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The game-ending nuke is back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Mass Guided Bombs)

The previously long-standing tradition of nukes in Call of Duty's multiplayer mode has been a staple feature not found in the previous few games, or at least not in a conventional way.

With the global launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, fans have been jumping on the grind to race for the Mastery Camos. But, not only are they excited for the new camos, but also the return of the traditional nuke.

For those unfamiliar, a nuke is a secret killstreak only possible once you've eliminated 30 players without dying. This is a very tough feat to accomplish, especially when you're matched against players with the same skill level as yours (thanks to SBMM).

The previous few games had an iteration of the nuke, but one of the signature outcomes of the nuke was that the player who achieved this would be able to end the game by using it. Not only that, but the team that the player belongs to will automatically win the game, regardless of their score.


The game-ending feature was not found in the previous few games, which made getting high kill streaks not worth it in the eyes of some of the players. Thankfully, the traditional nuke is back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and yes, it ends the game by giving the player's team a win. All they need is 30 kills without dying.

The nuke in Modern Warfare 2 is called Mass Guided Bomb (MGB) and rains a barrage of over a dozen missiles all over the map, engulfing everything and anything in its scorching fire. But remember, getting to 30 kills without dying is a very difficult feat, especially in the newer games where you're loadout and choice of weapon would matter a lot.

Some things you must focus on include getting a mobile weapon, such as an SMG, and perks that allow you to stay off the radar. You also might need the munitions box field upgrade to stock up on ammo whenever you run out of it, which you will.

If you go for the camping or the newly given term Sentinel route, you can opt for the munitions box field upgrade. If you're going for a run-and-gun approach, having a Scavenger perk is useful, as you can replenish your ammo by running over the dead bodies of the eliminated enemy players.

Whatever approach you choose, you must know the map's layout and the enemies' spawns. Remember, unlike the classic days of Call of Duty, your killstreaks do not count toward your kills. You must get all the kills by either using your weapon or equipment.

Today is just the first day after release, and players are already getting the MGB. Here's a Twitter video of a user who got the first-ever nuke on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


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