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Treyarch just confirmed that it has "big plans" for Call of Duty Zombies

Is the rumored free-to-play Zombies project by Treyarch finally happening? We don't know. But, Treyarch did just confirm that it's expanding and working on the next Zombies game.

After 2008's World at War, every Treyarch-led Call of Duty title has had a Zombies mode.

According to Kevin Drew, who is the Associate Director at Treyarch, the Call of Duty studio is already expanding so that it can realize its "big plans" for the Zombies experience. Drew also encouraged anyone interested to sign up for the dozens of open positions at Treyarch.

Treyarch's Zombie experiment last year outside of its Call of Duty game was a disaster. After generating hype for bringing the Zombies mode to the first non-Treyarch Call of Duty game with Call of Duty: Vanguard, the studio left fans disappointed. It's only natural for Treyarch to want to redeem itself after last year's failure. Coincidentally, Drew did not refer to its next project as a Call of Duty game. This would imply the truth behind the grapevine talk that Treyarch is working on a standalone Zombie game.


Treyarch deserves to have a shot at a free-to-play standalone Zombies experience.

Having said that, one thing we're sure of is that Treyarch will stop at nothing to make sure that its next Zombies game is as good as can be.

Treyarch has a solid reputation for delivering quality products. For all its flaws, the Zombies feature for last year's Call of Duty: Vanguard had its merits. With at least one year or more to work on its next undead-centric project, Treyarch has time, money, and resources on its side. We're confident that the fan-favorite co-op shenanigans will continue to bring players in droves with Treyarch at the helm.

In the meantime, Call of Duty fans can look forward to Infinity Ward's official gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on June 8.

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