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Sewer Side Easter Egg On Mauer Der Toten (Free Perk, Salvage & LT53 Kazimir) - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

In Season 5 of Warzone, a new "mystery" side easter egg was added to Mauer Der Toten. This side easter egg remained undiscovered for a while, and it was even mentioned in the Season 5 patch notes that a couple of hidden surprises were added in Mauer Der Toten.

It was not until recently that a Youtuber named SASTAC discovered the mystery side easter egg. Feel free to check out our video guide on how to complete this easter egg or continue with the written guide.

This easter egg involves the open sewer entrance on East Berlin Street.

If you throw in any explosive equipment, you will hear a distinct scream or a laughing sound. You can throw in any explosives such as stun grenades, frag grenades, semtex, and even C4 charges. The unique sound you hear is the indication that the explosive has been registered.

You can throw in explosives in exchange for some free salvage, a random free perk, and a guaranteed LT53 Kazimir drop. You need to throw a total of 13 explosives to get the loot. It doesn't have to be one type of explosive only. You can throw in a mixture of explosives, and it will still count.

When you throw in the 13th explosive, you will see some loot popping out of the sewer. You will get some salvage and a guaranteed LT53 Kazimir device. You also have a chance of getting a random free perk.

You can do this easter egg three times in a single match. This means your chances of getting a random free perk increase. If you throw an explosive in the sewer after the third time, you will not hear any more screams.


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