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Vanguard Season 4 Zombies will bring back iconic weapon and Shi No Numa

Activision confirmed on June 16 that Season 4 of Call of Duty: Vanguard is coming on June 22. In addition to bringing an update to Warzone and Vanguard, the developers are finally adding new content to Zombies after skipping it entirely in Season 3.

If anything, we're surprised it took Activision this long to bring Shi No Numa to Vanguard Zombies.

With Season 4 starting, let's run through everything that's coming to Vanguard Zombies in Season 4.

First off, Shi No Numa is coming back. The iconic map is a Call of Duty Zombies staple, first being added into the game in 2008's World at War. Since then, it's been a huge part of the Zombies experience, which is why its arrival is such a big deal. Those who've been playing Zombies for a long time will love seeing stuff like the Flogger, zipline, as well as the Electro-Shock Defenses.

Aside from the classic round-based map, Vanguard Zombies is getting the following content in Season 4:


  • A Main Quest Easter Egg and a new Wonder Weapon.
  • The devs are describing the new experience as a "journey on a multi-step quest culminating in a devastating battle." It all sounds very grandiose and players who complete the quest will get a unique Calling Card.
  • Vanguard Zombies Season 4 will also introduce new side quests.
All things considered, Vanguard Zombies haven't been Treyarch's best outing.

Now that we're on the topic of Call of Duty, June was huge for Activision Blizzard's marquee franchise. For one, Infinity Ward just dropped the first official trailer for Modern Warfare 2 and it has fans wishing that it's October already. Also, since Modern Warfare 2 won't have a Zombies experience, Vanguard might be the last chance fans will get to play one for a while. Or, at least, until Treyarch is ready to reveal whatever "big plans" it has for Zombies.

Finally, Activision just talked big about how Ricochet is working well against cheaters in Vanguard and Warzone so far.


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