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Warzone Respawning Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest free-to-play battle royale game cashing in on the craze started by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and popularited further by Fortnite. Activision wanted a slice of that pie and decided that slapping the evergreen Call of Duty branding on it will be a winning combo.

If you’ve played battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite before, Warzone will feel familiar. And if you're a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan then it should be even more familiar, since Warzone is directly based on it. Warzone is essentially a standalone (free) DLC using the same engine and sharing many of the mechanics and assets of Modern Warefare.

COD: Warzone does do a few things differently than other battle royales, however. While most popular titles have incorporated some form of respawning or other mechanic allowing you to get back into the fight after getting killed, few have as many methods of going about this as Warzone does.

That said, let’s take a look at how to respawn in Call of Duty: Warzone.


This is the simplest, but also most dangerous method of respawning available.


Since Call of Duty: Warzone puts players into teams of 3 (as at the date of publication, a solo mode has not been confirmed) you always have two win-gpeople to rely on, as they rely on you.

If you go down in battle, a teammate can come over and revive you. The revival animation is lengthy and leaves both of you open to attack, so the third teammate should ideally cover you while this happens. Naturally, if it’s a teammate who bit a bullet instead of you, you too should try and help them.

The advantage of this revival method is that it doesn’t cost anything and the revived player keeps all their items and currency. The drawback, as mentioned before, is that you’re vulnerable while reviving.

Self-Revive Kit

A self-revive kit removes the risk faced by your partners should they try and revive you, and it does this by automating the process.

If you own a kit and get killed, you have a brief amount of time to decide to use it. If you use it, the kit is consumed and you get put right back into the fight.

The kits are available for $4,500 at all Buy Stations and have a low chance of dropping from both variants of supply boxes.

The advantage is that you can revive yourself, eliminating the risk to your squad mates and keeping your items and cash. The disadvantage of self-revive kits is the high cost and the probability of finding yourself right back in the same skirmish that led to your death.

Gulag Battles

If you don’t have a self-revive kit and your team isn’t quick enough to revive you in time, you get transported to the Gulag, where every other downed player appears.

Here, in the Gulag, you’ll eventually engage in a vicious 1v1 arena battle with randomized weapons. If you win your duel, you are released back into combat in Verdansk, with a clean slate, and lacking all of your items and currency.

Gulag Battles take place in one of three map variants, all based on the shower area of the prison. The matches are all 40 seconds long with the sole goal of killing your opponent.

If the 40 seconds pass without a kill, an Overtime Flag spawns somewhere on the map and players have 3 seconds to capture it or kill their opponent.

If you kill your opponent, or capture the flag, you win. If the overtime ends and nobody has captured the flag, the player with more HP left wins. Finally, if both players have equal HP, they are both eliminated.

While waiting for your turn in the Gulag you can observe matches from the balconies of the prison and also throw rocks at the contestants, which cause 1 HP damage (unless the contestant is at 1 HP). The rocks cannot be the final blow under any circumstance.

Also, the Gulag won’t be available for the entire duration of your match and after around 4 circle collapses. After this time, downed players will no longer respawn there.

The advantage of the Gulag respawn method is that it gives players a chance to earn their way back onto the battlefield, even if they've miss the previous two chances at revival that we've discussed. The disadvantage is that you lose all your gear and that it isn't guaranteed that you will get back into the game.

Squad Buyback

If all else fails and you have been eliminated, your Squad always has the chance to buy your life back. This costs the same amount as the self-revive kit ($4,500), with the caveat of you redeploying via plane, meaning no items or currency - the same as a Gulag victory. Redeploy Squadmate purchases are available at all Buy Stations.

The advantage of this method is that no team mate need ever be permanently eliminated. Sometimes a third fighter on your side is the key to victory, which would be well worth the $4,500. The disadvantage is the price and that the revived player begins with a clean slate.

Plunder Mode

Redeployment happens automatically in Warzone's Plunder Mode, but always has a currency fee depending on how much cash you have on you at the time of death. Self-revive kits can be purchased during this mode as well, meaning you can dodge a large loss if you die while carrying lots of money.

Though technically also a form of redeployment, Victory doesn’t really apply from a gameplay sense. If your team wins the match even though you have been eliminated, the game considers you alive for Victory.

Aron Gerencser
Aron has been playing FPS games on PC for as long as he can remember. While he prefers single-player titles, the occasional battle royale doesn't hurt and Call of Duty: Warzone is Aron's go-to. When not writing in-depth guides or covering the latest news about the game, he's probably editing - or dropping into Verdansk. You can also find Aron on Facebook.


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