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Ultimate Outbreak Zombies Tips & Tricks Guide (Cold War Zombies)

Use Self-Revive To Your Advantage

Self-Revive is certainly there to save your life, but it can be even more beneficial when you are doing the 'Holdout' primary objective. The 'Holdout' objective is a time-based objective where you survive until the timer has run out. If you have a Self-Revive kit, you will be downed.


If you have a minute or so left on the timer, you can go down by timing it correctly and wait until the timer runs out. As soon as the timer touches 0:00 seconds, you will automatically be revived. This is highly useful at later rounds when you want to pass the remaining few seconds, as when you're downed, the zombies do not attack you.

If you have the Tombstone Soda Perk upgraded to Tier II, then the downed duration increases to 60 seconds. That is a whole minute, and you can definitely pass that time if you have 50-60 seconds left on the timer. If your tombstone soda perk is not upgraded to Tier II, your downed duration is 30 seconds only, so make sure you know the time and go down accordingly.

Remember, you do not have to revive yourself. You can save your Self-Revive kit when you absolutely need it in other critical scenarios. Either save your Self-Revive Kit or buy it from the crafting table for a whopping 250 High-Grade Salvage.

Jump On Objects

Here's another 'Holdout' objective tip which many of the players are not aware of. You must always be prepared for this particular objective as you get to higher difficulty levels. The confined spaces in these objectives make it very difficult to counter the hordes of zombies and elite zombies at later rounds.

You must take advantage of everything at your disposal to ensure you survive during the holdout and pass the timer no matter what. During the holdout objectives, you can mantle over or jump on objects to gain elevation where zombies cannot hit you.

Although, it doesn't last for long as the zombies start throwing their meat towards you. And, if there are a lot of zombies, the meat thrown at you from multiple of them at a time can cause some serious damage!

This is a good tip as it can help you quickly jump over an object that makes the zombies stop attacking you for about 7-8 seconds before they finally start throwing their meat at you. It's a good quick breather when surviving at higher rounds.

Here are some of the locations during the holdout objectives where you can jump on elevated objects.

  • Ruka: You can open the door upstairs and climb it to avoid getting attacked by the zombies, but briefly.

  • Golova: The Golova holdout location is the most difficult one out of all three regions, especially on higher rounds. It is best to know that you can climb the cabinet and wardrobe/shelf located inside the rooms at either end of the house you get stuck in.

    You must go to the side of the cabinet and jump on it to mantle up. You cannot climb it head-on from the front end.

  • Alpine: The Bathhouse location in the Alpine region is the easiest as you can run in circles around the Bathhouse and eliminate the zombies. You can still climb the shelves resting by the supporting pillars. First, jump on the nearest bathtub, then face towards the shelf, and jump over it. You will mantle right on it.

Free Points (Aetherial Orbs)

A mini side-easter egg rewards you with many points early in the game without fighting any zombies. This is done by finding the Aethereal Orbs that spawn in a set number of locations in each region. The Aethereal Orb only spawns in one of the spawn locations in each region, and the order of spawn is completely random.

The Aethereal Orbs are not indicated on the map until or unless you are in the vicinity of the orb. You must be near the orb for it to pop up on your mini-map. When you continuously shoot the orb, it drops a lot of essence (points) and eventually starts flying away to another location.

You must follow it until it stops at another location and shoot it again to drop more points. After the second time, the orb once again flies away to the third and final location, where it explodes and disappears, leaving behind valuable loot such as points, Scorestreaks, and high-tier weapons.

Feel free to check out our full guide on where to find these Aethereal Orbs in all the regions.

Mimic Loot Chest

It is never a pretty sight whenever you approach a large loot chest, and it transforms into a Mimic, giving you a haunting scare. You can avoid that very easily though - it is possible to differentiate between a Mimic disguised as a loot chest and a genuine loot chest using your 'Ping' feature.

When you ping a genuine loot chest, it will be marked on the screen as a loot chest.

But, if you try to mark a loot chest that is, in fact, a Mimic, it will not get marked. This is how you can differentiate between a Mimic and a real loot chest.

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