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Secrets Of The Pacific Event (All Challenges & Intel Locations)

The Secrets of the Pacific event will be available until December 7, 2021 (Tuesday). The specific end times are: 5 AM (GMT), 6 AM (CEST), 11:59 PM (EST), and 9 PM (PST).

Following a short delay, the long-awaited Warzone map, Caldera, is due to release on 8th December 2021, and there is a brand new event to keep you engaged until then.


The limited-time event contains some challenges that you can complete to win rewards including calling cards, stickers, emblems, charms, and an STG blueprint. The calling cards showcase the teasers of the upcoming Caldera map.

This is the last event as the players bid farewell to Verdansk for one last time. The challenges in the Secrets of the Pacific event can be completed in both Warzone and Vanguard.

Here are all the challenges and associated rewards for both Warzone and Vanguard.


How it works

In Warzone, the challenges can only be completed in a regular Battle Royale mode and not in Plunder due to the way it uses the circle closing as the basis for the challenges.

You need to collect six different Intel scattered around Verdansk. When you pick up a piece of Intel, you will then need to hold onto that Intel for a specific period determined by the closing circle.

For instance, if you've collected a piece of Intel, you will be given the challenge to survive two circles, after which the challenge completes, and you may exit the game.

Also, you can only collect one Intel per game, which means you can only complete one challenge per game. So a total of six games. Each challenge has an associated calling card, emblem, and sticker as a reward. If you manage to complete all six challenges, you will get an exclusive STG blueprint as a reward.

We highly recommend completing this in the Operation: Flashbacks (also a limited-time mode) playlist as the circle closes faster. Our best advice would be to collect the Intel and quickly rush somewhere to the middle of the circle and hide until you've surpassed the required number of circles.

Challenge 1: Jailbreak

In Battle Royale, go to the location shown in the photograph and find the mysterious object to unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive one circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Marina Street (Epic Calling Card)

You can find the Item in the showers of the Prison.

The best way to get inside is by parachuting through the marked window shown in the image below.

Once inside, you need to look for a table tennis racket on the bench by the lockers. The bench and the lockers are just to your right as you go down the stairs.

Interact with the racket to collect the Intel, and you'll get an on-screen splash message confirming the start of the challenge and how long you need to survive to earn the associated reward.

Challenge 2: On The Air

In Battle Royale, look for sweet deals on the latest electronics to unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive three circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Local Radio (Rare Emblem)

This Intel can be found inside the electronics store by the Train Station located in Promenade West.

Head inside the store and look for a microphone with a stand against the northwestern wall.

Challenge 3: Fast Food

In Battle Royale, enjoy a quick meal while you wait for your plane to unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive three circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Volcanic Souvenir (Legendary Charm).

The third Intel can be found inside the Airport. This Intel is the cash register on the counter of the Burger Town restaurant, which is on the western side of the building.

The best way to reach the Intel is to parachute directly through the western sunroof.

Once in, go past the seating area, and you will find a black cash register on the counter. Collect the Intel to start your challenge.

Challenge 4: On Your Feet

In Battle Royale, go to a place where you can get patched up after a firefight to unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive four circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Naval Plan (Rare Sticker).

As the challenge description suggests, you will find this Intel at the Hospital. You will find the Intel in the northwestern corner of the main Hospital building. You can enter using the double doors.

As soon as you're inside, you will notice a window directly to your right. Go through the window and into the operating room.

The blue medical kit is your fourth Intel. Collect it to start your challenge.

Challenge 5: Abandoned

In Battle Royale, those who go beneath the earth in an unfamiliar location can unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive two circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Familiar Machinery (Epic Spray).

The Intel can be found inside the mines located west of the Airport near the edge of the map.

Two entrances lead to the center of the mines inside. One is on the left side.

And the other is directly opposite on the right side.

The Intel is a box of explosives that can be in a random place around the mines. The inside of the mines isn't too big, so it shouldn't be an issue to find the Intel. There is also always an audio queue whenever you are near the Intel. You can look round to see a small dot when there is an audio queue. This dot is the same prompt that expands to read 'Collect Intel.'

We've found the box of explosives in two locations that are as follows:

  • Location 1: Under the table by the barrels in the leftmost corner of the mine. You can easily reach this table by taking the left entrance and hugging the left wall until you reach the corner with the table and the barrels.

  • Location 2: You can also find the explosive under the wooden pathway that elevates up to the second level. This is just opposite the corner table and the barrels where you find the first box.

Challenge 6: Secrets

In Battle Royale, secrets from the past have been revealed recently. Go there to unlock this reward.

  • Challenge: Survive two circle(s) or win the match.
  • Reward: Hospitable Resort (Legendary Calling Card).

The last Intel can be found inside one of the three World War II bunkers around the map. There are three bunkers, and the Intel can spawn in one of these randomly. The Intel location within the bunkers is also random, and you will need to look around.

The overall layout of all the bunkers is exactly the same, so you can follow along easily. The only thing different is the location of these bunkers. All the bunker entrances are enclosed inside large red containers. This will help you identify where to find the bunkers.

The bunkers are found in the following locations:

  • Bunker 1: Airport
    The first bunker is found at the Airport by the runway.

  • Bunker 2: Boneyard
    The second bunker is found east of the Boneyard. It is not too far away. You will see the containers just outside Boneyard.

  • Bunker 3: Array
    The third and final bunker location is by Array.

As mentioned before, the location of the object or Intel inside the bunker is also always slightly random. But relatively close to each other. What you're looking for is a small fleet of toy ships and submarines.

The most common location where it spawns within the bunker is the room with paintings and desks next to the paintings.

This room has three entrances. You can get to it easily. When you drop inside the bunker, first go through the door in front of you.

Then keep going forward until you come across the second door to your left, right after the red banner. This door is one of the three doors that lead you to the room with the paintings.

We found the Intel directly below the green painting on the desk.

But you can also find it below the orange painting to the left.


If you own a copy of Vanguard, you can easily complete the challenges by playing multiplayer and not worrying about surviving in Warzone. Some rewards are the same, while the others are different in Vanguard.

Here are all the Vanguard-specific challenges and associated rewards.

Challenge 1: Mission #001

  • Challenge: Get 25 eliminations.
  • Reward: Home In Paradise (Epic Calling Card)

Challenge 2: Mission #002

  • Challenge: Get 5 multikills.
  • Reward: Tropical Token (Epic Emblem)

Challenge 3: Mission #003

  • Challenge: Perform 1 finishing move.
  • Reward: Little Submarine (Legendary Charm)

Challenge 4: Mission #004

  • Challenge: Vote for team MVP in 10 matches.
  • Reward: Learn To Fly (Rare Sticker)

Challenge 5: Mission #005

  • Challenge: Play matches with another member of your clan 5 times.
  • Reward: Into The Mine (Rare Spray)

Challenge 6: Mission #006

  • Challenge: Get 3 wins.
  • Reward: Treasure The Scenery (Epic Calling Card)

Primary Reward

If you manage to complete all six challenges on either Warzone or Vanguard, you will unlock all the challenge-specific rewards and unlock the event exclusive new STG Blueprint called the 'Bomber Menace.' This STG Blueprint will be available to use in-game during Season 1 of Warzone & Vanguard.

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