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Ultimate Outbreak Zombies Tips & Tricks Guide (Cold War Zombies)

Buy Perks In Correct Order

You should buy perks in a specific order so that if you go down, you lose the perks you don't feel are super valuable or helpful. You always lose the perks that you buy last first, and then it goes back from there.

It is highly recommended that you always buy the important perks first, such as the Jugger-Nog perk, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola, and Quick Revive. If you're a console player, then Deadshot Daquiri as well since it helps lock onto the head easily. The rest of the perks, such as the Elemental Pop and Tombstone Soda, aren't as important as the previously mentioned perks.


Let's say you bought the perks in the following order: Jugger-Nog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola, Elemental Pop, and Tombstone Soda. If you go down, you will first lose Tombstone Soda, then Elemental Pop, and then the Speed Cola perk. So, be careful when buying your perks and be smart about it, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Zombies & Their Ammo Mod Weaknesses

It is also worth knowing what ammo mods are effective against what zombie as it can make a huge difference in the time it takes to kill them. The following table shows you the list of zombies and what ammo mods are effective against them.

Zombies Ammo Mods
Megaton Dead Wire
Mangler Napalm Burst
Mimic Brain Rot
Krasny Soldat Shatter Blast
Tempest Brain Rot
Plague Hound Napalm Burst
Hell Hound Cryofreeze

But which ammo mod is the best overall? The best ammo mod to use is Dead Wire, especially when upgraded to tier V. Dead Wire wasn't as effective or useful before the release of Outbreak and two extra tiers of upgrades. When you upgrade the ammo mod to tier V, it becomes exceedingly powerful and can one-hit kill the zombies even above round 50.

The fifth tier is a game-changer as it helps spread the electricity from the Dead Wire mod to the surrounding zombies, stunning them and ultimately killing them. This is useful when taking out a horde of zombies. You can train several zombies and then time your shots to stun one zombie that, in return, will spread the electricity to the rest of the zombies in the horde, killing them all.

Dead Wire also comes in handy when dealing with Tempest in the Outbreak mode. Tempest is a fast mini-boss and always teleports after getting hit a couple of times. You can take them out fairly quickly at lower difficulty levels, but it takes quite a beating before finally going down at higher rounds.

When incurring major damage, Tempest keeps teleporting, but with a fully upgraded Dead Wire mod you have a good chance to stun them, keeping them in place. This is possible thanks to the tier IV Dead Wire mod upgrade that allows you to stun special enemies (elite zombies or mini-bosses).

Transferring Canisters Effectively

This is an objective-specific tip that can help you a bunch when transferring canisters. During the 'Retrieve' primary objective, you are tasked with retrieving two Aetherium harvesting canisters. You must carry them manually to a set of rockets and install them so they can be flown away from the site. When you carry these canisters, you move slower than usual and can't use any of your weapons or equipment.

You can do two things to make canister carrying easier for yourself - using vehicles or using the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade.

  • Vehicles: Yes, you can carry the canister and then hop on a vehicle to bring it back to the rockets. However, due to the sheer amount of energy produced from the canisters, vehicle health gradually decreases. It would be best if you had a vehicle nearby before carrying the canister.

    On top of the gradually decreasing vehicle health, when you are carrying canisters, many regular and elite zombies spawn, including Tempest. You need to absolutely avoid Tempest when using a vehicle as one hit from them will cause your vehicle to stall due to an EMP attack.

    It is best to ensure there are two vehicles nearby, one for each canister, as by the time you reach the rockets carrying one canister, the health of the vehicle would be below 50%.

  • Aether Shroud: The Aether Shroud Field Upgrade is beneficial when carrying the crystals, especially when it is upgraded to Tier IV and V. Upgrading to at least Tier IV allows you to move much faster when shrouded and upgrading to Tier V allows you to hold a maximum of 2 Aether Shroud charges.

    You need to activate Aether Shroud before picking up the canister. Otherwise, you won't be able to activate it when you've picked up the canister as you get a limited-time field upgrade from the canister itself that creates an "aether" explosion killing all the zombies around you.

    With the Aether Shroud activated, the zombies will ignore you for a limited time period allowing you to move freely. Thanks to the Tier IV upgrade, you can move faster, as carrying the canister slows you down. The Aether Shroud Field Upgrade also comes in handy when you are inserting the canister into the rocket. You should insert it while you're shrouded, as no zombies can attack you while doing so.

Unlimited Death Machine Ammo

Everyone knows that the Chopper Gunner has been one of the best Scorestreaks in Zombies, and while it is still among the best, the benefits have diminished in Outbreak. There are several reasons for that; the Chopper Gunner is not applicable when activated during primary objectives such as 'Holdout'; even during the Specimen Analyzer primary objective when the analyzer is inside the building, such as the Church in the Golova region or the lodge/cabin in the Ruka region.

This renders Chopper Gunner less than ideal. Another issue with the Chopper Gunner Scorestreak is that there are many buildings in each region. Whenever you activate the Scorestreak, the zombies take shelter in these buildings, making it a bit of a waste.

Yes, one may argue that you can use a Cymbal Monkey to attract them to a single location and activate the Scorestreak, but that is only applicable at lower difficulty levels. As you progress through the rounds and reach higher difficulty levels, the zombies become "super sprinters." The amount of time it takes for you to charge up the Cymbal Monkey and throw is too slow for it to be practical at higher rounds.

The best new Scorestreak perfect for the Outbreak mode is Death Machine. This Scorestreak absolutely annihilates zombies, and the best part about it is that you don't have to get that "aerial view" when using it. You can simply switch between your Scorestreak and regular weapons to save Death Machine ammo for whenever you need to use it next. You can use this Scorestreak outdoors and indoors alike. You have no restrictions except the limited ammo (400 rounds).

You can also buy this Scorestreak from the crafting table for 100 High-Grade Salvage.

Now we come to the main point, which is the unlimited Death Machine ammo - to get unlimited Death Machine ammo, you must have at least 1 shot left.

If you use it all, you will lose the Scorestreak and will need to repurchase it. When you have 1 ammo left, you can warp to the next region, and you will notice that your ammo has been replenished back to 400 rounds.

You can do this as many times as you want. All you need to do is ensure you have at least 1 ammo and warp to the next region.

Switch Field Upgrades

If you didn't already know, you can switch out your field upgrades mid-game. You can set up different load-outs with different field upgrades and switch to the loadout to change your field upgrade only. Your weapon won't change.

Note that once you change your loadout, the swapped field upgrade won't be charged and will start at 0. You'll need to kill zombies to charge it back up as you normally would. Check your equipped field upgrade's charge before swapping. If it is already full, utilize it before switching or it'll go to waste.

This comes in handy when you are going for certain objectives. For instance, if you didn't have the Aether Shroud field upgrade before starting the 'Retrieve' objective, you can switch to it before starting - we've outlined its importance further up. So, switch your field upgrades wisely depending on what primary objective you're working on.

Rule of thumb, Aether Shroud is good for primary objectives such as 'Retrieve' and 'Holdout.' In our opinion, Aether Shroud is the best Field Upgrade considering how difficult the 'Holdout' objective can get, let alone the overall gameplay at higher difficulty level.

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