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Warzone Field Upgrades Guide

Field Upgrades are pieces of equipment in Call of Duty: Warzone which can give you a tactical advantage.

You need to manually activate Field Upgrades in order to use them and they have a cooldown time. Some Upgrades take longer than others to recharge. Field Upgrades can be found in Supply Boxes and Loot crates. When you have a specific Field Upgrade, it will show up at the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also set Field Upgrades in your Custom Loadout and then acquire them through Loadout Drops.

You can only use one Field Upgrade in Warzone. This is also true for Modern Warfare until you reach Level 45, unlocking Field Upgrade Pro, allowing you to use two. There are a total of seven Field Upgrades available to choose from in Call of Duty Warzone, with another two that are available in Plunder mode only.

This guide will give you a rundown of all Field Upgrades.

Munitions Box

When you activate this Field Upgrade, you will deploy a box of ammo which you and your squadmates can use to refill your ammo and equipment such as grenades. Shooting the box several times will cause it to explore, so be careful while using it - and keep in mind the tactical uses, since that explosion can harm opponents too.


In order to refill a specific ammo type, equip a weapon of the desired type and then deploy the Munitions Box.

Recharge Rate: Medium

Recon Drone

You can use this Field Upgrade to pilot a table-sized, remote-controlled drone around the map. This drone can easily be steered past most obstacles, but has a limited supply of fuel and health. It can also be shot down by enemy players.

Using the Recon Drone Field Upgrade you can view enemy players, their equipment and their vehicles. Enemies appear on the drone camera as white circles and you can ping them to mark their location for your squad mates. The white dot is also visible through walls as the drone has thermal vision, which is extremely useful when it comes to detecting players in areas with a lot of buildings or trees. When you mark enemy players, you earn XP points too.

Recharge Rate: Slow

Dead Silence

The Dead Silence Field Upgrade makes your footsteps quieter for a brief period of time, allowing you to get closer to your enemies without having to worry about them discovering you. They can still hear your weapons of course.

This Field Upgrade is particularly useful in buildings if you want to ambush someone camping on the roof or in a room. The Upgrade also comes in handy if you want to perform one of the Operator Finishing Moves on your enemies.

Recharge Rate: Fast

Stopping Power Rounds

Activating this Field Upgrades grants you a magazine full of Stopping Power Rounds. These are much more powerful than your stock ammunition as they deal extra damage to your enemies and their equipment. Once you activate it, you will only get one full magazine of Stopping Power Rounds for the weapon you are carrying. So make sure you equip the weapon you want the rounds for before activating the Upgrade!

Recharge Rate: Slow

Trophy System

Trophy System is an autonomous defense system which has the capability to destroy up to three pieces of enemy projectiles as they enter its vicinity. These projectiles can be Smoke Grenade, Frag Grenades or even an RPG Missile, it can intercept all of them. The Trophy System will not work on the enemy bullets.

Recharge Rate: Fast

Deployable Cover

Upon activation of this Field Upgrade you quickly deploy a metal ballistic cover which can provide protection against enemy bullets. You can use this cover not only for your protection, but also gun recoil stability as you can mount your weapons horizontally and vertically around the cover.

Recharge Rate: Fast

EMP Drone

EMP Drones can be used to deactivate all electronic devices in a targeted area. When you activate this Field Upgrade, you get the option to choose where you want to direct the EMP Drone on your Tac Map.

Once you've selected the area, the plane will dive into that area and explode. If there was any enemy player in that area of explosion they will be dealt significant damage.

Other than that, after the explosion all enemy electronics will be disabled, which includes enemy radar and other equipment. Note that the disabling of electronics only occurs within a small radius from the point of plane explosion and is temporary.

Recharge Rate: Medium

Weapon Drop

This Field Upgrade is both powerful and random at the same time. You can use this Weapon Drop to mark a drop point for a weapon cache which will be filled with high-powered weapons that have attachments using all five slots. You can choose either a fully customized weapon from the weapon cache or add additional attachments to your currently equipped weapon. The choice is yours.

Note that the weapons and attachments you receive are always randomly generated.

Recharge Rate: Medium

Tactical Insertion (Plunder Mode Only)

You can use this Field Upgrade in order to mark a specific location for your next re-spawn. When you activate it, you will drop a lit flare at your chosen location and the next time you die, you will return to the location of the flare.

These flares can give you a tactical advantage if used wisely, however note that you cannot use Tactical Insertion in Warzone.

If an enemy player sees your flare, they can destroy it and cause you to re-spawn at a random location.

Recharge Rate: Fast

Cash Deposit Balloon (Plunder Mode Only)

This Field Upgrade allows you to deposit cash without the need to go to the Cash Deposit Site. You can find the Cash Desposit Balloon randomly in one of the supply boxes, or you can buy it from the Buy Station for $90,000 ($22,500 with the Hardline perk).

When you activate this Field Upgrade, you drop a briefcase-like object with a balloon attached to it on the ground. You can deposit your money in it and wait for the balloon to fly away. The time to deposit and the amount you can deposit is limited as you have only 18 seconds to successfully deposit your money.

You and your squad mates can both deposit the money in it.

Note that you can only deposit money in increments of $25,000 and the maximum amount that the balloon is capable of carrying is $150,000. If you wish to deposit the full amount then you need to head over to the Cash Deposit Site. However, as stated earlier, these Field Upgrades work on a cooldown mechanic. So, after calling in the Cash Deposit Balloon once, you can wait and call another one after it has recharged. The recharge rate for this Field Upgrade is very slow, giving you time to collect more cash!

Recharge Rate: Slow

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