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Red Door Locations In Call of Duty: Warzone (All 30 Door Locations)

There is a brand new mechanism to fast travel in Season 4 of Warzone, similar to the old subway station fast travel system. This new way to fast travel is via Red Doors that are scattered around the map. These doors spawn in fixed locations, and when you go through them, you spawn in one of the many stations located all over Verdansk.

Plus, you can find some of the best and rare legendary loot inside these stations. The loot includes Durable Gas Masks, Advanced UAVs, and even a Specialist Bonus. You also get an Armor Satchel and Killstreaks such as the Precision Airstrike and Cluster Strike.


There are seven major locations or Points of Interest (POI) where these red doors spawn. In all these seven locations, there are multiple areas where the doors spawn. When you are near the door, it makes a distinct chime sound. As you get closer, the sound gets louder.

As of now, there are a total of 30 doors found all over Verdansk, and going through one of the red doors will teleport you to one of the twelve stations containing high-tier loot.

Note that the doors shatter and disappear once you've opened a total of ten red doors in one game. This applies to you even if other players have opened up the doors. If the total count reaches ten opened doors, the door shatters and disappears when you open again.

In this guide, we walk you through all the possible red door locations and the stations where you might end up teleporting to. Feel free to check out our detailed video guide or our interactive map for your quick reference.

Interactive Map

Video Guide

Airplane Factory

Airplane Factory Location #1

Airplane Factory Location #2

Airplane Factory Location #3

Airplane Factory Location #4

Airplane Factory Location #5

This one is underground and to reach this red door, you must use the stairs that lead underground. The stairs are located opposite the warehouse. The exact location of the stairs is marked with a green circle on the map below.

Airplane Factory Location #6


It can get a bit tricky to reach the red doors inside the main plaza tower. But, we've got you covered with the exact routes to reach these doors.

Downtown Location #1

The first door is found on one of the top floors, where the floor is still under construction.

First, go to the main entrance of the plaza, as shown below.

Enter and go towards the elevator to your right. Ascend to the main office level.

Take the stairs up towards the office area.

Go through the door leading towards the stairs.

Keep moving up until you reach floor 32 and head through the door to reach the floor, which is still under construction.

Go around to the other side, and you will find the red door on the wall. You will be able to find it by listening to its distinct chime.

Downtown Location #2

The second door is found on the second floor.

To reach the second floor, access the building using the entrance facing the parliament dome building.

Take a right, and you will find a door leading towards the stairs.

Go up until you reach level 2.

Go inside and take a left to find the red door at the end of the corridor.

Novi Grazna Hills

Novi Grazna Hills Loation #1

Novi Grazna Hills Loation #2

Novi Grazna Hills Loation #3

Novi Grazna Hills Loation #4

Old Mine

Old Mine Location #1

Old Mine Location #2

Salt Mine

Salt Mine Location #1

Salt Mine Location #2

Salt Mine Location #3

Salt Mine Location #4

Salt Mine Location #5


Summit Location #1

Summit Location #2

Summit Location #3

Summit Location #4

Summit Location #5

Summit Location #6

Verdansk Stadium

Verdansk Stadium Location #1

Verdansk Stadium Location #2

Verdansk Stadium Location #3

Verdansk Stadium Location #4

Verdansk Stadium Location #5

Station Locations

There are a total of twelve stations, and you can randomly land on any one of these stations upon going through one of the red doors.

  1. Northwest of Military Base
  2. Small buildings north of ATC Tower
  3. Storage Town
  4. Buildings west of Junkyard
  5. West of Military Base inside School Building
  6. Factory Area
  7. Near Bunker 0
  8. Promenade East
  9. Karst Salt Mine
  10. Karst Bridge
  11. Lumber
  12. Farmland

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  1. Yesterday I came accross the red door at the Novi Grazna Hills Loation #4. But when I tried to open it, the opening animation started, but then the door dissapeared without revealing a passage through.... Are the doors sometimes setup as fake doors?

    1. Hey Ocean!

      It seems if you've opened up 10 doors, then all the doors just disappear, as you've mentioned. If you haven't opened 10 doors, there is a possibility that some other players opened the doors around the map, and coincidentally you were the 10th player to attempt, which resulted in its disappearance.

      1. Thank you Hassan!

        I didn't not realize the cap of 10 doors max that can be opened in any one game - as I was speed reading through your article mostly drawn to your great images......., but yes, that makes sense now - thank you!

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