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Rook LMG & Serac - Call Of Duty: Warzone Blueprints Guide

Every time a new season launches in Call of Duty: Warzone, the game meta gets a good shakeup thanks to all the new weapons and balance tweaks. It's an inevitable cycle of learning to adapt to the new status quo, and this is something that happens in all multiplayer games. Two new weapons in particular kicked up the meta with Season 2 - the Rook LMG and the CX-9 Serac.

Both of these guns have taken the Warzone community by storm, for two reasons - they're exceedingly rare, and ridiculously powerful. Essentially, we're looking at special versions of the regular Raal LMG and CX-9 SMG. These weapons were introduced in Season 2, and while effective enough, neither was particularly worth writing home about.

The spiced up variants, on the other hand, are downright meta-changing.

How To Get The Serac

The CX-9 Serac is a special variant of the commemorative Modern Warfare gun. While not yet released on the store, we know that a customized Serac blueprint will be included with the Soap Operator Bundle once it is released later in the season.

Until then, however, the only way to get the Serac is by getting lucky with ground loot - and what luck it is. Based on the few first hand experiences players have had with the gun, it is an absolute game changer with a high rate of fire, high damage and virtually no recoil whatsoever.

This means that even in unskilled hands, the Serac is a frightfully accurate death machine, cutting down enemy players with ease and precision. Many players are already calling it the new Season 2 meta, with the new best loadouts all featuring the special CX-9 SMG. It's just up to fortune whether you find one.

How To Get The Rook LMG

The Rook LMG mirrors the Serac in practically all ways. This is a new Legendary blueprint based on the Raal LMG, featuring a silencer, perpendicular grip, reflex sight and other goodies. This boosts the rate of fire and damage, and the weapon has a significantly smaller drop-off compared to the Raal making it more accurate at long range.

This gun too is only available as ground loot, and unlike the Serac we can't be certain that it will hit the store anytime soon. Neither weapon can be customized or added to your own custom loadout yet, and there's a slim chance that the Rook will never be conventionally available.

Make sure you never leave a Rook LMG lying around if you are lucky enough to encounter one in Warzone, because it could win you the round.


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