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The 'Rebirth Island' Teased in Black Ops Cold War Season One Roadmap

Treyarch recently unveiled the roadmap for the first season of Warzone in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, showcasing some of the new content that will be available throughout the new season, along with how the new unified progression system will work.

One interesting part of the roadmap is the 'Classified Warzone Experience' that indicates the integration of Warzone with Black Ops Cold War and progress unification across all three games: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War.

Something exciting to see in this section is the word 'Island.' This indicates that the new Warzone map will feature an island. It appears that the new Warzone map is going to be updated with small maps added in gradually, as we progress through the future seasons.


Coming back to the word 'Island.' This is an important word because it hints that a new island might be getting added to Verdansk... and not just any island but the infamous Alcatraz Prison Island. If you look at the word 'Island' closely, you will notice the that the redacted word before the word ends with the letters "...eniya"

That redacted word could be "vozrozhdeniya" which is Russian for the word 'Rebirth' when written as 'Rebirth Island.' Veteran COD and zombies' fans, in particular, would know that 'Rebirth Island' is a reference to Alcatraz Prison Island.

Alcatraz Prison was first seen in Mob of the Dead zombies' map, later converted into a Blackout Battle Royale map for Black Ops 4. The map was also featured in COD: Mobile Battle Royale.

Alcatraz Prison Cell as seen in Mob of the Dead Zombies Map

And now a little more history for those who are completely new to the existence of Alcatraz.

Alcatraz, or Rebirth Island, was a bio-weapons testing site during the 20th century. The scientists at the site studied and even manufactured lethal diseases. Players visit the same island in Black Ops 1 during a mission called 'Rebirth.' And instead of traditional diseases, scientists in the game were developing a lethal bio-weapon called Nova 6 gas.

Data miners also leaked a lot of content months before the release of this roadmap. It indicated that the new map could be Alcatraz. The data miners found files that were named along the lines of Warden, Cell, Dock, Beach, etc, that all indicated the Alcatraz Prison Island setting.

We will know everything about the new map once the Warzone integration between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War is in place on December 10, 2020.

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