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Players are exploiting King Kong's testicles for faster XP gain

Yes, as bizarre as that sounds, the title is quite true. Caldera is currently housing both Godzilla and King Kong during Operation Monarch as they hash out their ancient rivalry. It can get a bit challenging to win a battle royale game with all the frantic and restless players due to the titan showdown.

If you look past all the noise, you can take advantage of the titans by damaging them. Damaging them credits you with fantastic rewards. Some can help you turn the tides of the final circle in your favor. It all depends on how you utilize the resources at your disposal. The more damage you do to either one of the titans, the more intel you get and the better the rewards get.

Here’s the thing, as you damage the titans and earn intel, you also gain XP. The XP earn rate can be fast or slow, depending on what weapon you’re using. However, players have found a way to exploit this feature to earn XP at an incredibly faster rate. This is a very risky method but helps you earn a lot of XP in a short amount of time.

A Reddit user by the name of u/Mundoschristmas uploaded a video of themselves using a helicopter to fly in between the legs of Kong, earning a considerable amount of XP in a few seconds. You can go to the post below and click the ‘play’ button to watch the video. It seems to have gotten an NSFW tag. But, don’t worry, there is nothing NSFW about the video.


You get XP for tickling kongs sack 😂 from CODWarzone

You will notice the abrupt ending of the video. That is where the aforementioned risk comes in. As soon as Kong does his stomp attack, your chopper and you will be crushed. If you can time it correctly, you might be able to go for as long as you like.

While all this may have blown up due to the wording of this XP glitch, it was found much earlier by a Call of Duty content creator, Ulterior Covert. He covered the same glitch, but instead of using the helicopter, he used a ground vehicle to drive between Kong’s legs to earn the XP. It works exactly the same, and you are still at risk of getting stomped by Kong.

Operation Monarch is expected to conclude on May 25, 2022. Go ahead and get as much XP while you still can. While you're at it, why not check out some of the secret Intel based around Operation Monarch?


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