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Full Solo Die Maschine Main Easter Egg Guide (Megaton Orlov) - Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War: Zombies' first map, Die Maschine, has not disappointed when when it comes to how much content it offers, including the main easter egg and side easter eggs.

In this guide, we have covered each step required to complete the main easter egg on the Die Maschine map. This guide is optimized to ensure you complete your final boss fight at the earliest round possible. We managed to get to the final boss fight by round 17. You may be able to get into the fight even at 15-16, depending on your resources.

Below we have covered all the steps in order, and if you follow this guide exactly as given, you will be able to complete the full easter egg alone. If you do it with friends, then it will be even easier, of course. We also have a full video guide walking you through the whole easter egg.


To begin with you must have turned on the power and forged the Pack-A-Punch machine. If you haven't already, then do so. And if you're unsure how to turn on the power and build the Pack-A-Punch machine, then check our guide.

Video Walkthrough

Acquire Free D.I.E Machine Shockwave (Wonder Weapon)

Assuming you've already turned on the power, let's begin with the easter egg. First, you need to get your hands on the bread and butter of this easter egg, which is the new wonder weapon, D.I.E Machine. You can get it either from the mystery box or for free. We cannot rely on the mystery box, so let's get it for free.

Wait until the Megaton spawns and lure him to the back of Nacht. This is the pond area. You will see a tree right as you enter the pond area coming from the Jugger-Nog perk machine. This tree will have huge spores coming out of its bark.

Lure the Megaton towards this tree and wait for him to attack you using his super ability. Stand behind or near the tree and make sure that the poison or fungus from the Megaotn hits the spores. The spores will now turn purple. You're done here for now.

You can now kill the Megaton and it will split into two Megaton Blasters. Kill both of them and the second blaster will drop a keycard. It'll be easy to spot as it will be an ultra loot and glow yellow.

Pick up the key and make your way to the Weapons Lab in the Facility. In the Weapons Lab, you can use the Keycard on the Weapons Locker. After using the Keycard, a drawer will open up, revealing a D.I.E Remote Control. Pick it up and go to the Nacht living room near spawn.

There is a small room inside the living room next to the stairs. There is a wonder weapon inside this room. You can activate it as a trap when you stand on the right side of the room. There is a crack in the wall and you can use the D.I.E Remote Control to activate it.

Before activating, make sure you have a horde of around 30 zombies. Activate the D.I.E Machine Shockwave and it will start sucking in through the vent above the door of the small room. Ensure the zombies are passing through it, and their souls will get sucked into the D.I.E Machine Shockwave, then you can activate it again to discharge and blow open the door.

Go inside and you can pick up the base version of the D.I.E Wonder Weapon.

D.I.E Cryo-Emitter Upgrade (Ice Upgrade)

You can then pick up the wonder weapon and make your way to the roof of Nacht. Halfway through, you will see a wooden box at the edge of the blown off Nacht roof. Hit it with your wonder weapon, and it will fall near the tree where we lured the Megaton to hit earlier.

While you're here, also get the empty canister by sucking it towards yourself, using your wonder weapon. It will come flying towards you and then you can pick it up. If you're not able to suck the canister towards you, then shoot the wonder weapon once, and then you should be able to do it. It is the right mouse button on PC, LT on Xbox, and L2 on the Playstation.

Go near the tree where the Megaton hit earlier and you will see a broken wooden box near it along with an empty glass flask. Pick up the flask and go to the purple spores of the tree. You can interact with the spores and you will see the glass flask will be under the spores as it is dripping some liquid into it.

Wait for about a minute and the flask will be full of liquid nitrogen from the spores. The spores color will change to the originally dull black color.

Pick up the flask and make your way to the Medical Bay (Speed Cola Perk Machine Room). You will see an ammunition box placed by the entrance that leads to the particle accelerator room. Interact with the box and the chains on it will disappear. You have now unlocked the Ice Upgrade for your D.I.E wonder weapon.

D.I.E Nova 5 Upgrade (Poison Upgrade)

If you remember, we collected an empty canister from the roof of Nacht. Go to the Weapons Lab again and descend to the lower level. Go to the back-end wall and you will get a prompt to insert the canister into a cleaning unit. Insert the canister.

Wait for one of the plaguehounds to spawn and lure them near the cleaning unit. Once the hound is in the cleaning unit's general vicinity, kill it, and the gas from the hound will be sucked into the cleaning unit and in the canister.

You can now pick up the canister and go back outside to the plane crash site. There will be a chained ammunition box by the entrance to the room with a Stamin-Up perk machine. Interact with the box to place the canister on it and melee it to melt the vines around the box.

You have now unlocked the Poison Upgrade.

Crafting the Aetherscope

You won't be able to get the remaining two upgrades (Electric and Fire) until you've crafted the Aetherscope and completed the Diary Easter Egg. First, you must craft the Aetherscope. There is a tool made up of three Aethercope parts that can only be found in the Dark Aether.

At this point, look at your mini-map and locate a "Star" icon. This is the anomaly (or portal) that allows you to teleport to the Dark Aether.

Go through the portal, and now you have to look for the three Aetherscope parts that always spawn in the same location, but a different order. You can collect all three in one go. Ensure you make it to the locations before your time in the Dark Aether is finished.

The locations of these parts are as follows:

  • On top of the plane jet at the plane crash site
  • In the Pack-A-Punch room, on the middle platform in front of the workbench where the fast travel portal is
  • Under the staircase of Nacht at spawn next to the crafting table

Once you've collected all the parts, head to the workbench below the Pack-A-Punch machine, and assemble the parts to craft the Aetherscope.

Spectral Anomalies (a.k.a The Diary Step)

Now that you have the Aetherscope make your way to the next anomaly, which will be in the Medical Bay.

Teleport to the Dark Aether and go to the side-office or computer room. There will be a diary next to the computer. It belongs to Dr. Vogul. Pick it up.

After picking up the Diary, jump directly below the platform, and an anomaly will materialize. It will be a blue orb that you can interact with to make a ghostly Dr. Vogul appear. Interact with him again to give him the diary and he will start narrating what he had been working on. It is a story sequence. While Dr. Vogul is speaking, the zombies won't hurt you.

Now go to the control room (the challenges computer room) and look for another anomaly by the right wall. Interact with it twice as well.

The final anomaly will be by the workbench below the Pack-A-Punch machine. Interact with it and a Megaton will appear. Kill the Megaton if you wish to. Note that you can listen to Dr. Vogul, but it will take up too much of your time, and after listening to the second spectral anomaly sequence, you will be teleported back to the real world.

Then you will need another portal to appear, which is possible after either killing a few zombies or by flipping rounds. We want to avoid flipping rounds as much as we can so advise you to quickly go through all three anomalies and then head to the computer room in the Medical Bay again.

Once Dr. Vogul is done talking you will be teleported back to the real world, and by now, you should be back in the computer room. Interact with the computer and you will put in a password.

But the machine or the container hanging in the middle of the room will not boot up because it won't have enough power. It is now up to us to restore the power in that hanging container. For that, however, we need all four wonder weapon upgrades unlocked. So let's unlock the other two, since we have already completed the Diary Step.

D.I.E Electroblot (Electric Upgrade)

You will notice that there is a new portal under the Pack-A-Punch room stairs. To get the electric upgrade, you must go through this portal only, or else it won't work. You need to find three crystals that appear in the Dark Aether once you go through this portal.

These crystals must be absorbed using your wonder weapon and transferred to the ammunition box in the Pack-A-Punch room. The crystal locations are always the same but they can only be absorbed and transferred one at a time.

The following are all the locations:

  • Plane Crash Site
  • Go through the portal and then make your way back up to the tunnel through the facility entrance. From here, go right, and you will be at the plane crash site area. You will see a yellow glowing crystal to your left as soon as you exit the tunnel.

    Use your wonder weapon to absorb the energy from that crystal and bring it back to the Pack-A-Punch room. Go to the far right corner of the bottom floor of the Pack-A-Punch room, just to the right side of the workbench, and you will find another ammunition box. Shoot it to discharge the energy from the crystals into one of three tubes on the box. The tube will light up, indicating that you've done this step correctly.

  • Pond Area
  • After going back into the portal under the Pack-A-Punch room stairs, make your way back to the tunnel through the facility entrance and turn left. You will exit and reach the pond area.

    Here look to your left, and you will see another crystal on the big rock.

  • Top of Nacht Der Untoten
  • The last one is on top of Nacht, where the Wunderfizz Perk Machine is located. The crystal will be on the right side of the machine outside the accessible area. Absorb it and bring it back to the ammunition box.

Once you've done all three you will have unlocked the Electric Upgrade. You can access this upgrade anytime by going to the ammunition box in the far right corner of the workbench in the Pack-A-Punch room.

D.I.E Thermophasic Upgrade (Fire Upgrade)

On to our fourth and final upgrade, that is, the Fire Upgrade. You will now notice that another anomaly has appeared in the pond area. This new anomaly or portal will be next to the tree where we collected the liquid nitrogen from earlier, for the Ice Upgrade.

Go through the portal and make your way to the plane crash site. There will be a floating plane that was originally not floating in the real world.

Look below the floating plane, and there will be a fuse box. Either shoot it or melee it to open it up. It will reveal a fuse that you can collect.

Take this fuse back to the Weapons Lab and descend to the lower level. You will see a plasma cutter with an ammunition box on it. Insert the fuse into the plasma cutter, and it will cut open that box. Once it is done, you will be teleported back to the real world.

Go back to the pond area and check the back of the truck. There should be a box that will give you the Fire Upgrade. This box was locked before doing the plasma cutter step.

Now you have all four wonder weapon upgrades.

Restore Power Using The Four Upgrades

Now you must use the four unlocked elemental upgrades to restore power to the hanging container in Medical Bay.

This is done by firing each ammo type at each leg of the container. Once you shoot the leg with its correct ammo type, it will be lifted.

This is how the order goes (if you are looking at the container entering the medical bay from the tunnel entrance side):

  • The right leg will be raised using the Nova 5 Upgrade (Poison Upgrade)
  • The left leg will be raised using the Thermophasic Upgrade (Fire Upgrade)
  • Then, on the other side, the right leg will be raised using the Electrobolt Upgrade (Electric Upgrade)
  • The left leg will be raised using the Cryo-Emitter Upgrade (Ice Upgrade)

Dark Aether Wrench

There will be a new portal that will spawn right after you're done lifting all the container legs. This anomaly is located at the exit towards the particle accelerator, or the Pack-A-Punch room from the Medical Bay.

Go through this anomaly and go back up to the Medical Bay. When you are in the Medical Bay, you will see another blue orb outside the computer office.

Interact with it, and two spectral reflections will be spawned. Let them finish talking and you will be spawned back into the real world. You will notice a Dark Aether Wrench on the floor.

Pick it up and go back to the spawn point near Nacht. You can now hit the tank at the spawn point three times with the wrench.

After hitting it three times, a zombie will come out of the entrance hatch at the top.

Kill the zombie and then throw any kind of explosive (Semtex, C4, etc.) at the hatch. The tank will fire a shot upon explosion.

Decontamination Agent

Go back to the plane crash site and you will see a golden "ball" on the ground. This is a Decontamination Agent.

Be careful. As soon as you reach the agent several plaguehounds will spawn around you. Take them all out, pick up the agent, and bring it back to the Medical Bay.

You will see a containment unit on the wall where the last spectral vision was seen. Insert the Decontamination Agent in the Contamination Unit and you're done with this step.

Megaton Conversion Step

Now you must wait until a Megaton spawns in. When it does, kill the Megaton and wait for it to split into the Megaton Blasters.

Once you get the blasters, lure them under the big hanging container in the Medical Bay, and they will be sucked into it. Both blasters must be sucked into the container.

After they've been sucked into the container, interact with the computer in the office, and the splitters will now be merged back into a Megaton named Orlov, who can talk.

Boss Fight

You must wait for Orlov Megaton to finishing talking and he will escape the container by running towards the particle accelerator room.

The particle accelerator room will now be super dar, and you need to lure Orlov out somehow.

But before going any further, make sure you have stocked up on all the perks, weapons and any other equipment you might need to survive a boss battle. We recommend having the following setup by now:

  • Gallo SA 12 Shotgun - Tier 2 or 3 Pack-A-Punched
  • D.I.E Electrobolt (Electric Upgrade)
  • Level 3 Armor Unlocked
  • 5 Stim Shots
  • C4 or Semtex
  • Perks: Jugger-Nog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola & Deadshot Daquiri

The above setup might look really expensive, but by the time you reach the boss fight, points won't be hard to come by. It was easy for us. And remember, the fight will be in the particle accelerator room, so you can always repair your armor as long as you have enough salvage. You won't run out of salvage as there will be many zombies in the boss fight.

Let's continue. Go to the living room of the Nacht and you will see another portal there.

Go through the portal and go to Nacht's ground level, near the Omega outpost by the Pistol wall buy. There will be another blue orb.

Interact with it, and another spectral vision will be played where you will see Orlov in his human form.

Once he is done talking you will be teleported back to the real world. You will notice that there is a family photo of Orlov on the table.

Pick it up and you will be teleported, for the final time, to the Pack-A-Punch platform where Megaton Orlov will look at the photo and remember his family.

The Boss Fight is not against the Megaton Orlov but with him! Orlov will talk about destroying the particle accelerator, and he proceed will to do so. While he is doing that, you need to protect him from incoming waves of zombies. The zombies will include normal zombies and mini-bosses. This is why you need to be prepared before jumping into this boss fight. Orlov will move to three different locations around the particle accelerator where you must protect him from the zombies.


After Orlov is done with his three locations, you will get 1 minute and 30 seconds to reach the exfil site. This site is the same as your regular exfil, which is the pond to the left of the tunnel entrance.

Getting to the site will be difficult as you will be swarmed with a lot of zombies who will try their best to stop you from reaching the exfil.

There will also be a number of blue energy barriers all around the map that will instantly kill you.

You need to avoid these barriers when making your way to the exfil. These barriers will block several paths. Follow this route to reach the exfil site safely:

  1. Go to the weapons lab room and jump over the railing to get into the control room, or descend into the lower level and go up the stairs to avoid the blue energy barriers.
  2. Go up the stairs towards the facility entrance leading you into the tunnel and turn right.
  3. Go outside the tunnel and now it should be fairly simple for you to reach the pond area. Avoid all the blue energy barriers and keep making your way to the site. Remember to use the Aether Shroud field upgrade if multiple zombies surround you.
  4. Interact with the helicopter to complete the easter egg.

Once you've reached the chopper and exited the site successfully, the easter egg will end.

You will also unlock a calling card named 'Evil Unleashed' for completing the main easter egg. It will come in extremely handy when it comes to bragging rights!

And that completes our guide to the main easter egg of Die Maschine. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions related to this easter egg.

General Tips

  • To begin, make sure you spawn with a Knife and an Aether Shroud field upgrade in your loadout. This will help you earn points a lot faster. If you don't know already, you can kill zombies instantly using the knife up to round 12-13. After round 12-13, you must have a weapon. But we won't go up to that round with the knife. Stay at the spawn and keep killing zombies with the knife up to round 6 and then continue.

    Try to be careful when knifing the zombies. You might pick up the nuke power-up, and it will kill all the zombies, not only advancing the round but also robbing you of making more points by killing zombies. Each melee kill awards you 115 points.

  • You do not have to buy the Jugger-Nog perk and waste your points. You can get it for free by doing the coffin dance meme easter egg. Feel free to check out our full guide on how to do that.
  • Once you've unlocked the first elemental upgrade for your wonder weapon, DO NOT put the ammo on. If you have some other ammo type on your wonder weapon, the electrical upgrade step seems to get bugged, and you cannot discharge the energy from the yellow crystals into the ammo box.
  • Always leave at least 2-3 zombies at the end when performing the easter egg or running around. If you leave any less they will die automatically on their own after some time, and the next round will start.
  • During the boss fight, Megaton Orlov won't get any damage from the swarming zombies IF you are playing solo. This means you can focus solely on your own survival. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't save Megaton Orlov, always make sure he is clear of all zombies for him to progress through.
  • Remember, always check for the "star" icon on your mini-map to know the location of your portals.
  • For the tree spore step, it is not necessary to have the Megaton blast you with the radioactive beam. You can still trigger the spores even after the Megaton splits into Megaton Blasters.
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  1. I found that if you let a dog get sucked up by the Shockwave in the beginning that it goes way faster. Have to try it again to confirm

    1. Hi! The plaguehounds do not spawn because of placing the canister actually. You must wait for round 6 for the plaguehounds to spawn and then kill them near the suction unit for the gas to be sucked into the unit. Later, you can place the empty canister for the gas to be filled into the canister.

    2. Great tips, Hassan. I was unaware of the zombies dying (so to speak) on their own if they were fewer than 3. I think a couple of them died on me once.