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Warzone And Black Ops Cold War 80's Action Heroes Event Details & Rewards

Jump into Warzone and Black Ops Cold War to partake in a brand new '80s themed limited-time event that lets you earn exclusive rewards by completing challenges in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 3 reloaded.

Zombies players can also rejoice as Black Ops Cold War challenges also have alternative challenges specifically designed for the Zombies' players. They do not have to jump into the Multiplayer to complete the challenges if they don't want to. This was a long-awaited feature that is now implemented in the game for pretty much all the future challenges that also include unlocking new DLC weapons.

This limited-time event also comes with two new Operators - Rambo and John McClane. This guide list down all the challenges and the respective rewards associated with each Warzone and Black Ops Cold War challenge.

Black Ops Cold War Challenges & Rewards

The following are the challenges and respective rewards. These challenges can be completed in both regular multiplayer and zombies mode. Zombies mode has an alternative version of the challenge.

Challenge #1 - Welcome To The Party Pal

  • Complete 7 matches in Multiplayer or Zombies '80s Action Heroes playlists (reach Round 5 in Zombies to count).
  • Reward: Glamour Shot (Rare Calling Card)

Challenge #2 - Do We Get To Win This Time?

  • In an '80s Action Heroes playlist, win Multiplayer matches or survive until Round 15 in Zombies a total of 3 times.
  • Reward: Robot Tank (Epic Arcade Game)

Challenge #3 - No Sequel For You

  • In an '80s Action Heroes playlist, get a total of 100 Eliminations in Multiplayer or Slaughter Medals in Zombies.
  • Reward: Apex Gator (Epic Watch)

Challenge #4 - How Do You Like Your Ribs?

  • In Multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Have a Blast! Medals by getting kills with explosives.
  • Reward: Shoulder Fire (Rare Sticker)

Challenge #5 - A War You Won't Believe

  • In Multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Become War Medals while using automatic weapons.
  • Reward: Blasting Heat (Epic Calling Card)

Challenge #6 - Your Worst Nightmare

  • In Multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Light Em Up Medals while using the Death Machine.
  • Reward: Summer Palm (Epic Charm)

Challenge #7 - My Hunting Knife

  • In Multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 This is Personal Medals while suing Melee Weapons.
  • Reward: Head Hero (Rare Sticker)

Challenge #8 - Ain't Got Time To Bleed

  • Get 3 kills without dying in Multiplayer or earn Jackrabbit Medals in Zombies a total of 10 times.
  • Reward: Purple Fury (Rare Emblem)

Challenge #9 - Stick Around

  • In Multiplayer or Zombies, earn 10 Chopped up medals while using the Tomahawk.
  • Reward: Steve (Epic Charm)

Final Reward

Upon successfully completing all nine Black Ops Cold War challenges, you will be rewarded with an Epic DMR-14 blueprint called the 'Flamebearer.'


Warzone Challenges & Rewards

The following are the Warzone challenges and respective rewards. You can complete them in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.

Challenge #1 - They Drew First Blood

  • In Warzone, earn First Blood by being the first member of your squad to get a kill.
  • Reward: Comic Savior (Epic Calling Card)

Challenge #2 - Yippee Ki Yay

  • In Warzone, get 15 kills with Explosive weapons or Lethal Equipment.
  • Reward: Bomb! (Rare Charm)

Challenge #3 - No Tags Left Behind

  • In Warzone Power Grab, collect 50 dog tags.
  • Reward: Cosmic Traveler (Epic Emblem)

Challenge #4 - Get To The Choppa!

  • In Warzone Power Grab, reach the final circle 5 times.
  • Reward: Proper Grip (Rare Sticker)

Challenge #5 - Get Together, Have A Few Laughs

  • In Warzone, Eliminate 25 enemy agents during the Arms Deal Public Event.
  • Reward: Player One (Epic Calling Card)

Challenge #6 - Happy Trails

  • In Warzone, survive a jump to the ground from the top of Nakatomi Tower.
  • Reward: Blaaarrghhh (Epic Emblem)

Challenge #7 - Hostile Takeover

  • In Warzone, complete any one of the three side missions at Nakatomi Tower.
  • Reward: Pay Phone (Rare Charm)

Challenge #8 - Mission Accomplished

  • In Warzone, collect 3 Rambo POW Dog Tags.
  • Reward: Action Packed (Rare Calling Card)

Challenge #9 - The Mind Is The Best Weapon

  • In Warzone, get 3 kills with the Combat Bow Killstreak.
  • Reward: Chaotic (Rare Sticker)

Final Reward

After completing all nine Warzone challenges, you will be rewarded with an Epic Pellington blueprint called 'Ignition.'

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