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Rebirth Island Easter Egg Complete Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island is a most notorious island, well known amongst the Call of Duty (COD) veterans, and makes its return as a separate map in Warzone. The new gameplay mechanics incorporated for this specific map go well with the name "Rebirth."

Upon dying, you redeploy into the game, provided your teammates stay alive until the rebirth timer runs out. If they die before the timer runs out, you and your team will be out of the game for good. This mechanic helps in this easter egg as well. Given how small the Rebirth Island map is, you can expect to die a lot...A LOT.

You can also perform an easter egg on the island similar to how you've done the Bunker 11 and stadium easter eggs. There is a secret bunker on Rebirth Island which can be opened using a set number of codes acquired by performing a very tedious and lengthy easter egg.


You will have access to legendary loot such as the Foresight Streak, Durable Gas Mask, and other Killstreaks such as Airstrike and Cluster Strike by opening the bunker. The main reward is a brand new weapon blueprint for the Milano 821 called "Red Room."

Easter Egg Overview

To perform the easter egg, you must first find an open briefcase in one of the 13 fixed spawn locations. The location is always different in each game, and the briefcase can spawn randomly in any one of the locations.

The briefcase will have three photos scattered around it. The photos show part of a building or a location where you will find the access codes. There are a total of 26 locations, and the photos are also random. You can get any location in any game. The locations are fixed, but the codes are always random.

In this guide, we show you all 13 briefcase locations and all 26 locations that correspond with the photos that you see around the briefcase. You can also follow our video guide for an even better understanding of how to get to the locations in the most efficient way.

We strongly recommend you perform this easter egg when Resurgence trios or duos are in the playlist rotation. That is because performing this easter egg on duos is nearly impossible, due to lack of time. The game on duos ends super quick, and you don't get enough time to perform the easter egg.

When you play in trios and quads, you have a higher chance of surviving for a long time as your teammates' chances of staying alive increase. You can always redeploy as long as your teammate is alive and survives the rebirth countdown.

It would be best to visit all the photo locations before attempting the easter egg, to get used to the photos and locations. You should be able to identify the location as soon as you see the photo. This will help a lot. Lastly, patience is critical. It would be best if you were patient as this is not an easy easter egg. With that being said, let's get into the guide!

Video Guide

Briefcase Locations

The briefcase can spawn in any one of the following locations. The spawn order is completely random in each game, so you will have to check all the locations every single time until you find the briefcase. The best way you can do this is to quickly get into the nearest helicopter and fly to each location until you find the briefcase.

Here's another quick tip - you can go to any one of the briefcases locations during the pre-game lobby waiting time. The briefcases don't spawn there in the pre-game lobby. But, if you are near any one of the locations, you can see the briefcase spawn briefly just as the game is about to start. If the briefcase is in that particular location, you will get a quick glimpse of the briefcase.

This is useful as if the briefcase is there, you can head directly to the briefcase location, saving you a lot of time. If it's not there, then you know not to look in that particular location.

Briefcase Location 1

Briefcase Location 2

Briefcase Location 3

Briefcase Location 4

Briefcase Location 5

Briefcase Location 6

Briefcase Location 7

Briefcase Location 8

Briefcase Location 9

Briefcase Location 10

Briefcase Location 11

Briefcase Location 12

Briefcase Location 13

Photo & Code Locations

The locations you get in each game are random, along with the codes. The codes you see at each location will be randomized in every game, which adds to the difficulty level of this easter egg.

1 - Security Satellite

You can find the code under the container ramp with the satellite dish on top of it in the security area of the map.

2 - Security Room

There is a room with a wooden roof in the security area. This room is located east of the satellite container. You will find the code inside this room under the metallic shelf. The code will be on the wall at the very bottom. It'll be difficult to see due to shadows, but you can easily see it if you have a thermal scope.

3 - Living Quarters Bookshelf

There is a room on the first floor of the living quarters where you will find two bookshelves. The code is on the bottom of the left bookshelf inside the room. You will find the room in the exact spot shown on the map but the first floor.

4 - Yellow Building Air Conditioner

There is a yellow building in the living quarters. You will find an air conditioner on the building's side, and the code is on the wall above the conditioner. You can only see it while jumping down from the building or parachuting beside it.

5 - Yellow Building Bedroom

There is a bedroom inside the same yellow building you can access when you enter the building from the bottom floor window located below the air conditioner. As you enter, you will find a door to the bedroom right in front of you. You will see a white bedroom, and the code will be on the right-hand side of the room on top of the wooden shelf.

6 - Corkboard

You can find the code behind a green cabinet resting beside a corkboard. The corkboard is found inside a building just south of Nova 6 Factory.

7 - Blue Barrels

These barrels and a pipe in the photo are found west of the construction site by the shore. You will find the code behind the rusty pipe.

8 - Factory Computers

You can find this code behind a set of screens in the top left corner of the computer panel shown in the photos. This panel is found inside Nova 6 Factory.

9 - Harbour Watchtower

This code is found inside the watchtower located at the Harbour. Climb up to the tower and climb on the table for better visibility. You will find the code on the roof of the tower.

10 - Gondola Roof

This one is easy to find as the code is on the Gondola roof. Whenever you see a photo with a clear sky, you will instantly know it is referring to the Gondola roof.

11 - Harbour Pallets

There are some pallets in the Harbour area resting by a boarded-up door. You will find the code behind a wooden box located to the right of the boarded-up door.

12 - Prison Basement

This one is found in the Prison basement. The easiest way to get to the photo's location is to find a tunnel entrance between the construction site and the shore.

Once you enter, keep going straight until you reach a dead-end.

Jump on the white boxes, and look through the grate above the electrical/power box to see the code.

13 - Prison Stairs

This one is also easy to find. First, go to the main entrance of the Prison.

Head inside through the main door, and go left past the reception. Go all the way to the end to reach the stairs, but do not go up.

You will find the code above the electrical/fuse box. Jump on the wooden wire spool to see the code on the wall above the fuse box.

14 - Prison Lockers

You will find the codes inside the Prison Lockers. There will be a single-digit in each locker.

15 - Harbour Computer

This code is located in the Harbour area in a small building. You will find a singular computer screen with a bunch of wiring around it. The code will be directly above the screen on the wall.

16 - Construction Site Shed

There is a small shed in the construction site area where the shed's roof from the inside looks exactly like the photo with the ladder. There is a radio on a shelf inside the shed. You will find the code on the wall behind the radio.

17 - Cement Mixer

There is another building in the central part of the construction site. This building is still under construction and not fully built. You will find a cement mixer on the building's bottom floor under the staircase next to some wooden sheets. The code is on the wall behind the cement mixer.

18 - Decon Zone Green Box

The green box is located at the western entrance of the Decon Zone building under the stairs. The code is on the wall behind the green box. Jump up on the green box to see the code.

19 - Decon Zone Panels

These panels are also located on the western end of the decon zone, but this time, inside the building. Go up the stairs above the green box and enter the building. You will find some panels to your immediate right. You can also enter the building using the window on the building's right side that directly drops you next to the panels. The code is on the wall just above the panels. Jump up on the blue barrel next to the wall to see the code.

20 - Harbour Grates

This code is a bit of a hassle to see clearly. We highly recommend using a thermal scope to see this one. You will find the code on the wall under the grating in the harbour.

21 - Chemical Engineering Office

You can find this code in the Chemical Engineering building office. This office is located on the topmost floor of the building in the southern-most section. You will see a 6 pane window inside the office, which is similar to the one seen in the photo, which is good for identifying the office. The code is on the wall under the computer desk.

22 - Chemical Engineering Stairs

This code also has an easy location, but it isn't difficult to see the code itself, so a thermal scope is recommended. This is also in the same Chemical Eng. building. Go up the stairs once, and instead of going up another level, go behind the stairs, and you will find the large canisters shown in the photo. Look on the wall to your left, and check behind the white pipe to find the code.

23 - Body Bags

This is the easiest code to find as it is out in the open. You do not have to squeeze into any corners to find this one. You will find body bags next to a door in the underground/tunnel area next to Chemical Eng. building. The door next to the body bags will have the code.

24 - Decon Zone Computers

You will find these computers at the eastern end of the decon zone building. The computer isn't too far into the building. As soon as you enter the building through the window at the eastern end next to the Buy Station spawn point, you will see the computer panels to your left. The code is on the wall behind the middle control panel with the red button. You might need a thermal scope or thermites to see the code clearly, as it is quite dark.

25 - Bioweapons Lab Labcoat

Go to the second floor of the bioweapons lab building, and you will come across a lab coat hanging by a metallic shelf with a huge periodic table on the wall next to it. The code is behind the metallic shelf.

26 - Bioweapons Lab Basement

You will find another code in the basement of the same bioweapons lab building. Take the stairs to the very bottom of the building, and you will find a bunch of yellow barrels, as shown in the photo. There will be a separate small spacing in the basement, and you will find the code on the wall of this small spacing.

The Reward

After you get inside the bunker, you will have access to various killstreaks, the Foresight Streak, durable gas masks, self-revive kit, specialist bonus, etc.

But, the most important reward is the "Red Room" weapon blueprint for Milano 821. If any one of your teammates picks it up, it will be unlocked for all the squadmates.

Easter Egg Summary

The following are the steps you must follow to perform this easter egg:

  1. Find the opened briefcase in one of the above mentioned fixed locations.
  2. Check the photos around the briefcase to identify the locations of the codes.
  3. Go to each location to get the numbers used to make up the access code.
  4. Determine the correct sequence of the code using the dashes. If the dash is at the end of the number, this number is first in the sequence. If there is a dash at the beginning and end of the numbers, this will be the middle number. If the dash is at the beginning of a number set, it is then the last in the sequence. The example is shown in the image below:
  5. Go to the command center building located in the Headquarters area and enter the code to access the yellow door bunker.

Interactive Map

Our interactive map below shows you all the briefcase locations and photo code locations. It is recommended you use the map in fullscreen mode for the best experience.

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