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Rebirth From The Ashes Complete Easter Egg Guide & Explanation

Rebirth From The Ashes is an easter egg that you can solve during the 'Nuke Event' in Warzone. During the event, players were given a playlist that included the night version of Rebirth Island. The island offered some new easter eggs to solve, including the one called 'Rebirth From The Ashes.'

This easter egg is completed using both in-game sources and external sources that Treyarch provides. The external sources include a website that continues the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) aspect of the Call of Duty easter eggs (similar to Pawn Takes Pawn) and Treyarch's Twitter too.

Video Guide

The Website

First, you get the website. The website is easily found using the points of interest (POIs) names on the night version of Rebirth Island. When you jump into the night version of the Rebirth Island, you will notice that some letters in the POI names are highlighted in red with Russian letters.


After putting the red letters together, you get a sentence that reads 'Rebirth From The Ashes.' In Russian, it is pronounced as 'Vozrozhdeniye iz Pepla.'

Rebirth From The Ashes is, in fact, a website that involves the ARG aspect of this easter egg. When you first visit the site, it will load up with an 'incoming message' button in the middle of the screen.

Clicking on the button pops up another window with a small 'play' button at the top right corner of the pop-up. This will play a voice message from an unknown person.

The voice message mentions the "codes from the radio towers." The voice is referring to the radio towers located at the major POIs of Rebirth Island. Once the audio message finishes playing, you will get an empty textbox where you can type certain things to progress into this easter egg.

You are required to complete four objectives. These objectives are completed by typing in certain keywords that you must get with the help of these radio towers in-game.

In addition to the codes from the radio towers, you also get a set of numbers from the website by clicking on the animated missile on the webpage.

This set of numbers also have some words next to them that represent the abbreviations. Each abbreviation refers to a location on the Rebirth Island (Night Version). For example, CC is Control Center (New POI), N6 is Nova 6 Factory, CB is Cell Block, HQ is Headquarters, and SA is Security Area.

The codes from the website are as follows:

  • CC: 3892 8301 6929 0185
  • N6: 1044 9807 1140 2082
  • CB: 6395 1891 6622 4402
  • HQ: 5361 7632 1665 7513
  • SA: 5276 2059 0108 6593

Each of these locations has a radio tower that you can go to, and it will play a voice message with another set of numbers that you must copy down.

Radio Towers

Each mentioned location has a radio tower either directly at the location or nearby. You must walk around the radio towers for the message to play. The message plays randomly, your screen will glitch out, and the message starts to play with a set of numbers.

Multiple radio messages can play in a single game. The only limitation is the gas. If the location is of out of the zone, then, of course, you won't be able to go to the radio tower. We highly recommend turning on the subtitles for this step.

Control Center (CC)

The first radio tower is found on top of the new POI building called Control Center.

When you are near the tower and don't get the voice message to play, run away from the tower and run back towards it, and it should play after a couple of tries. As mentioned before, the audio messages play randomly. Your screen will glitch, and a voice message will play with a bunch of numbers. These numbers are fixed for everyone.

The radio tower number for CC is 3912 9502 8349 1004.

Nova 6 Factory (N6)

The second radio tower is located on top of the Nova 6 Factory building.

The radio tower number for N6 is 2546 1016 3349 3596.

Cell Block (CB)

The third radio tower is found on top of the Prison Block building.

The radio tower number for CB is 7996 3692 7834 4526.

Headquarters (HQ)

The fourth radio tower is located on top of Headquarters.

The radio tower number for HQ is 6962 9433 2074 8226.

Security Area (SA)

The last radio tower is located near the western end of the map at the Security Area.

The radio tower number for SA is 5997 2177 0517 6607.

The following is a complete list of set of numbers for all the locations from the radio towers:

  • CC: 3912 9502 8349 1004
  • N6: 2546 1016 3349 3596
  • CB: 7996 3692 7834 4526
  • HQ: 6962 9433 2074 8226
  • SA: 5997 2177 0517 6607

Determining Keywords

Once you have the codes from the radio, you need to subtract the codes from the website from their corresponding radio codes to get a new set of numbers. But the subtraction is to be done in pairs of each set.

Below is an example of subtracting the SA code (website) from the SA code (radio) in pairs. For instance, in the first set, 52 minus 59 gives 07, and 76 minus 97 gives 21.

Before we proceed onto the rest of the locations and codes, you might be wondering how in the last set, 93 minus 7 gives us 14 while it clearly gives us 86? We use the numerical alphabet order to determine the keywords. The total number of alphabets is 26. So, anything more than 26 won't be applicable in the numerical order of the alphabets.

If you get a number that is more than 26, you can assume that it loops back after 100. 93 is more than 26, so subtract it from 100, and you get 7. Add this 7 to the second set number, which is 7, and you will get 14. 14 in the numerical alphabets is N.

The numerical order of the alphabets is as follows:

Each number represents an alphabet. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, and so on. The SA set of numbers after the subtraction is 0721 0118 0409 0114. We put the numbers as pairs, so we get 07 21 01 18 04 09 01 14. In this, each number represents a letter from the alphabet. You need to correlate each number with the numerical alphabets table above to get the letters and a keyword.

The SA keyword is GUARDIAN. The following image shows the rest of the keywords and set of numbers.

Completing Objectives

Once you've acquired all the words, it is time to go back to the website. These words will be entered on the Rebirth From The Ashes website to complete the easter egg.

The first four words are used to complete the four objectives, and the last word is used to complete it and get access to the cinematic trailer of Season 3 of Cold War Warzone, along with a downloadable Verdansk '84 map poster.

These objectives are simple and straight to the point. As you complete these objectives, the names of the objectives will be highlighted in white at the top right corner. This will help you keep track of your objectives.

Objective 1

The word for the initiation of the first objective is GUARDIAN. Enter GUARDIAN into the empty textbox, and a "facial scan" window will open. It will ask you to either allow your webcam to be used to integrate your actual image, or you have the option to simply 'opt-out.'

You will get a window with a button that reads 'capture,' click on it, and you will be on a page where it will ask you to enter your name, alias, and squad name. You can then download the badge with these credentials. You can see how the badge looks like on the right side of the screen. What's cool about this is that you actually download a badge video with the information you type.

That completes your first objective.

Objective 2

The second objective starts by typing in the word PARALLAX. You will see a hexagon with many small numbers on each side of the hexagon shape when you type in the word. These numbers range from 0 to 9 with a special character #. It will also have a 'BREAK_THE_CODE' button that you can click on to start inputting the code.

At the time of this easter egg, Treyarch tweeted a hint about this specific easter egg that helped solve this. To solve this puzzle, Treyarch posted a video that played a particular sound. You needed to get familiar with the sound that corresponds to a specific number - *1984#

When you click on either side of the hexagon, it plays those very sounds heard in the video Treyarch tweeted. That is how you know that the number that you're putting in is correct.

Once you've entered the numbers, it will say 'Success' followed by a quick distorted video of some helicopters and choppers passing by.

This completes your second objective.

Objective 3

The word for the third objective is PARADIGM. After putting in the word, it will load up an empty black window. You need to press and hold the space bar key on your keyboard for an image to be scanned onto the empty black window.

As the image is scanning, you will also get three captchas for "human verification" purposes. These are all quite simple, so you should be able to fly through them easily.

Once the image is completely scanned, it will clear up and colorize the new Gulag image introduced in the new map - Verdansk '84.

Objective 4

The word for the fourth objective is OBLIVION. After you type in the word, you will be prompted to share your current location or just opt-out similar to how you did for the camera scan in Objective 1. These are optional prompts to give a better and more immersive experience of the easter egg.

As you proceed, a globe will load up with some locations. You need to select Ukraine on the map. Verdansk is based on a real city in Ukraine called Donetsk.

It is the bottom right country as you slide slightly to the right on the globe. Once you find it, you need to report the location, and you're done with Objective 4 as well.

Final Reveal

After completing the four objectives, you can type in the final word - ATLANTIS. This will load up another window where it will prompt you to "OPEN VERDANSKMAP V.8.4."

It then asked you to put in your age, followed by the cinematic trailer for Season 3 of Cold War Warzone.

After the trailer ends, you got the option to download the new Verdansk '84 map poster.

The following is a high-resolution image of the poster if you're looking to download it.

That concludes our Rebirth From The Ashes easter egg guide. If you have any questions regarding this easter egg, feel free to comment below, and we will try our best to answer you.

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