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Pawn Takes Pawn Guide - Zork, Achievements, Codes, Cyphers & Full Solution


Phase 4


Once again, Treyarch has outdone themselves by continuing the Pawn Takes Pawn easter egg approach, while incorporating Warzone for the reveal of the brand new Zombies mode that is going to return in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Similar to the previous easter egg hunt, Treyarch sent different packages to a select few Youtube content creators that included NoahJ456, MrDalekJD, ShawnJ Gaming, Drift0r, JackFrags, and MarleyThirteen. These creators were sent some boxes that had different terminals that were introduced back in the 90s.

This is similar to the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War reveal easter egg above, where several Youtuber's were sent projectors from back in the day along with some slides. These Youtuber's received their packages on 22nd September 2020. Before proceeding with the guide, a massive shoutout to GeekyPastime and his discord community for solving each of these easter eggs on a daily basis before anyone else.

Each of these Youtuber's received something that they could put commands in. The screens where they could put the commands in were similar to the computer terminal shown on pawn takes pawn original website where you can play the Zork game.

While some Youtuber's like NoahJ456, Drift0r, and ShawnJ Gaming received an old computer from the 90s era called Tandy 1000, the others received a USB flash drive containing a program that opened up a CMD terminal screen where they could put the commands in.

Jackfrags, MrDalekJD, and MarleyThirteen received Bolex 160 Macrozoom (Video Camera), Kodak Brownie Super 27 (Photo Camera), and a Tape Recorder respectively.

All of these Youtuber's were color-coded and had different terminal numbers. The following table shows the names with the terminal numbers and colors.

They all were given separate keywords along with some coordinates. These were Polybius ciphers. Solving these ciphers gives other words that they could use as Access Code for their respective terminals.

For instance, for NoahJ456, the set of instructions reads "PROPAGANDA (12 13 35 35 23 14 24 34)", here the keyword for the cipher is "PROPAGANDA" and the coordinates are "12 13 35 35 23 14 24 34." In order to solve this, we need to understand what the Polybius cipher is first.

In Polybius cipher, there is a 5x5 grid labeled 1-5 across both the y and x-axis. First, we need to take a look at the keyword "PROPAGANDA" and remove any repeated letters. After removing the repeated letters the word becomes "PROAGND". We will now write this word into the grid.

After that, you will continue with the alphabets but making sure you do not repeat any letters, this means that after "D", the letter "B" will come followed by "C" and then "E" etc. You will not write "D" again since it is already written. Completing the full grid gives us the following:

From here we can use the coordinates to decipher the word that is used to access the terminal. The coordinates 12 13 35 35 23 14 24 34 means that we go select 1 across y-axis and then 2 across x-axis which gives us our first letter "R" and the same way for 13, we go 1 across y-axis and 3 across x-axis giving us the second letter "O".

When you complete all of it, you get the word "ROLLBACK." This one was NoahJ456's access code for his terminal.

Similarly, the following are the ciphers and decoded codes for the other Youtubers:

All the creators were also given their first set of terminal commands that they could enter and in return get a link with a text that read "THE PIECES ARE IN PLAY." The link was ptp/wavesofattack. This was in fact, another pawn takes pawn URL,

Going to this website showed the date and time for the next day which was 23rd September 2020 at 12 PM EST. The page also had another link that read ptp/tv. /TV is the same link as the original pawn takes pawn site where we could watch different tapes.

23rd September was the first day of the easter egg that would eventually lead to the reveal of zombies for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Day 1 - 23 September 2020

Fast-forwarding to Day 1 of the easter egg hunt, we get a brand new tape on ptp/tv called "Open-Drop-Save-Restore" that is not that long and ends quite fast. But, in the video, we could see different color-coded terminal codes once again. These codes were color-coded and meant for each content creator to put into their terminals.

The following are the codes that we see flashing in the new tape for each content creator (in order of appearance):

  • ShawnJ Gaming
  • JackFrags
  • Drift0r
  • NoahJ456
  • MarleyThirteen
  • MrDalekJD

We have a full chart showing what exactly the several outputs of all these terminal codes were:

There was a new set of instructions added to the dot-matrix as well that will help in solving all Day 1 easter egg. As you can see below:


The first thing is to use the boards and modify them in a certain way to get to the next step. As you have already seen all of the content creators got some modifying boards, standard boards, and also board modifiers.

To solve the board puzzle, you will use NoahJ456's board modifier instructions. We will start by putting the standard board from MrDalekJD and then modify the board by moving each row/column depending on what the modifier states.

After that, we will overlay the modification grid on top of the shifted board. Now, here we need to compare the boards and see the colors. This is where the set of instructions come in. It states that

  • Black Plus Black Equals Color
  • Black Plus Color Equals Black
  • Color Plus Color Equals Color

This means, that after overlaying the modifying board on top of the shifted board if a square is Black on the shifted board and also Black on the modifying grid then that one square will turn into a solid color.

This solid color is the same color that we will be working on.

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The following are all the grids:

  • JackFrags

  • MrDalekJD
  • MarleyThirteen
  • NoahJ456
  • Drift0r
  • ShawnJ Gaming

For shifting the grids, we need to refer to NoahJ456's board modifiers.

According to the modifier, we need to move row 7 to the left once, column F down thrice and row 3 to the right five times. Let's do it step by step.

Row 7 shifted to the left once gives:

Column F shifted down thrice:

Row 3 shifted to the right five times:

Once we have done all the shifting, we need to now overlay the modification grid of the same color (in this case red for Jackfrags) on top of the shifted grid. But, it will be difficult to see what we're working with so, for the purpose of explanation we have put them side by side and highlight the squares to show what the final colors will be.

After overlaying the full grid, you should have a grid that looks like this:

As you can see, it makes up certain letters in the grid. You must complete the rest of the grids as well. After the completion of all the grids, you will notice letters on all the grids. You can re-arrange all the grids to make up a word "slashdustoff"

This is a new URL for pawn takes pawn and should be written as

On this page, you will find a note with some instructions about the helicopter movement. This movement is referring to the chopper command game screen seen for each Youtuber after they all put in their terminal command.


The next step of this puzzle is to look at the chopper command screen for each YouTuber and refer to the radar at the bottom of their screen. The following are the chopper command screens for all of them:

  • MarleyThirteen
  • JackFrags
  • Drift0r
  • ShawnJ Gaming
  • NoahJ456
  • MrDalekJD

On the new URL /dustoff, according to the set of instructions, the scanner stack means the radar at the bottom of each screen needs to be overlayed to reveal the next part. After overlaying all the scanner's at the bottom we get:

It is another URL When you go to this link, you will find a six-page instruction manual for the chopper command game. You will also notice that there are redacted words on every page of the manual.

There are precisely 18 words redacted. This number 18 is an important number because the number of choppers on all the chopper screens combined is also 18. On the /dustoff instruction note, it states that "Reserve heli count indicates pilot manual page." This is referring to the number of lives on each chopper screen at the top left corner.

The number of choppers seen at the top left corner of the screen refers to the page number in the manual. It also states that "Heli latitude positioning and direction indicate order and jump direction." This is needed when we decode in this part shortly after.

For now, just understand that the score on each screen refers to the letter positioning in a single word. We will come to these letters in a bit. Another thing to note is that the white helicopters jump twice and the yellow helicopters jump thrice.

Let's begin. You need to head back to the /batdecoder site and see the first page of the manual which is the cover page. You will find three redacted words.

Now, we've already established that the number of reserve helis refers to the page number in the instruction manual. That means we need to now look at the chopper command game screen with one heli reserve at the top left corner. And, MarleyThirteen has the screen with one reserve heli.

We will use these chopper screens to find three letters each on all six pages. This is why the number 18 was important as they all are related. So, page 1 of the manual and chopper screen with one reserve heli are put side by side.

First, look at the highest chopper on the screen and that is the white one facing right. This is referring to our first letter on the first page of our manual.

Remember the white helicopter jumps twice. In our case, the white helicopter is facing right, so it will jump twice to the right. But where will it jump? Heading back to the manual page 1, look at the first redacted word and jump two words to the right. You will land on "little."

The score at the to of the chopper screen is 121. Each number in '121' is referring to the position of the letter of a word we land on according to the chopper position. In the first word "little" it will be the first letter as the first number is 1. So our first letter is "L."

Moving forward, we look at the second-highest helicopter and that is the yellow one facing left. This means on the same page 1 of the manual, we jump thrice to the left from the second redacted word that gives us the word "you" and the second number in the score is 2, meaning our second letter is "O."

Similarly, the last one is a white chopper facing left, therefore, jumping twice left from the third redacted word, we land on the word "counting." The last number in the score is 1 which means the first letter of the word "counting" is "C."

This gives us our first three letters from the first page that are LOC. You get three letters per page and there are a total of pages meaning a total of 18 words. 18 choppers are there and there are 18 redacted words that make perfect sense.

After completing all the pages and referring to the rest of the chopper screens, you will end up with LOC, KED, TAG, EUN, BON, and USS. And, if you re-arrange the words, you will get BONUSSTAGEUNLOCKED.

Zork - Fire & Air

You will need to head back to and you can now type in the password which is BONUSSTAGEUNLOCKED. You will then be redirected to another URL, You will be asked to enter two keys. The keys were to be added on the second day (24th Septemeber 2020) of the easter egg but if you're reading this now, you should be able to enter and progress.

Video Guide

To get the two keys, you must head back into Zork and do a couple of tasks to earn some new achievements along with the two new words that are going to be used as the keys. We also have a written guide for this part below, assuming you are starting from the living room in Zork:

The two keys that you get from completing the above Zork step are CovertConflagration and ForcefulGale.

Day 2 - 24 September 2020

Once you enter the two keys at /fireandair you will be redirected to Once again, you will be presented with more terminal codes, one for each of the Youtubers.

These terminal codes are again color-coded which helps us determine which one belongs to which Youtuber.


Upon putting in the new terminal codes in their respective terminals, the Youtubers got a part of a bigger image of the same chopper command game. Each image had both white and yellow choppers as well. They chopper command screens also had some words.

The following are the images corresponding to each Youtuber:

  • JackFrags

  • MrDalekJD

  • MarleyThirteen

  • NoahJ456

  • Drift0r

  • ShawnJ Gaming

When we re-arrange all these chopper command images we get the following image:

You will notice that at the bottom of the assembled screen there is another URL /vcharlie. You need to head over to Once you're on the page, you will see another long note with exactly 18 redacted words just like the previous chopper puzzle.

You will also observe that there are exactly 18 choppers on the assembled chopper screen. You need to start from the top-most chopper and move to the bottom-most chopper (including both white and yellow choppers) to find the words from the paper on /vcharlie.

You might be wondering, how do we know which letter to select as there is no score this time? Well, if you look at the top of the paper on /vcharlie, you will see a Reference#121534358296175742. These indicate the letter index of the word. Another confirmation is the fact that these are exactly 18 numbers in total that means one number corresponding to one letter each.

For instance, the first heli is the white one in the top left corner facing left. We will go to the paper on /vcharlie and see the first redacted word. Jump two words to the left of the redacted word and you get the word "Soviet." Refer to the reference number and The first number is 1, which means that the first letter of the word "Soviet" is our first letter. And, that would be "S."

Similarly, do the same with the rest of the letters descending down and you should have:

Reading from top to bottom, you will end up with a new word "SubterraneanSignal." This is, yet again, another URL for pawn takes pawn.

You can now go to

It will ask you for six passcodes. These are the same words that you see on the assembled chopper image.

After putting them in you will land on another new URL, This is a very interesting page and shows the first set of hints and clues about zombies. Once you land on this page, you will first get an achievement called "Knight's Tour" along with a new reward that you can redeem in Warzone.

You can click on the link that will take you to a link that will give you a redeem code for a brand new Tac Rover skin.

Coming back to the page, you will notice some interactive elements on the page. The first is a note by someone named Tatyana. This note is behind a green sticky note. She writes to someone named "M" regarding some developing situations that concern her. There are many theories as to who this "M" could be and a strong theory suggests that it could be "Mlad" a.k.a Perseus.

Another interesting element here is the map behind. You can also click on the map and it shows a full map where a certain region is circled.

A quick Google search of the map shows that it is a location in Poland. To be specific, it is the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve which was established back in 1976. There are several meteor craters found at the site.

This could be a potential new Zombies storyline which makes this very compelling. Perhaps a meteor crashed in this area and caused some experiments to go wrong which lead to the rise of the zombies? It is also confirmed that this year Campaign and Zombies are interlinked so, it would be quite interesting to see how this all pans out.

One last interesting thing here is the Audio Tape Player a the very bottom of the page. You can play the audio by clicking on the player. We've provided the audio below for you to give it a listen:

That is all for Day 2 of the Zombies Reveal Easter egg hunt. There were no Zork steps and achievements to complete on Day 2.

Day 3 - 25 September 2020

On Day 3, the creators and the community once again returned to at 12 PM EST as per the schedule. This time, the computer screen seemed a bit odd as it had some notches on top of it.

Before coming to the notches, you will also notice that the safe on the left side is now accessible. You can click on it and put an access code. We will get to it shortly.

There was a new set of instructions added to the dot-matrix as well.

Moving Bombardier

These were exactly 26 notches and that indicated that these notches represented the alphabet since, there are a total of 26 letters in the English alphabet. We've also seen a bombardier statue on the monitor. This bombardier moves after every 5 minutes.

You need to keep track of the clock at the top left corner of the screen. As soon as the clock passes 5 minutes, the bombardier moves and goes to several specific notches. This bombardier movement was recorded and the alphabets were labeled to get the word.

For instance, as you can see in the image below the time is 12:09 as soon as the time is 12:10, the bombardier moves and completes the full cycle. After that, the next cycle will be at 12:15 and so on.

After one full cycle, we get the word 'LOCKEDANDLOADED' and this is a new URL for Pawn Takes Pawn. Next up, you will go to and you will land on a page with a bunch of new terminal codes that the content creators needed to put into their terminals.

All the content creators got three terminal codes each revealing several different images on their terminals that are going to be used to solve Day 3 easter egg puzzle.

Elementary Particles - Opening Safe

Among the images that the creators got after putting in their terminal codes were the pictures of the elementary particles. These particles are used to get the combination for the safe that we can open on pawn takes pawn site.

Each set represents three numbers that match up with the combination pattern on the safe. On each particle image, there is a blue marker on top of the screen as well. This marker represents the order of the numbers from 1 to 6 that goes into the safe.

The following are the particles (in order from 1 to 6) and the caption they come with:

  • NoahJ456
  • MarleyThirteen
  • Drift0r
  • MrDalekJD
  • JackFrags
  • ShawnJ Gaming

These symbols are basically quarks and leptons from the standard model of elementary particles. We can tell that due to ShawnJ's image as the numbers are arranged in exactly the same way the standard model is arranged.

We can overlay ShawnJ's image on top of the standard model and identify what symbol represents what number.

Based on the blue markers on top of each particle image, we can re-arrange the images in order from 1 to 5 (6th is ShawnJ's number model which is not needed for the safe combination sequence anymore) and get the combination. The safe combination is 431 371 688 520 954.

You can put in this code and the safe will open up. It has two more papers that are used to solve the Reticle Cipher. More on it below.

The following two are one of the most important parts of this easter egg as the whole solution revolves around these two papers.

Reticle Cipher

At the start of Season 5, there were some reticle markings added all around the Stadium. Many people believed that these reticles were part of a bigger easter egg. And sure enough, they were. Today, these reticles come into play when Season 5 is just a few days away from a wrap-up.

As mentioned before, the content creators typed those new terminal commands and in return got many new images. Among these images were the new bomb screens. These were similar to the chopper screens but only in aesthetics. The following are the bomb screens that the creators got:

  • JackFrags
  • NoahJ456
  • Drift0r
  • MarleyThirteen
  • MrDalekJD
  • ShawnJ Gaming

These bomb screens included a bombardier on top off the screen and had a skyline view on all the screens that resemble the shape on the first page (from the safe) with the reticles laid out at the top.

Based on the instructions from the dot matrix and the caption of each of these bomb images, we came to know that the reticles from the Stadium must be used here. The number of reticles is exactly 26 which means that each of these reticles represents a letter from an alphabet. There are a total of 26 letters in the alphabet.

We have also been given a Reticle Cipher key directory that helps us understand which reticle refers to which letter. Thanks to GeekyPastime and his Discord community, they already outlined all the reticles and their locations in the stadium some time ago as shown below:

One of the Discord members named 'Mindscrambler' managed to find a bleacher overview of the Stadium in Warzone. We can overlay the bleacher picture on top of the stadium bird's eye view and know the exact location of the reticles. Then, we can match the location with the reticle cipher key directory to identify what letter is represented by each reticle.

Now, as you can see the bleacher overlayed has the same sections and bleacher labels like the one seen in the reticle cipher key directory. All we need to do now is to put the directory and this overlayed image side by side and get the letters for each reticle. Some might not be exactly on the bleacher label but the line should be close.

Once we know what reticle represents what letter. We can label the reticles on the page obtained from the safe which gives us the following:

Now we can overlay this skyline labeled reticle page on the bomb screens of all the content creators and get the words. Each bomb screen gives us one long word and all of them are URLs for pawn takes pawn.

We need to overlay the page on the bomb screen matching the skylines and then extend the black lines coming down from the reticles.

We will see the bombs on the screen and select them from bottom to top. While going from bottom to top, we will check the letters each bomb corresponds to in order to make up a full word. Let's solve MrDalekJD's for the purpose of demonstration.

First, the lines are extended for easy identification and then the bombs are numbered from the bottom-most bomb to the top-most bomb as we must select the letters corresponding to the lowest bomb and going all the way up to the letter corresponding to the top-most bomb.

Identifying all the letters corresponding to each one of the bombs, we get the word 'DELTATANGO.' You might get some extra letters in between but it is very easy to know the full word and those extras can be eliminated.

This is a new URL that is and it takes you to a site that has a picture of a bomb with time on it. The time on it shows the hour, minutes, and seconds clock hands. It also has a word in the middle that reads 'PTP' and this is an abbreviation for 'pawn takes pawn.' It also has a single dot underneath 'PTP.' This will help us get to the final URL but more on it later.

The following are all the URLs for each creator:

  • DrDalekJD
  • ShawnJ Gaming
  • Drift0r
  • MarleyThirteen
  • NoahJ456
  • JackFrags

As stated earlier, each of these sites has a word and a dot underneath that word. The minimum number of dots is one and the maximum are six (one on each content creator's URL). The number of dots is an order in which we have to put these words and putting them together gives us another URL.

The new URL is

Strange Symbols Puzzle

When you open the aforementioned page, you will see some strange symbols. These are the exact same symbols that are found all around the Stadium in Warzone which GeekyPastime and his Discord community were already investigating.

These symbols run across the whole stadium in a clockwise pattern. So if we go into the Stadium in-game and go across the Stadium we will come across these strange symbols and after completing the full circle and circling back, you will notice that we have exactly 12 symbols.

Now we go back to the URLs with the bombs and time are shown. Let's solve the time shown on the first link /deltatanngo with the word PTP. On the clock, the hour hand is on 7, the minute hand is on 1 and the second's hand is on 2.

The order of the full word is again determined by the order of the dots on the URL. And, for the time order we get hours, minutes, and seconds. This means, whatever letter we get, we must write the hour letter first, then the minutes, and then the letter corresponding to the seconds.

Since our hour is 7, we go to the Stadium image and locate 7 and check the symbol. On this symbol, we have been given an hour, minutes, and seconds. We must choose the hour since 7 is represented by an hour hand. The hour letter for the symbol representing 7 is "T."

Similarly, we do the rest of the clock hands and get the letters "W" and "I" for the minute and second hand, respectively. This gives us our first set of letters "TWI"

After doing all the bombs in order of the increasing dots we get a new URL, You will then be asked to put in two keys similar to the one you did on Day 1. These two keys are again found in Zork.

Zork - Water and Earth

Once you're done with the Zork game. You will need to head back to and put in the two keys that are ChangingTides and StonySilence. You can put these keys as of reading this guide, but at the time of the easter egg, the keys were supposed to be put in on Monday (28th September 2020).

Our video guide below shows you how to get these two keys and earn some new achievements along with it.

Video Guide

We also have a full list of commands you need to type into Zork, assuming you are starting from the Living Room. Note that if you're already in the bat cave from the previous' page Zork guide (phase 2), then you do not need to go back to the living room. Just start the commands from the bat cave. The bat cave will be marked in the text guide below so you know exactly where to begin.

It is a high-resolution image, so you should be able to see all the commands by zooming in without any issues. Click on the image to open it in a new tab for sharper results.

After typing in the keys, you will be redirected to another URL, pawntakespawn/shapedcharge. You will see some more color-coded terminal codes for each of the content creators. This is where our Day 4 begins.

Day 4 - 28 September 2020

On the 4th day, after putting in the /shapedcharge terminal codes, the creators got the following images:

  • JackFrags

  • MrDalekJD

  • MarleyThirteen

  • NoahJ456

  • Drift0r

  • ShawnJ Gaming

If you notice in the pictures above, you will see that on the far left side of each image there are more bomb screen images. These can be stitched together to give us the following assembled image:

There are some other words on the images as well that reads ASSEMBLE, NUMBERS, VERTICLE, BOMB, HORIZONTAL, and LETTER. We know that this is the correct order due to their position and the notches shown top to bottom on each image.

First, we need to assemble the numbers on top of the image. The numbers that we use are given on MrDalekJD's image (yellow). The numbers are 24, 5, 20, 1, 12, 16, 26, 8, 4, 7, 9, 11, 21, 10, 19, 3 and 2. We assume all the numbers from 1 - 26 because there are 26 letters in the alphabet and there are alphabets involved in this as well. We will come to it shortly.

We put them on top of the assembled image at every building/skyline corner which gives us:

Then we can also see some notches on the far right side of this assembled image. Not only that, but we can also see letters at the bottom of each image left to right. This gives us the hint that we need to put the letters beside the notches in the same manner.

From JackFrags' image we can tell that the letters A, B, C, etc. will be on the left-hand side and the rest continuing from N will go on the right-hand side of the assembled image. After labeling all the letters, we get the following image:

We can extend the notches across the image for easier letter identification when we get to solving it.

After we have assembled the full image above, we come back to MrDalekJD's numbers that are 24, 5, 20, 1, 12, 16, 26, 8, 4, 7, 9, 11, 21, 10, 19, 3, and 2. Now, our first number is 24. So we go to number 24 on the image and then check which letter it corresponds to. According to the image, it can be either G (left-side) or T (right-side).

So, how do we decide which one is the correct letter? We look at the buildings and the number positioning. Each building has two corners. Left corner and right corner. If the number is on the left side, then we choose the letter on the left side of the screen and if the number is on the right side, then we go with the letter on the right-hand side.

According to that rule, our first letter would be T on the right side of the image since 24 is on the right corner of the building. Just like 24, the next number is 5 and since it is on the left side, it will be A.

After completing all the letters we get:

This is yet another Pawn Takes Pawn URL and going to It lands you on a page where you are asked to put in six words. These are six passcodes that are needed to proceed and they are dubbed "Mission Orders."

These words can be found in each image that the creators got earlier. Each of the creator images had a single word at the top of their image and those will be used here. The following are all the words for each creator.

After putting in all six mission orders, you will get to another URL at /kinghunt. Upon getting redirected to this site, you will also automatically get a new achievement called 'KING HUNT'

Moreover, you will see a notice in the middle of the screen along with a Bolex 160 Macrozoom video camera and a Kodak Brownie Super 27 photo camera. These are the exact same props that MrDalekJD and JackFrags received. There is also an Audio Tape recorder.

All these equipment are interactable. When you click on the Super 27 photo camera, you get the following images:

When you click on the Bolex 160 Macrozoom video camera, you get the following video:

We can also listen to another audiotape by clicking on the audiotape recorder.

Towards the end of the above video, we can also see a new URL flash. The new URL is /truthbomb. This one is the last and most interesting URL of all. When you go to this URL, you get to see the first-ever teaser of the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies with a full trailer date at the bottom of the page.

According to the given date, we will get to see the full zombies trailer on 30th September 2020 at 10 AM PT. That will be 1 PM EST. It also shows the official Call of Duty's Youtube channel link indicating that the trailer will be directly released on the channel and not through an in-game event like last time.

Below is the teaser video that was found on the site:

List of All Achievements (By the end of Day 4)

By the end of Day 4, you should expect at least 48 achievements earned through Zork and overall easter egg solving combined. But, you can also have 49 if you've received the postcard via mail as it contains a redeem code that can be used to get the 49th achievement as stated earlier.

The following is a full list of achievements:

Hassan Sajid

Hassan has always loved Battle Royale games, right from the start of his gaming career. He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a no brainier for him. His favourite Call of Duty title is Modern Warfare 2. Hassan uses his in-game experience to create guides and videos that are aimed at helping other Warzone players become better. Hassan is also on LinkedIn.


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  1. There are actually a total of 29 achievements, being the one you don´t hav the butterfingers. Break the egg with something like a knife to get it, and if you receive a code from activision via postmail, you enter it in the redeem code part of the achivements to get the final 30th achievement

      1. They added some new achievements recently. If you are standing in front of the treasure case wile it holds the scarab, crystal skull, bag of coins, pot of gold, bracelet, crystal trident and say "Machination", "Insight", "Tribute", "Spectrum", "Avarice", and "Tempest" you will get 6 achievements and then be able to navigate to another page from the achievements link and be able to type in "FUGAZIFILE", "BURNBAG", "INTELFIRE", "INFOHAX", "SHREDITALL"and "GRIDSQUAR".

        This will unlock a retro skin for the large flatbed truck in Warzone and possibly something in the upcoming black Ops game.

          1. Salam bozorgvar. Agha .... mishe khahesh konam be man bedid in 37 ta achiv k too ghesmate ZORK neveshte faghat 5 tash... Male mobile? Man be Joz emote 5 tasho gereftam AMA meske kamel shodanesh ... ye seriously kar zamane salgard bayard anjem midad? Mese dart.

            Peygir nabasham?
            Maghzam dard bereft
            . Kheyli dost drama bedoonam kamel chi boode.
            Komakam mikonid lotfan?

          2. Hi, I'm really sorry but can you please translate that into English for me so that I may understand your question and answer accordingly, thanks!

          1. Hi Stuart, there are actually a total of 37 achievements in total once you've completed the whole easter egg. This article will be updated soon!

      1. Eaten by a Grue- From Kitchen, "Climb Stairs." Game will prompt that its dark and you could be eaten. Then "North."
        I'm having a blast.

      2. Yup!
        Go into the caves, there's a room called "Gas Chamber" either bring your 'Torch' or Light a match (Matchbook) and you'll go KABOOM!!

        To get the "Eaten by a Grue" achievement, simply turn off your 'Lantern' and enter other rooms. (Or whatever your light source is, Drop it or turn it off.)
        (Since you'll need to be in the dark)

        I Hope this helps! if you need details just let me know! I'll respond. 🙂

        1. Hi, I have unlocked 8 achievements in ZORK TERMINAL. But I want to unlock all of them! How to do that?

          My Achievements:

          Opening Move
          Easter Egg
          With Great Effort
          Bat Repellent
          Night Vision
          Dungeon Delver
          Zork Adventurer
          Armed and Dangerous

  2. So I did everything right, finished the game, but i cant get the rainbow bridge achievement for some reason. tried loading a new game and it didnt work either

    1. Hi Hannes, have you managed to reach the 'end of the rainbow'? Once you're at the end of the rainbow just wave your sceptre. Then it will say that the rainbow appears to be solid. After that just go east and you should get the achievement. You will be on the rainbow at this point.

  3. I just went into a room with bats with red eyes, like Noah's photo had on it. The room had a cable in it. I typed in "take cable" and I got redirected to a page that didn't exist. Has anyone else done something like this yet?

    1. Hey Nathaniel, I'm not sure which page you're talking about because after taking the cable, you can head back to the Smelly Room and head West to enter a new room called Bellows Room. Here you can plug in the cable to start up a machine. The full guide will be up soon!

  4. coloquei as senhas e apareceu a informação que deu tudo certo para abrir a skin do veiculo, mas não parece no COD a skin pra usar no veiculo, sera que fiz algo errado?

    1. Hi Cason, you're not late at all. You can still do it. I am not exactly sure why you cannot put in your email since that should be an option available to you regardless of the achievements being completed.

  5. Hi, I have unlocked 8 achievements in ZORK TERMINAL. But I want to unlock all of them! How to do that?

    My Achievements:

    Opening Move
    Easter Egg
    With Great Effort
    Bat Repellent
    Night Vision
    Dungeon Delver
    Zork Adventurer
    Armed and Dangerous

    1. Hi Shishir, thanks for your comment. To get all other achievements, you will have to complete the full ZORK game and might have to play the game several times in case you miss any.

      We recommend you follow this detailed guide to complete it:

      After that, you can come back here to follow along with the rest of the achievements and ZORK guides.

    1. Hi Stephen. Yes, Breathtaking View is indeed one of the achievements. You can refer to our achievement lists given above to confirm.

  6. Hii so I lost my sword earlier on somehow when I died so now I have no way of killing the troll. Also through my phone I am in the maze while I'm still in the troll room on my laptop. I have logged in both of them. What do I do?

    1. Hi Nirjara, there's no way of knowing where the sword could have been except by going to the locations that you have already visited. When you go to each location, you will get information about the surroundings and what is in that room. Sorry, there's no easier method!

      1. Hey, has anyone figured out the kaboom challenge? I saw someone ask about it but the response I feel like was wrong. I think it is a challenge about the the game kaboom in cod mobile the club. The reason is the clue talks about following the bombers moves closely. I thought maybe Morse code. Anyone have any idea?

        1. Hi, you can get the Kaboom achievement by taking your torch as a light source and entering the Gas Room. YOu will blow yourself up, and that should give you the Kaboom achievement.

  7. I keep being eaten by a grue when I try to do the water and earth part, I've even try to restart all over, but the lantern keeps running out of energy, what do I am doing wrong ?

      1. Hi Kevin, yes there is an easter egg in the new COD Mobile lobby that allows you to get at least 3 codes. We can redeem those codes on the PTP website. The guide for that will be up soon as we have just received an email to redeem COD Mobile codes (as of writing this comment)

    1. Hi, you can get Adler skin in COD Mobile but only if you have pre-ordered Cold War BETA and played it. But for the achievements nothing else.

      1. I guess i can´t send you an att. here. but when oppening one of the prizes or codes, connected with the CoD Mobile i found a new lead photo.

    1. Hi Jack, you must have a sword in your inventory when you go to the Troll Room. Just save before heading inside as it is completely random, and the Troll can kill you.

      Save your game and then head inside the troll room. Once inside, type "Kill troll with sword," and you might have to type that in multiple times. It is completely random either you will kill the troll, or it will kill you. Regardless, you would have saved your game, so you can reload the last saved game by typing "restore" and you can re-try. Good luck!

  8. Hey man ,
    I just got an email from call of duty mobile which is a party of the easter egg .
    The email also has a image of the zork map(a part of it i think) and i am really confuse so i need help

    1. Hi Leo, we will have a full up to date guide very soon explaining all the puzzles ending Pawn Takes Pawn. And yes, we will also have a full list of achievements at the end of it.

        1. Hi Hassan, please i'am stuck here:

          "The room looks strange and unearthly and objects appear indistinct.
          Entrace to Hades
          You are outside a large gateway, on which is inscribed
          Abandon every hope all ye who enter here!
          The Gate is open; through it you can see a desolation, with a pile of mangled bodies in one corner. Thousands of voices, lamenting some hideous fate, can be heard.

          how do i go on? please help me, thanks! 🙂

          1. I Went out and back in zork and it's not the same anymore, now is White Cliffs Beach 🙁 one question, if i do restart, i loss all achivements?

          2. Hi Leo, sorry to get back to you a bit late. But, I think, you've died hence the reason you're in front of "entrance to hades."

            And, no. You will not lose your achievements if you restart your game. Remember, if you have signed into your pawntakespawn account, all the achievements once acquired are saved there. No matter what you do in Zork afterward. Good luck!

  9. I went to the "perseusisoutthere" page and watched the video, but I never get prompted for a password. So when/where do I enter the code to get those rewards?

    1. Hi Timmy, you can enter the password at Make sure you log in to the site to be able to access it.

  10. Hey Hassan, I did the whole beginning zork part, but I never received the email to continue.. now I don’t know what to do.. any advice??

    1. Hi Rumetherex, you get multiple rewards along the way, including vehicle skins for Warzone and, yes, weapon skins for both Warzone and COD Mobile.

      After completing the full Pawn Takes Pawn easter egg, you get a lot more content for Warzone, COD: Mobile, and the upcoming game, Black Ops Cold War.

    1. Hi Ostrander, when you type in the code, were you presented with a screen that gives you a summary of the items redeemed? If yes, then it should definitely be in the game. FYI, it will not show the green light indicating that there is a new item.

      You can go to your weapon (AK-47) gunsmith and find the skin there.

  11. Hello, can someone tell me how I can get achievements "Access Granted and "Discovered Check"? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Pedro, you can get the "Access Granted" achievement by calling the number that was previously on /deepcover. Even after the site has changed, you can still get the achievement if you call the number. The number is +1 (747) 223-8784

      To get "Discovered Check" you must go to and type submit the six codes as mentioned in phase 7 of this guide. The six codes are AIREDALE, HEADWIND, WINDFALL, FREEBOARD, FATHOMS & SEACHANGE. Good luck!

  12. So apparently it's now impossible to get the "Access granted" achievement since the /deepcover page has been updated. I have every achievement except this. TRIGGERED!

    1. Hi Euseppi, some people have reported that they were still able to get 'Access Granted' achievement simply by calling the number +1 (747) 223-8784. Worth a try!

  13. Bonjour,

    Je viens de découvrir le site Pawn Takes Pawn, je n'ai donc aucun succès dessus hormis "Dead Draw"
    Je souhaiterai réaliser l'intégralité de ces défis.
    Avez-vous un guide réunissant l'ensemble de celles-ci.

    Thank you,
    Have a good day 😉

    1. Hi Lise, I'm assuming you're asking about all the achievements that you can get in PawnTakesPawn. First, you can follow our Phase 2 guide to get the first set of achievements. Then, you can go to to complete the full Zork game to acquire the rest of the achievements ONLY related to the Zork game.

      Then, you may follow our guide as it covers all the achievements related to COD. Good luck!

      1. Bonsoir Hassan,

        Je vous remercie pour votre réponse.
        En revanche, durant mon aventure dans le jeu Zork, j'ai malheureusement mangé l'ail...
        De ce fait, sans ail, je ne peux franchir l'endroit avec une chauve-souris...
        De plus, je me suis retrouvé morte, comment ressusciter ??
        En espérant que quelqu'un puisse m'apporter la solution

        1. Hi Lise, I understand that you've eaten the garlic in the game and looking for a way to acquire it again? As far as my knowledge goes, there is no way to get the garlic once you've eaten it, and you may have to restart the game. You can restart the game on your same account, and you won't lose the achievements you have already acquired. So do not worry about the achievements.

          I am not aware of the method that brings you back to life, but once you come back to life, you spawn quite far away from where you die and lose all your items. So it is best if you restart the game.

          Remember to always save your game before doing something or going somewhere that could potentially kill you so that you may restore in case you die. Good luck!

    1. Hi Ruben, the 15 digit code for the safe is 431 371 688 520 954. It is mentioned in our guide as well should you need more information.

  14. StoneySilence in the images, and text, is either incorrect, or has been fixed at this point. I was able to get past the twistedanomalies page by trying "StonySilence", which worked.

    1. Hi Chris, sorry about that. This was a typing mistake on our part. It has been fixed now. You're correct. It is 'StonySilence' without an 'e' before the 'y.'

  15. What is the correct code for Miami? The code listed is "hlingualchaos" and it isn't accepted by the page. The info shows that it should be a 14-letter word and this word is only 13 letters long.

    1. Yeah, there was one letter missing from it. The correct code is 'htlingualchaos'

      It has been fixed in the guide as well. Good luck!

  16. Hey, I had a problem that someone else here had where even though I got the Zork Adventure achievement, I can't access the link to post my mailing address. I keep checking my achievements but it won't show the link. Could you help me figure out what to do?

    1. Hi Lagsicle, I think they have stopped mailing the postcards since that was possibly a limited-time event. Ever since we passed that stage of the easter egg, we haven't had any more postcards being mailed to anyone. I do not expect them to be mailing out any more postcards since the whole Pawn Takes Pawn easter egg has ended.

  17. When I put in the /shardofhistory code in it says that input was not correct and I'm confused because I put it in word for word in. What did I do wrong please help.

  18. When I put in the /shardofhistory code in it says that input was not correct and I'm confused because I put it in word for word in. What did I do wrong please help.

    1. Hi Kwithers, I am not sure where exactly you are putting this as a code. But, this is not a code. It is a URL that you can go to. Also, make sure you do not forget the letter 's' at the end of the 'shards'

      Good luck!

  19. Hi Hassan, for the achievement where you get the crystal skull in zork, I can't use the candles cause apparently, I left them burning by mistake while I was doing other stuff. Even my lantern has begun to dim. Any solution to this please?

    1. Hi Adebayo, it seems there is no way to get the candles back. It is best if you restarted the game. Note that you won't lose any of the achievements that you've earned so far. Only your Zork game progress will be reset.

      About the lantern. After a few turns, the lantern loses its oil as it is consumed to keep it lit. Please make sure you always turn it off when you are not underground or in the cellar. Only turn it on whenever you are going back in.

      Also, save your game occasionally so that you can restore it to the saved game in case something like losing the candles, for example, happens. You can save the game simply by typing "save" and load up the saved game by typing "restore"

      Good luck!

    1. Hi CJ, thanks for your comment. It is not possible to get the "You've Got Mail" achievement anymore. Treyarch mailed postcards to the Pawn Takes Pawn participants during Phase 3 of the easter egg. They do not send those out anymore as the easter egg has concluded, unfortunately. Basically, that postcard contained a redeem code that you could enter to get the "You've Got Mail" achievement. Please check Phase 3 of our guide.