Pawn Takes Pawn - Zork Puzzle Guide

Not long after the PawnTakesPawn easter egg for Call of Duty - Black Ops: Cold War was solved, the site was updated yet again with a new puzzle for fans to get busy with. This time it's a classic text-based dungeon adventure game called 'Zork.'

In Zork, you type in commands and execute them in order to play, as opposed to your traditional WASD or controller layout. You get a terminal in which you can type the commands. For instance, to go down, you type in "Go down." To pick something up such as candles, you would type, "Take candles," and so on.

Visiting PawnTakesPawn will now show a completely different site this time, along with a new tape labeled "WE ARE ALL PAWNS." You get to the TV screen with the tape by pressing a grey arrow on the right side of the screen. When you visit the site, your default page is now another computer with "Terminal 0" written on the screen.


You can also now sign up on the site, which is used to save your Zork gameplay progress.

Finally, there is a dot matrix on the side of the site. Clicking on this matrix reveals a set of instructions for you to get started with the game, including how to play it.

Phase 1

Video Showcase

We Are All Pawns Tape

What is Zork?

Zork is a text-based adventure game requiring you to travel to different areas and find treasures. You need to use various resources and navigate dangerous areas with caution to bring back the treasures and put them in a trophy case.

There are several different achievements that you can get in this game, by replaying the game several times. These achievements are saved when you sign up on the site —more on the achievements below.

Dot Matrix

Dot-matrix is found on the left side of the screen. There is a dot matrix printer that you can click on to reveal a dot-matrix note.

This note gives you instructions for the main achievements and how to get started on this game.

You will see a sticky note on the computer that says, "LAUNCH GAME. TYPE: ZORK." This is referring to the computer screen that reads "Terminal 0." Click on the screen, and you will be prompted to type the name of the game to start it. You will type 'Zork,' and the game will begin.

Main Achievements

As stated, there are several achievements in Zork that you can get. We found a total of 28 achievements, to be precise. There could be more, but that is for you to find in your playthrough.

There are five main achievements that you must get in order to get to the next part of the easter egg. These achievements are:

  • Easter Egg: Get the jeweled egg
  • With Great Effort: Enter the house
  • Bat Repellent: Get the Garlic
  • Dungeon Delver: Enter the Great Underground Empire
  • Night Vision: Light up the Cellar or the Attic
  • Zork Adventurer: Earn your first achievements in Zork

You will also notice an achievement called 'Opening Move.' This achievement is not essential. You get this achievement for signing up on the site.

To get these achievements, simply copy the following commands. You will get all the achievements following the same route as us, as shown below, when the game starts.

Once you've unlocked all these achievements, you will get a link to go to and put in your mailing address. We're assuming that the developers will mail something to your address that will be used for the next part of the easter egg.

All Achievements

Apart from the achievements mentioned earlier, Zork has a total of 28 achievements that you can get. This game is based around trial and error method since the events that occur are entirely random and not in our control.

But, completing the full game will give you another achievement called 'Escaped From Zork' and this one gives you a link to another PawnTakesPawn URL ( This site is brand new and has a note in the middle that reads as follows:

The last words, "More to come," indicates this easter egg will continue in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Zork's Link to Black Ops

If you're a fan of the original Black Ops, then you should remember that Zork is also available to play in Black Ops as part of an easter egg. You can free Mason from his chair on the main menu screen and find an old computer right behind the chair.

You could play this exact same game on that computer- some classic nostalgic throwback for fans!

Phase 2

Video Guide


Moving forward with the Zork easter egg, many people were mailed different postcards numbered 1-15. Some people received similar cards, while others got different numbers but only in the range of 1-15.

These postcards had random names on them along with a map schematic and pictures of various treasures found in Zork. The images of all the postcards with other treasures could not be found - perhaps they were not all mailed as of writing this article.

The map layout turned out to be the map of Zork. You could easily overlay the postcards (when combined) on top of the map of the whole Zork underground empire, and it fit perfectly.

Along with the map layout, the postcards had random names on them, and these names started with a "/" that indicated that these were URLs. There were a total of six URLs discovered once all the postcards were combined.

The six URLs are:


These URLs contain various chapters. These chapters form a written story about the great underground empire that is within the world of Zork. The URLs mentioned above are written in order from one to six incantations.

Each of these pages contain part of the story, and the letters of the words in these links are circled in red. When you combined all the words, you make up a sentence. For instance, if you go to You will see that the first circled letter is "C" in the title "THE BELLICUSE KING."

So that letter "C" is your first word. Moving forward, you have "O" in "Quendor" in the second line of the first paragraph, and then the next one is "N" in the third line of the same section.

The following are the pages seen on respective URLs:


You need to note down all of these going across all the links in order, and you will get the following long sentence:

"Construct map from printed intelligence, travel as the crow flies, bring six pictured treasures to the trophy case, and recite incantations."

Zork Map

Before moving forward with this, you should assemble the whole Zork map according to the layout seen on the combined postcards. You can find a high resolution copy of the Zork map here. Once assembled, you will get:


If you read the formed sentence, you will notice that it says "Construct map from printed intelligence" that suggests using the map of Zork to come up with something. It also states, "...bring six pictured treasures to trophy case and recite incantations."

These pictured treasures are also part of the postcards. When completed, the postcards also have different pictures. The pictures are of the same treasures that were collected during your Zork playthrough. The six treasures out of all of those collected are (as seen on the postcards):

  1. Scarab
  2. Skull
  3. Bag of Coins
  4. Pot of Gold
  5. Bracelet
  6. Trident

We will come back to Zork later, first we need to come up with the incantations that we will use inside Zork. You can see the incantations numbered from one to six in the form of green sticky notes on each URL.

These incantations are written in the form of the locations found in Zork. One full line is equivalent to a word. For instance, in incantation #1, the first line is Maze(7), Forest Path, Grating Room, Shaft Room, Frigid River(3).

This whole first line is a single word, and the first location that is Maze(7), is a part of the entire letter. This means that if you assemble the map of Zork according to the layout seen in the combined postcards, then you can move from Maze(7) to Frigid River(3) to make up the first letter "M."

Here are the second and third lines drawn from Incantation #1:

Once you've done the same with all six incantations, you will end up with the following words:


These six incantations will be used in the Zork game.

Back Into Zork

After identifying of all six incantations, you need to head back into Zork and put all the pictured treasures into the trophy case. By now, all the treasure should already be in the trophy case.

If we go back to the original sentence that was created from the circled letters, it states, "...bring six pictured treasures to trophy case and recite incantations." This means that we need to recite the incantations while the treasure is inside the trophy case.

But before reciting these incantations, you need to get into Zork and type "reconnoiter," and you will see a message pop up that reads, "You utter the word 'reconnoiter' and the world seems to subtly shift. You get the feeling that a host of new possibilities have become available to you."

We know we have to say this specific word from the last URL (/triquest) as at the bottom, it states, "Say 'reconnoiter' in the great underground to unlock the use of your six incantations."

Upon reciting each incantation, you will receive a word in return. Each of these incantations is associated with a single treasure piece. Typing each incantation will give you achievements as well.

The following table shows the incantations, associated treasure piece, and the returning words.

Incantation Treasure Returning Word

The Reward

The next step includes decoding the QR code (as seen beside the treasure pictures above) that leads to another URL where you can redeem your reward using these words that you got in return. The new URL is This URL was decoded using the parts of QR codes that came with some of the postcards.

The full QR code was decoded even without receiving the rest of the QR code from Treyarch. This was achieved by one of the discord members of GeekyPastimes, HaxorSnake.

When you go to the site, you will be asked to enter six "keys," and these six keys are the six words that were returned upon reciting the incantations in Zork. After putting all these keys in the blank spaces, you will get a final achievement - "Advanced Pawn."

This achievement will have another link that will take you to your redeem code, which can be used on Call of Duty's official website. Once you've redeemed the code, you will be rewarded with an epic truck skin called "Iron Curtain."

The best part about this last step is that anyone can get their redeem code by going to the site, even if they haven't completed the full Zork game!

Once you've put in the keys, you will notice there are three pictures on the same URL with a note. These pictures are presumably the perks that are going to be included in the new Black Ops Cold War. The perks are assumed to be Dead Silence, Blind-Eye, and Ghost, but it is just an assumption.

List of All Achievments

After the successful completion of this easter egg, you should have 36 achievements. There are a total of 37 achievements, but that is only if you have received a postcard mailed to you by Treyarch. Below is a list of all 36 achievements that you should have:

If you have received a postcard through the mail and a redeem code, then you can go to the top right corner of the achievements list and redeem it. This code is unique for every person they mail the postcards to.

After redeeming the code, you will get the final and 37th achievement called "You've Got Mail."

Hassan Sajid

Hassan has always loved Battle Royale games, right from the start of his gaming career. He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a no brainier for him. His favourite Call of Duty title is Modern Warfare 2. Hassan uses his in-game experience to create guides and videos that are aimed at helping other Warzone players become better. Hassan is also on LinkedIn.


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  1. There are actually a total of 29 achievements, being the one you don´t hav the butterfingers. Break the egg with something like a knife to get it, and if you receive a code from activision via postmail, you enter it in the redeem code part of the achivements to get the final 30th achievement

      1. They added some new achievements recently. If you are standing in front of the treasure case wile it holds the scarab, crystal skull, bag of coins, pot of gold, bracelet, crystal trident and say "Machination", "Insight", "Tribute", "Spectrum", "Avarice", and "Tempest" you will get 6 achievements and then be able to navigate to another page from the achievements link and be able to type in "FUGAZIFILE", "BURNBAG", "INTELFIRE", "INFOHAX", "SHREDITALL"and "GRIDSQUAR".

        This will unlock a retro skin for the large flatbed truck in Warzone and possibly something in the upcoming black Ops game.

          1. Hi Stuart, there are actually a total of 37 achievements in total once you've completed the whole easter egg. This article will be updated soon!

      1. Eaten by a Grue- From Kitchen, "Climb Stairs." Game will prompt that its dark and you could be eaten. Then "North."
        I'm having a blast.

      2. Yup!
        Go into the caves, there's a room called "Gas Chamber" either bring your 'Torch' or Light a match (Matchbook) and you'll go KABOOM!!

        To get the "Eaten by a Grue" achievement, simply turn off your 'Lantern' and enter other rooms. (Or whatever your light source is, Drop it or turn it off.)
        (Since you'll need to be in the dark)

        I Hope this helps! if you need details just let me know! I'll respond. 🙂

  2. So I did everything right, finished the game, but i cant get the rainbow bridge achievement for some reason. tried loading a new game and it didnt work either

    1. Hi Hannes, have you managed to reach the 'end of the rainbow'? Once you're at the end of the rainbow just wave your sceptre. Then it will say that the rainbow appears to be solid. After that just go east and you should get the achievement. You will be on the rainbow at this point.