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Verdansk Has Officially Been Nuked In Call Of Duty: Warzone

It's finally happened - officially, that is. Verdansk, the location which has served as the home of the massively popular free-to-play battle royale spinoff Call of Duty: Warzone has been hit by a nuclear strike. We knew this was coming, but now more details about how the on-going event will unfold in the first half of Season 3 leading up to the map update.

In the leadup to the major event, the zombie infection had spread throughout the entire map. Initially concentrated around the wreckage of the Vodianoy cargo ship, the undead spread throughout Verdansk over the course of the last season. Frequent intel drops from Activision painted an increasingly desperate picture, and after last week's 100% contamination reveal, drastic measures were inevitable.

With the nuke silos being one of the main map changes last time around, it was easy to guess where all of this was heading - especially after a bug caused the nukes to launch early, just not explode. Now, as part of the new The Destruction of Verdansk Part I playlist, you can experience the first stretch of this event for yourself.

Players who take part in the event will be treated to a short video depicting the launch and impact of one of the nuclear warheads, leveling most of the current playable map and purging the zombie infection. Participation also earns you a unique calling card that won't be available ever again. If you are keen on witnessing this landmark event in the history and earning visual bragging rights, make sure to jump in on the playlist 5 PM ET on April 21, because it won't be available after - presumably replaced by Part II.

Despite Call of Duty: Warzone being leakier than the Vodianoy, this event still holds some surprises - for example, we have no clue what awaits in Part II, and how many parts there will be overall. The assumption was that the nukes would be launched, devastating Verdansk completely, and then the game would switch to the new map that's allegedly an 80's style version of the same location to bring Warzone into the same timeline as Black Ops Cold War.

However, seeing as Verdansk was nuked but there is more awaiting us in Part II, the plot may be thicker. Apparently there are emergency transmissions coming from Rebirth Island trying to determine what happened in Verdansk, which is strange considering the nuclear strike was assumed to be a planned containment procedure by Armistice. Keep an eye out for our up to date coverage of any breaking news regarding the The Destruction of Verdansk Event in Call of Duty Warzone!


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Aron Gerencser
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