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Shi No Numa Both Song Easter Eggs Guide (Free Max Ammo & Original Music Easter Egg)

After what seems an eternity, we finally have our first round-based map in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies. The classic zombies' map, Shi No Numa, is back. As always, the new iteration of Shi No Numa has a song easter egg. Not only does it have one, but two song easter eggs, with one providing a free max ammo drop.

After playing the map, this Shi No Numa seems like the most refined version. Not only do we get to hear 'Samantha's Sorrow' music, but also the instrumental version of 'The One,' which is found in all Shi No Numa maps in the previous Call of Duty titles featuring it.

In this guide, we've covered both the easter egg songs and how you can activate them in the Vanguard Zombies' version of Shi No Numa.

The Phone Easter Egg

The original easter egg remains the same, and the way to activate it is pretty much the same. There is no reward for doing this side easter egg.

First, when you spawn into the map, gather at least 2,750 points.


Clear the debris for 1,000 points, and it will take you down.

As soon as you're down, you will see a locked door ahead of you that takes you to Comm Room. Unlock the door for 1,000 points and proceed.

Go all the way to the end to get to the Comm Room and unlock the door for 750 points.

When you enter, a random perk fountain appears in front of you, the usual.

Go to the right, and turn left as soon as you go through the broken wall.

You will notice a telephone on the table. This is exactly the same as the previous Shi No Numa maps.

Approach the telephone and interact with it. The phone will dial a number and start ringing. After ringing three times, it will stop and play the song in the background. You will not get any prompt as you get closer to the phone. You simply need to interact with it when you are next to it.

Samantha’s Sorrow

Samantha's Sorrow is a new easter egg added in Shi No Numa. Completing this easter egg not only plays the music but also rewards you with free max ammo.

This EE is super easy and quick. So whenever you're in trenches and don't have enough points to get that stock up, you can do this easter egg to get a free max ammo drop.

First, gather at least 2,750 points to get to the Fishing Hut.

Clear the debris for 1,000 points and go downstairs.

Go through the Flogger Courtyard and unlock the gate leading towards the Fishing Hut for 1,000 points.

Go through the bridge and unlock the Fishing Hut for 750 points.

Inside this hut, a random perk fountain will appear, as always.

You are looking for four hanging metal pans. You need to shoot these pans. There is no particular order, but the following are the locations of the pans.

Metal Pan 1

The first one is on the wall to the right of the perk fountain.

Metal Pan 2

The second one is on the wall to the left, just behind the trap activation switch.

Metal Pan 3

The third pan is on the wall just by the entrance to the small room with the ammo resupply cache.

Metal Pan 4

The last pan is on the wall directly behind the perk fountain.

Once you've shot all four, you will hear a unique sound. Go to the room with the ammo resupply cache, and you will see Samantha's Statue on the ground next to the cache.

Interact with the statue, and it will disappear.

Go back outside where the bridge is, and you will notice the statue rotating while playing music.

Shoot the statue, and it will disappear and reappear. The statue will appear in five different spots on the bridge supports. Shoot it every time it appears.

The statue only appears around the bridge, making it easy to keep track of. The sound of the statue playing the music also helps locate it.

After shooting it for the fifth and final time, you will hear the same unique sound you hear after shooting the four metal pans.

Head back to the ammo resupply cache room, and you will find the statue in the same spot, but this time rotating and playing the music.

Interact with it, and a zombie hand will come out of the ground, taking the statue with it.

Once the hand is gone, free max ammo will be dropped for you, and Samantha's Sorrow will start playing in the background.

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