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How To Do The Antenna / Satellite Easter Egg in Die Maschine

Just like any other easter egg in Die Maschine, the Satellite or 'Antenna' easter egg not only rewards you handsomely in points, but also gives a little backstory about the main Dark Aether zombies story. Well, you don't just get the story, you have to solve a cipher for it (more on it below)!

There are three satellite towers outside the map. When you shoot them with a weapon that has the dead wire ammo mod on it, the satellite dishes rotate. You must shoot all three until they face Nacht Der Untoten.

Below, we show you all the steps you must follow to complete this easter egg. Feel free to check our video guide as well.

Video Guide

Dead Wire Ammo Mod

First, you should have a weapon with a good scope that can easily pick up targets at relatively long distances. This is because some satellite dishes are quite far off in the distance, and it is difficult to hit them due to bullet drop. A sniper rifle or an AR with a 3.0x magnification would do just fine.

Take your weapon to the particle accelerator and then apply the dead wire mod ammo mod it. It will cost you exactly 2,000 points to do so.

Once you've applied the dead wire ammo mod, we can move to the next step of shooting the satellite dishes.

Satellite 1

The first satellite dish can be found at spawn. Look at 50-53 on your horizontal compass, and you will see a satellite dish tower. Shoot the dish at the top, and it will rotate.

Shoot this satellite dish twice, and it will face Nacht. You will know that the satellite dish is in the correct position as it will show a quick blue spark.

Satellite 2

The second satellite dish can be seen from the crashed plane site. Stand under or above the crashed plane's wing and look at 337-340 on your compass to find the second satellite dish tower. Shoot it three times.

Satellite 3

The third and final satellite dish is seen across Quick Revive in the pond area. Stand by the Quick Revive perk machine and look at approximately 248-250 to see the tower in the woods.


After the third tower, you will notice lightning from all these satellite dishes striking a single radio antenna on top of Nacht.

Go to the top of Nacht and head to the radio antenna to get your free 1,500 points.

The radio will also transmit a set of numbers that are used to decipher a cipher called 'G Cipher', which you can collect as an Intel through your gameplay.

The G Cipher was solved by u/RichKiller on Reddit. The deciphered translation is as follows:

Attention K
P confirms viability of deployment. Opportunity identified in previous communique.
Selected site is approved for trial run of Operatsiya inversiya.
The nature of warfare is about to transform. Any mission, anytime, anyplace.


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  1. The code that is transmitted is 3458345825. Google that number and it comes up with a book on eBay. In German it’s Schmetterlinge Meaning butterfly.

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