entrance.

Monkey 4

The final monkey can be found at the Bus Depot.

It will be on the ground behind the wall.

Monkey Locations - Golova
Monkey 1

The first monkey is found at the Train Loading area.

It'll be inside the elevated building.

Monkey 2

The second monkey is found inside the church.

Use the ladders inside to climb to the top. You will find the monkey resting on the pillar at the top.

Monkey 3

The third monkey is found in a small room located at the Industrial Park. The location is at the eastern border of the region.

Monkey 4

The fourth monkey is found inside the Horse Ranch.

Monkey Locations - Ruka
Monkey 1

The first monkey can be found in a small garage located at the Silo Outskirts.

Monkey 2

The second monkey can be found at the Gorge on the ground by a wrecked old car.

Monkey 3

The third monkey can be found at the Cargo Platform location. The monkey is under the wooden platform.

Monkey 4

The final monkey can be found at the region's eastern border at the end of the Train Trestle. The monkey is located under the bridge.

Monkey Locations - Sanatorium
Monkey 1

The first monkey can be found inside the Administration building.

The monkey is on the bookshelf inside the office on the second floor. It is the corner office to the left.

Monkey 2

The second monkey is found inside a small cabin at the Carved Hills near the southwestern border of the region.

The monkey is on a shelf.

Monkey 3

The third monkey can be located inside the bathhouse in the southern section of the region.

Monkey 4

The final monkey can be found under the main bridge.

Projector Locations

After obtaining the microfilm projector slide from one of the monkeys, you need to use this slide on one of the projectors. These projectors have fixed spawn locations and spawn in all the regions except Ruka. Note that you do not have to warp in order for these projectors to appear. You can head over to the projector location in your respective region as soon as you collect the microfilm slide.

The following are all the projector locations:

Projector - Alpine

The projector is in the central Lodge at the main Base Plaza where the Pack-A-Punch machine is usually.

When you enter the building, take the stairs to the right of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Turn right, and at the end of the corridor, you will come across a room numbered 208.

Enter the room and go upstairs to find the projector by the bed.

Projector - Duga

You will find the projector inside the Admin Offices building in the Duga region.

There is a yellow ladder at the very left end of the Admin Offices building. Take the ladder upstairs and jump through the window to enter a meeting room with a projector on the long table.

Projector - Golova

The projector is found in the Upper Town area inside the building with the Arsenal.

The projector is inside a corner office located opposite the Arsenal.

Projector - Sanatorium

The projector is found at the Administration building located near the northeastern border of the region.

Enter through the door shown in the image above and immediately turn right to enter the meeting room with a projector placed on the table.

After completing the projector step, you can complete your main objective and warp to the next region, which will take you to Ruka.

Step 3: Operatsiya Inversiya & Launch Keys

In Ruka, you will get a unique main objective called 'Operatsiya Inversiya.' Once you start this objective, you are at a 'point of no return.'

You can also hear Maxis speaking to you. Now is your last chance to prepare for the final push before you head at the Missile Silos for the boss fight.

You do have the facilities such as the Pack-A-Punch machine, Arsenal, and a crafting bench, but it gets really hectic down there with zombies constantly spawning and giving you a very hard time. That is why it is highly recommended that you prepare the best you can before heading down to the Missile Silos.

When you reach the objective marker, you will notice an opening in the door leading to an elevator along with several Omega dead bodies around.

When you activate the elevator, your point of no return starts. You will be taken to an underground bunker or facility which is overrun by zombies.

Before doing anything, we highly recommend taking a look around the silo before beginning with the cutscene to get a better idea of the layout, as it can get confusing with hordes of zombies constantly coming at you while doing the easter egg steps.

Each silo area has a facility for you to use and you can remember them using the following:

  • Silo A ('A'rmor)
  • Silo B ('B'ack-a-Punch)
  • Silo D ('D'rinks/Perks)

There's no Silo C as it is inaccessible. All these are always in a small room on the top floor of each silo. The crafting bench is in the central hub connecting all the silos.

Since it is quite difficult to navigate down here, you may follow our path and for better understanding, feel free to check out our video guide as well.

Starting Cutscene

The first thing you do when you reach the bottom is to navigate Silo A and lift the lockdown that initiates a cutscene, after which you can move onto the launch keys step. As soon as you reach the bottom, exit the elevator and go left.

As you go straight, you will enter Silo D. When you enter the silo. You will find a rope to rappel up to. Use it and go up.

When you reach the top, go right, and you will find an opening to your left. Take it to reach the central hub of the silo.

After entering the central hub, stick to your left side, and you will see Silo A directly to your left. Enter Silo A.

As soon as you enter, you will notice a little opening right by the central missile to drop down. Drop down from here.

Once you reach the bottom, you will find an area with various consoles and terminals. One of which in particular will have a 'star' icon saying 'Lift the Lockdown.'

Interact with the indicated terminal to enter a cutscene.

Before you proceed with the keys step, change your field upgrade to Frenzied Guard. You will use this to repair your armor fully in cases of emergency quickly. It can get chaotic down in the silos.

Launch Key 1

You can collect the keys in any order. But, the order we recommend is the most optimized order to get all three keys. Let's begin with the first key, which you can get by charging up an Aetherium Harvesting Unit.

After the cutscene, you will be on the top floor of Silo B. You can identify which silo you're in by just looking around. The letters are all over the place, including the walls and pillars.

You need to jump down to the bottom floor of Silo B.

You will find an aetherium harvesting unit on the bottom floor.

Interact with the unit and wait a couple of seconds for the canister to come out. Do not just stand there as zombies will continue to spawn. Take a quick detour around the silo and come back to check.

Once the canister is out, you need to start collecting aetherium crystal chunks to fill this canister. You can find a bunch of purple crystals all around Silo B on the walls, inside the tunnel, and even the central missile platform.

Break these crystals by shooting at them, and they will drop crystal chunks that you can pick up. These crystals also regrow after breaking them so you can collect the exact amount needed. You need a total of 20 crystal chunks.

After collecting the crystals, head back to the unit and hold your interact button to deposit the crystals.

You do not have to deposit all the crystals at once. You can always deposit the amount you've collected and come back to deposit more after more collection. The harvester states the amount left while depositing.

Remember, as you are depositing the crystals, Tempest also spawns, and regular zombies can still attack you. But, you can also shoot back at them while depositing. Make sure you are holding down the interact button while shooting at the zombies.

Also, remember that during this whole step of collecting and depositing, many zombies will spawn, including elites such as Manglers and Megatons. Make sure you take these elites out first, as they do a ton of damage.

Upon successful deposition of 20 crystals, you need to run away from the location as many zombies will spawn around you. The canister will go back inside for processing. Give it a couple of seconds before it comes back outside. Once it's out, you will be able to pick up the canister.

The canister provides the same visual effect as the one you get when doing the 'retrieve' objective in the Outbreak mode. However, this canister doesn't slow you down, thankfully. You will still be able to sprint. The aetherium field attack of this canister is also mighty powerful.

Now, we will use this canister to get two keys. Yup, that's right. It will help us obtain one of the keys with ease instead of us fighting our way to that key.

First, make your way back to the central hub. Keep in mind. The central hub is now filled with approximately 50+ Mimics. Yeah, it gets intense in here, but that is where our canister field upgrade will help us along with the brain rot ammo mod on our PPSh-14.

When you enter the central hub, you will notice several random objects (fire extinguishers, chairs, plants, etc.) all over the place. Do not stop anywhere near them. Keep running circles around the central hub, and as you get closer to the objects, they will turn into Mimics.

Turn as many Mimics as possible and once you've spawned the maximum you can, make your way to Silo C, and at the end of the corridor, you will find a dead body with your first launch key called 'ICBM Launch Key.'

As soon as you pick up the key, a red chunkier version of the regular Mimic will spawn. This Mimic takes forever to kill with your regular weapons. That is why, as soon as the red Mimic spawns, use your aetherium field upgrade to instantly take it out along with the other Mimics that were following you.

You might have to use a second charge to fully kill the other following Mimics if you weren't close enough to the Mimic horde. But you can spam your PPSh-14 having the brain rot ammo mod on it. The Mimics are weak to brain rot, and they will be instantly taken out.

After clearing all the Mimics, go back to where the red mimic died and collect your ICBM Launch Key.

Do not use all your aetherium field upgrades. You need to have at least one charge, which is critical for the next key.

Launch Key 2

Next up, make your way to Silo D. This is where your last aetherium field upgrade will come in handy.

Upon entering Silo D, go left, and you will find a floating jellyfish. There will also be a set of stairs next to it.

Go up the stairs until you reach the platform with a light blue, glowing grass. When you're here, use your aetherium field upgrade.

You will start floating towards and inside the jellyfish. At this point, stare directly below you and keep pressing your interact button until you pick your second key and replace it with the aetherium canister.

Launch Key 3

The third and final key is the easiest to obtain as soon as you're done grabbing the key from the jellyfish. Use the rope to rappel back up to the top platform and make your way back to Silo A.

When in Silo A, jump down to the bottom floor of the silo and look for a circular tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel, you will find an essence trap with a banana image on it. Grab the trap and get out of the tunnel.

Remember to be quick about it and only enter if you have a good window of opportunity. You can easily get cornered here by the zombies. You can always use your Frenzied Guard to slow down the zombies when entering the tunnel.

Once you have the trap, look around Silo A for a ghostly apparition of a monkey. You will find the monkey in the vents only around Silo A. You can also hear the monkey to pinpoint its exact location.

When you find the monkey, throw the trap near the monkey and just run away. Do not get close to the monkey, or it will teleport to another vent.

Assuming you've enabled your subtitles, keep an eye out for them. Wait for it to say that the target is in range. That is when you will double-tap your interact button to trap the monkey.

Also, make sure you throw the trap someplace that is relatively easier to access. Sometimes people throw it too high, which leads to them parachuting down to the trap from the top floor.

When it says the target is captured, go to the trap, and you will be able to collect the third key.

Launch Sequence

The final step in the bunker is to start the launch sequence using these keys. In all the silo top floors except silo C, as it is inaccessible, there is a console you can interact with. You will always have to interact with the console in silos A, B, and D.

You have to put the launch keys in each one of these consoles to launch the missiles. The launch sequence is timed. Once you insert the first key, you will have a total of thirty seconds to insert the other two keys. This is why the Stamin-Up perk is crucial, especially if you're doing this solo. The order is always random, but you can determine the order before you begin the launch sequence. When you interact with the correct console in the intended order, you get a launch initiated message pop up. Otherwise, it says it failed.

You can determine the order by looking at the light bars on the console where you put the key in. There will be three lights, one of which will be green, and the rest will be red. This shows the order of that console in that silo.

In our case, Silo A, the first light was green, indicating the console in Silo A is first in the order.

The console in D has the second light green indicating D is second in order. Remember, you can check all these lights before starting the launch sequence.

When you know the order of two of the silos, the third silo order is self-explanatory. The last one would be the console in Silo B as Silo C is not accessible anyway. This gives us our order, ADB. Once again, remember, this order is always random.

Step 4: Final Boss Fight


After the launch sequence step is completed, you will get a 9-minute timer. This timer is showing the time until the missile launches. This is also the time in which you must defeat the final boss, Legion.

At this point, head back to the central hub and use the crafting table to craft a couple of things you absolutely need for this boss fight. By now, your Frenzied Guard must have been charged with killing all the zombies. Use it to slow down the zombies and use the crafting table. It is also a good way of getting your full armor back right before heading into a boss fight.

Get to the crafting table and quickly craft the maximum number of stims (x5) and C4 (x3). Also, buy the Death Machine scorestreak.

After setting everything up, you will find a set of stairs leading up to the surface. Go up, and you will find a door that will take you out to the surface. Interact with the door to open it.

This takes us into the final step of this easter egg, which is defeating the boss, Legion.

Legion Boss Fight

As you enter the boss fight, you should be having the following:

  • Legendary PPSh-14 (PaP Level 3 - SMG Blueprint Tier IV)
  • Stims x5
  • C4 x3
  • Aether Shroud Field Upgarde (Tier V)
  • Death Machine Scorestreak

As soon as you're out, climb the top of the same small building you came out of and change your field upgrade to Aether Shroud.

Wait for the Legion boss to spawn in and start unloading your bullets into its chest. That is the only vulnerable spot you can shoot at to break its armor.

Keep shooting for as long as possible until the zombies start spawning in. Do not stop. Take every chance you get to shoot its chest. Don't worry too much about the zombies in the beginning phase. There's not a lot of them spawning, and it is still fairly easy to ignore and continue to shoot the legion.

As more zombies start to spawn in, start clearing some zombies to charge up your Aether Shroud field upgrade. After charging up the field upgrade, again continue to shoot the Legion.

The most important tip we can give is to remember these high grounds are your friends. Keep climbing up on these small buildings and elevated surfaces to get that window of opportunity to shoot the legion.

These high grounds give you some time as it takes a while for the zombies to climb up, and in that time frame, you can get some shots in to damage the Legion.

Continue shooting the legion and as soon as the armor breaks, rush to the Legion and start focus firing on one of the three exposed orbs. If you do not miss your shots, it will 100% break. If you have your Aether Shroud charged, then activate it before shooting the orb.

Generally, you should activate your Aether Shroud whenever you're shooting the orbs, but in our case, it was not charged for the first orb. But, you should always charge it up and use it for the orbs.

This is specifically the reason why we bring in C4s. Use your C4s to kill hordes of zombies and charge up your Aether Shroud. Aether Shroud charges up really fast, which makes it better than Frenzied Guard, especially in Solo.

As mentioned before, you will notice that when we start shooting the orbs, the critical damage went from around 800 to 2,000. That is the 25% critical bonus at close range, thanks to the SMG weapon blueprint Tier IV. If you upgrade your SMG weapon blueprint up to Tier V, then you can do the same amount of critical damage even at longer distances and not just at close range.

Remember to use your stims whenever you are low on health. Try not to go down for as long as possible. And do not use your Death Machine scorestreak in the beginning phases.

Whenever Manglers spawn, take them out first. Do not take them lightly. If even two of them fire at you, you will lose almost all of your health, especially if you have no armor. Small mistakes in this boss fight are very unforgiving.

Legion has two main power attacks, one of which is a charged attack. The electricity you see on the ground is one of the power attacks. Whenever you see the lightning, just run away from that location. If you're caught in that lightning attack, you will lose a lot of your health and possibly go down.

The second attack is a purple mist that forms around the Legion. You must not stay inside it for too long as it slowly drains your health.

After you break the orb for the second time, the third phase will begin. In this third phase, things are going to heat up. You can expect more zombies and elite zombies to spawn. Remember to always keep moving.

Always keep an eye out on armor drops. Prioritize getting armor drops over anything else.

If the Krasny Soldaty spawns in, make sure you prioritize killing it first. It does a lot of damage with its fire attacks. You can always bring in a Hauer 77 shotgun as your secondary with Shatter Blast ammo mod on it to take Manglers and Krasny Soldat out fairly quickly.

You can use your Death Machine in the last phase to deal some extra damage to the armor before you switch back to your PPSh-14.

Continue to jump on the buildings and damaging the Legion until he finally breaks for the last time. Activate your Aether Shroud and unload every last one of your bullets into the third orb. And before you know it, you would have eliminated one of the hardest bosses in Cold War Zombies.

After defeating the Legion, an ending cutscene will initiate.

Upon completion of this easter egg, you also get a calling card called 'Ravenov Implications'

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you've completed the easter egg. This concludes our Outbreak easter egg guide. Feel free to check out our other zombies guides as well.

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