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The One-shot Crossbow Setup in Season 4 is Turning Heads

The Crossbow has been around for as long as we can remember, but it was never truly practical in Warzone due to the lack of damage and overall speed functionality. However, after the Season 4 buffs, the weapon has gained some serious traction.

Modern Warfare's Crossbow received a major buff that has increased its bullet velocity to 27%. This has made the weapon viable in combat. However, don't get it twisted, the weapon is certainly not everyone's cup of tea due to the difficulty curve of using it.

Using a crossbow truly tests your skills as it is slow and requires precision. If you can master the crossbow and its aiming, you can definitely dominate a lobby. However, this would also require you to be good with your movement.

Recently, a Reddit user named u/theGivvyOfficial shared a clip of him using the newly buffed crossbow in Warzone. The clips show him taking on multiple enemies with a crossbow and downing them with just a single shot. This is because the first hit takes out the armor, followed by a critical explosion that downs them instantly.


Still not convinced the Crossbow is Meta? from CODWarzone

The crossbow might not be used by a large number of players due to how difficult it is to use. But, as mentioned before, if you can master it, you can get some incredibly angry reactions from other players (evident from the clip shared by theGavvyOfficial).

The crossbow can be a deadly weapon in the lobbies, given you have the right attachments on it. The following attachments:

  • Cable: 16-Strand or 20-Strand Cable
  • Arms: XRK Thunder 200 Lb
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Bolt: FTAC Fury 20” Bolts
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

The FTAC Fury 20" Bolts are the source of the explosive damage. Now, will this replace the current meta of the game? I highly doubt that. Most players will find using this weapon difficult as you need to be highly accurate with it. Missing a shot near an enemy would mean certain death for you as the reload on the crossbow is painfully slow.

Go ahead and try the above setup and see how well you can do with it, possibly before they eventually nerf the damage.


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