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Warzone Private Matches Are Here

It is official, the long-awaited private Warzone matches are here.

Infinity Ward has posted the patch notes for the upcoming 1.29 update that is scheduled to go live across all platforms at 11 PM PDT on November 9, 2020. This update is available for pre-load on PS4, but Xbox and PC users will need to wait for the update to go live in order to download it.

Easily the most exciting thing in the patch notes is of course the new private Warzone match option. That's right, you can now host private Warzone matches. The feature is in beta at launch, and includes three variants:

  • Battle Royale - Minimum 50 players required to start the game (Squad variant also available)
  • Plunder - Minimum 30 players required to start the game (Squad variant also available)
  • Mini Battle Royale - 24 players required

Thanks to the new private Warzone match hosting feature, Battle Royale mode is now surely on Call of Duty's competitive radar. It will be very interesting to see how it will all pan out in competitive Call of Duty.

In addition to the private match feature, another huge improvement within the patch concerns the game's graphics on PC. The new update offers high-resolution textures as packs that will now be downloaded while playing the game, using "On-Demand Textures Streaming". PC players can access this feature under Options, under the Graphics tab, in the Details & Textures section.

You can find full patch notes here.

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  1. Having such a large minimum player requirement is dumb. Who has 24 people willing to cooperate to get a match going at any given time? Very few. Should be put to a minimum two squads(or two players solo) to start it.

Hassan Sajid

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