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PC Controls Guide

Mastering the controls of Call of Duty: Warzone is key for securing victory and any skilled player will need to know their way around their operator. You wouldn't want to find yourself needing to go prone and accidentally activating your field upgrade instead, right? Depending on what platform you are playing on, the controls will be different.

On PC, Call of Duty: Warzone allows you to rebind all of your commands like any good PC game should. You can stick to tried and true FPS layouts based on WASD or ESDF movement, peppering your additional commands across keys around those, or you can go to town and completely rebind everything all over the place - not that we see much reason to do so.

The default key bindings that the game automatically operates with are as follows:

On Foot

  • Move Forward – W
  • Auto Move Forward – H
  • Move Backward – S
  • Move Left – A
  • Move Right – D
  • Use – F
  • Jump/Stand/Mantle – Space
  • Crouch/Slide – Left Ctrl
  • Prone – C
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim – Left Shift
  • Gesture/Sprays – T
  • Fire Weapon – Left Mouse Button
  • Aim Down Sight – Right Mouse Button
  • Reload – R
  • Next Weapon – 1 / Mouse Wheel Up
  • Previous – 2 / Mouse Wheel Down
  • Weapon Mount – Mouse Button 5 / Z
  • Alternate Fire – B
  • Melee/Finishing Move – Mouse Button 4 / E
  • Use Lethal Equipment – G / Middle Mouse Button
  • Use Tactical Equipment – Q
  • Night Vision Goggles – N
  • Use Field Upgrade – X
  • Mission Ability – 4
  • Use Killstreak/Munition 1 – 3
  • Use Killstreak/Munition 2 – 4
  • Use Killstreak/Munition 3 – 5
  • Use Killstreak/Munition 4 – 6
  • Use Killstreak/Munition Wheel – K
  • Use Armor Plate – 4

Ground Vehicle

  • Center Vehicle Camera – Mouse Button 4 / E
  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Backward – S
  • Turn Left – A
  • Turn Right – D
  • Lean Forward – X
  • Lean Backward – Left Shift
  • Fire – Left Mouse Button
  • Fire Missiles – G / Middle Mouse Button
  • Drift/Handbrake – Space
  • Honk – Q

Air Vehicle

  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Backward – S
  • Turn Left – A
  • Turn Right – D
  • Ascend – Space
  • Descend – C
  • Flares – Left Mouse Button

You can also use a controller on your PC. Plugging in a gamepad will automatically switch the control scheme to match the layout of the controller, provided it uses one of the two major layouts - namely, the Xbox or the PlayStation configuration.

We should point out that controllers are significantly inferior in competitive shooter games since mice allow for much more precise aim. Using a controller on PC will put you in a distadvantage against most of your opponents.


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    1. Yes, you can! Just connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB ports available on your Xbox, and it should natively recognize them in your game.

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