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Unlimited "Scan & Repair" Fix For Battle.Net Launcher (Vanguard, Warzone & Black Ops Cold War)

The infinite loop of "Scan & Repair" is one of the most common issues that players face with their Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard games when launching via the Battle.Net launcher. Now it has once again returned for Vanguard players right after the game's launch.

You have probably come across a random game crash with the following "Fatal Error" message.

You would have pressed the "Scan and Repair" option from this Fatal Error (like any normal person would do), which leads to an unlimited loop of "Scan & Repair" in your Battle.Net launcher, not allowing you to enter the game. You then might be shown yet another error with the code BLZBNTAG00000BB8 (the code might differ slightly depending on which game it is happening for you).

Normally, you would press the "Scan & Repair" option by clicking on the gear icon next to your launcher's "Play" button. But, at this point, even it won't work.

Blizzard Customer Support suggests deleting the .IDX files in the data folder of your game directory. However, you've likely arrived here because that solution doesn't always work.

The easiest, yet most unpopular, method to solve the "Scan & Repair" loop is to simply re-install the game. However, installing 200+ GB of game files is not something anyone wants to do if it can be at all avoided. In this guide, we show you exactly how to fix the problem without re-installing your game. In the guide we do it for Black Ops Cold War as an example, but the method also works for Warzone, Vanguard and other Blizzard games associated with the Battle.Net launcher.

  • Step 1: First, go to your game directory. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the gear icon next to your 'Play' button and selecting the 'Show in Explorer' option. It will directly open up the game directory. Note that you will be one folder outside the main directory. Click on the folder with the same name as your game you're trying to fix.

  • Step 2: Delete all the files in the directory except the 'Data' folder. Don't worry, you won't have to install the complete game again as we are keeping the 'Data' folder to avoid re-installing the complete game. Select everything except the 'Data' folder and delete.

  • Step 3: Next, you must delete all the .idx extension files from the 'data' directory. Open the 'Data' folder and inside you will find another 'data' folder with a lower-case 'd.'

    Sort the files by pressing the 'Type' column, and the .idx files will come on top. Delete all the .idx files that you see in this 'data' folder.

    You can also search for ".idx" using the search bar at the top right corner of your windows explorer. It will show you all the .idx files that you need to delete.

  • Step 4: Once again go to the 'data' folder inside the parent 'Data' folder and sort the files in ascending order. This way, the files will be sorted from smallest to largest size files. Then, delete everything that is smaller than 2 MB. Do not delete anything above 2 MB.

  • Step 5: Restart your Battle.Net launcher, and your game should automatically start scanning and repairing. This time, it will not stop in the middle and won't show any error messages. It will go on to complete, and you will be able to see the "Play" button instead of the "Scan & Repair" button.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and let us know if this solution worked for you or not!


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  1. You’re an actual legend for this!!! Thank you!! I tried countless youtube tutorials but none of them seemed to work. Your solution worked for me

  2. I did this and it worked thankfully, so I thank you for that.... but now I'm downloading 100GB of "files" it says... must've deleted some wrong files maybe?? Really don't think I did though, fairly easy step-by-step process.

    1. Hi Charizzma! That's odd because I downloaded only 150-200 MB worth of data after doing this step which is pretty much all the files we deleted. If you keep the parent 'Data' folder, you shouldn't have to go through such a huge download.

  3. Hi thank you.... It worked. Amazing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Thank you so much! I've been trying to find a fix for this issue for 2 hours now and this worked like a charm! You are awesome for this. You're cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  5. I’m surprised they don’t use this as the actual guide in how to fix this glitch. Spent and hour trying to fix it before finding you. After one try at following your instructions it was instantly fixed. Thank you so much

  6. Hello friend, i have tried your solution in my battlenet, but the issues i am facing is that a 200 mb warzon update is stuck on remaining 240kb, the internet speed is still active not stuck but nothing is happening, and now it's stuck on scanning, everytime i open it it runs scanning automatically and does not stop

  7. Hello again, i commented before but i don't know is my comment got posted, so basically the method of scanning of repair worked perfectly, but the error BLZBNTAGT00000BBD is still here, it's a remaining around 262kb of an update, that are not downloading, i did every solution suggested by the internet and still stuck here, please if any possible solution available tell me about it. Thank you

    1. Hi Jean!

      I'm glad the scanning and repair issue is fixed for you. And, sorry to hear that you're experiencing the update issue. Here's a suggestion that might fix it for you. Try changing your region from the main launcher. Sign out, then change the region, and then sign back in. Also, change the region from the option located by the 'Play' button.

      Hopefully, this will fix the issue. You can change your region back to your original region once the game finishes downloading/updating. Good luck!

  8. this worked great for me, thank you so much for this. Wish there was a donation button because i would definitely donate

    1. Hi Spencer!

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. Super happy to hear that the fix worked perfectly for you!

  9. It really works!! Thank you very much bro! Finally the only method that can solve my problem after trying others so far πŸ™‚

  10. Just done this for warzone and your a bloody hero Honestly saved me countless hours of trying to fix this without completely reinstalling the game

    Top marks 🌟

  11. Is this only to fix the scan and repair loop so the game can be played or does it also fix the random crashing issues?

  12. Mine is just in an infinite scan loop after doing this where it finishes the scan then starts another one

  13. did this and it just happened again, shortly after no fix. I'm looking for a fix not a band-aid

    1. Hi Thomas!

      That is weird. Sorry to hear that. In our experience, we've never had this issue.

  14. I’ve deleted all but the data then the idx and anything smaller than 2MB but I’m still in an infinite loop, where it gets stuck at 99% with 1.10MB left and nothing with happen it won’t budge. Left it on for days and still nothing

  15. Not good advice. I did all the steps, including deleting all files in the data folder under 2MB as per your instructions. I am now "updating" by downloading 2GB, which is probably the whole game.

  16. dude this really worked, no frills perfect fix. took maybe 10 min in total from start of deleting to finished updating and launching outbreak. seriously only guaranteed fix used on patch v1.15.9...

  17. You are a god. How did you figure this out. It worked for me.
    Initially I did the scan and repair for the first time as I kept getting memory error 19-181 in warzone and I read online that you need to do scan a repair battle net. Does this fix the memory error?

    1. Hi Phuong!

      Happy to help. And regarding your memory issue, I've never really had that issue so I cannot comment on that. But, doing a scan and repair usually fixes some of the common issues. It might be worth a try!

  18. Currently doing it, I assume it will work as everyone else said. Thanks! Just thought I'd mention you could pretty much skip a step by first just sorting by size and deleting everything under 2 mb. That will get all the .idx files along with all the data files under 2 mb.

  19. This was the solution I needed to find. My shaders wouldn't compile for season 5. I tried scan and repair and ended up in a loop. Thank you.

  20. Worked like a charm! I wish I read this first, I had to jump through a few more hoops bc I took an extra step down the wrong road. Thanks!

  21. Got frustrated with all the YT tutorials that didn't work. This is the only tutorial that helped me! Thanks a bunch! Appreciate it.

  22. I followed your steps to the letter and still every time the game starts it goes to the initial splash screen, then goes black, and then the "Scan and Repair" comes up. At this point, doing a full uninstall and re-install.

    1. Hi Steve!

      Sorry to hear about the solution not working for you. I'm not sure what could be the reason. It's probable that the recent new updates and rendered this solution useless for some?

      I say some because it is still working for some people.

  23. DAMNIT i was hoping this works, it managed to get out of the scan & repair loop, but when it loads the first screen it still says Diver Error, there must be someting esle i have to delete and update?

  24. I do not think that I did anything wrong. However, I am stuck on an infinite loop of scanning files on Cold War. Any thoughts?

  25. Been trying to end this death loop for about 12 hours, seeing how other people have had this method work ill give it a try (I just started)

  26. Thank you seems to be working now. I literally updated everything. All my drivers my bios and my operating system. Nothing worked until I came across this. #lifesaver

  27. Hassan Sajid you are the man. I was in that infinite loop of "Scan & Repair" last night after playing a few rounds of Warzone. Thank you for that fix. It worked perfectly.

  28. Dear god man… you’re a lifesaver! Just last night, I was dumb and decided to manually β€œscan and fix” because Cold War was lagging and acting very weird in public zombies matches last night and got stuck in the infinite loop and did your fix and it worked! I now know not to touch that β€œscan and fix” option ever again… πŸ˜…

  29. I did everything perfectly, but for some reason when I open up again it goes straight to scan and repair, doesn't even let me decide whether or not, then it doesn't go past 12 or 13% and it just keeps resetting to 1% every time. I'm honestly considering just emailing the company and getting a refund at this point.

  30. hi,It did not work for me
    I looked inside the files and saw that there was no data.164 file
    How can I find this file?

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