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Secret Intel Briefcase Locations In Caldera - King Kong vs Godzilla (Operation Monarch Guide)

Passing on the story to the players and captivating them with the lore around the maps of Warzone through Intel has always been a staple strategy for the Warzone developers. We've seen it a lot during the life cycle of Verdansk and now have a similar scenario in Operation Monarch.

As part of Operation Monarch, five briefcases are introduced in five different locations inside Caldera. Each briefcase has a laptop inside, and you can interact with each laptop which then plays an audio recording.

The audio recording reveals more lore surrounding the Godzilla vs. King Kong Operation Monarch Event. The audio recordings also play some numbers that don't have any known use as of writing this article. But, it may turn out to be something useful as we've seen the same in the past during the Rebirth From The Ashes easter egg. If it does, we will update this guide.

The briefcases are found in five major locations around Caldera: Arsenal, Beachhead, Capital, Lagoon, and Mines. Here are the locations of all five briefcases.

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There is a small hut-like structure at the Arsenal with ladders that take you down to a bunker.


As you enter the bunker, you will find a table to your right in the central section of the upper area where you enter in the first place. The briefcase is on the table.


You can find the briefcase inside the central building of Beachhead. This is the same building that has a chance of having a helicopter spawned at its roof. It has a main entrance with green-colored double doors.

Go through the door, and you will find the briefcase on the planning table directly ahead of you as soon as you enter.


The third briefcase can be found inside the building with a 'Ferry' sign on top of it at the Capital. The building is right next to the southern edge of the map.

Head inside the building, and go upstairs. You will find the briefcase resting on an office desk to your left inside the main office.


The fourth one is rather tricky to find at first. It is inside a cave in the lagoon. You will find a huge cave entrance beside the naturally formed rock arch beside it.

When you go inside the cave, you will find the briefcase resting on what looks like a weapons crate.


The final briefcase location is relatively in the middle of the map at the Mines in an open field. You will find the briefcase on a small table by a white barrel.

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