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Secret Subway Easter Egg In Warzone - New Bruen 'Firebrand' Weapon Blueprint

Secret Subway Station

When you arrive at this subway station, you won't have any way to go up the stairs as they are blocked off. When you look at your mini-map, it appears that the subway station is just under the frozen lake that is at the Dam.

You will find several rare and unique items here, along with legendary loot. You can find multiple specialist bonus coins, multiple advanced UAVs, a mini-gun, legendary loot, armor plate box, munitions box, Juggernaut, and other killstreaks such as a Cluster Strike.


If you're playing in normal Battle Royale mode (not plunder), then you can expect to find a special and rare new killstreak called Foresight. This killstreak shows you ALL the circles on the map, including the moving circles at the end! This killstreak can also be found in Bunkers now.

And of course, you can also expect to find a durable gas mask in Battle Royale mode.

The main highlight of this easter egg is the brand new weapon blueprint for the Bruen MK9 called Firebrand. You can pick it up from the room with double doors, and it should be added to your Armory.

If one player picks it up, then everyone in the squad will get the weapon blueprint. However, it is recommended that each player pick it up once at least to make sure (since Warzone is known to have many bugs)!


If you want to return to the standard subway station, you need to head inside the room on one of the platforms, and you will find a computer that reads "WELCOME: Press any key."

If you approach the computer, you will be able to "Initiate Departure Sequence" that will allow you to return to the standard subway by jumping back into the same train that you came from.

That concludes our Secret Subway Station Easter Egg guide.

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  1. I think this is one of the best guides covering this blueprint. Many thanks to the writer, my team/regiment got it on our 4th try.

      1. Tried it again last night. First try. Solid call outs from team who helped get numbers. Got Firebrand for the other three -- their first time -- with only 1 minute and 40 seconds left on plunder. If anyone is reading this for the first time and hasn't gotten the Firebrand, this is the guide for you-- share the link. Just make sure your call outs make sense to the people looking for the pictures. Thanks again Hassan.

  2. Sorry guys, i just completed the challenge and the bench that has the LMG was empty but was saying Firebrand however i was unable to pick it up.....I havent unlock the weapon and im using warzone free. Does anything from these matter??

      1. Im doing now the Bunker 11, cause i have unlocked the MP7 so hopefully i will get that blueprint and then i will repeat for Firebrand.

      2. Ok Sir Hassan I ve done Bunker 11 and Maintenance Station Both Shoes me the botom of a loadout drop...... if i can send you a print screen let me know!


      3. I have completed it 6 times and I'm unable to get the firebrand. Its not on table and where it says swap, it won't allow me to do anything

        1. Hi Tim. I've been seeing a lot of players having this issue. Unfortunately, it looks like it is bugged right now. We might have to wait for them to fix it. Sorry!

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