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Warzone experiences an influx of hackers as we approach the final Season

Cheating is not new to the Call of Duty franchise, and we've seen it go unchecked for quite some time now. When Warzone was first released, it was filled with cheaters in at least one out of every three lobbies. It is not just the battle royale aspect of the franchise which is suffering, but also the multiplayer. Since the Modern Warfare (2019) life cycle has ended, the lobbies you enter are filled with aim botters and wallhackers.

However, with the release of Activision's new anti-cheat RICOCHET, one would expect a reduction of hackers. Unfortunately, while the anti-cheat does work, the hack developers have found a way around the anti-cheat detection system. Activision has tried numerous methods to detect and boot hackers off the game.

After the release of RICOCHET, the hacker situation has improved over time, but they are still rampant in many lobbies. It is apparent that the hackers are catching onto the RICOCHET anti-cheat must faster than we anticipated.

According to a Reddit post by u/aBipolarTree, they've seen a "massive increase in blatant cheating." They do agree that they have only seen maybe one or two hackers since RICOCHET was introduced. However, they have been running into players using aimbot for the past two days.

And the OP isn't the only person, as many players in the thread have replied agreeing with the OP. One of the comments even mentioned running into hackers for almost two weeks. One of the users also shared a video of a blatant rage hacker using aimbot in a pre-game lobby.

The influx of hackers over the last few days has players worried as Season 5 is just a few days away. Raven Software has gone through multiple ban waves, but the situation always gets out of hand a few weeks later.

Season 5 will be the final season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone before we finally close this chapter to move to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 later this year.


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Hassan Sajid

Hassan has always loved Battle Royale games, right from the start of his gaming career. Aside from utilizing his engineering background in several areas of his life (with a degree from the National University Science & Technology), he loves to use his technical knowledge and skills to contribute towards the gaming community. He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a no brainer for him. His favourite Call of Duty title is Modern Warfare 2. Hassan uses his in-game experience to create guides and videos that are aimed at helping other Warzone players become better. Hassan is also on LinkedIn.