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Cold War Warzone Season 2 Content & Battle Pass Tier List

The new Season 2 of Cold War Warzone is live and introduces plenty of new content to relish. The new season revolves around the jungle of Vietnam, and what do we get whenever we have Vietnam as a topic of discussion? That's right - Zombies!

After the popular Halloween event, a brand new Outbreak event offers exclusive rewards for completing specific challenges. The fun doesn't just stop there. We have new operators, new weapons, a brand new first-ever reactive weapon blueprint, and many new items in the new battle pass.

Outbreak Event

The new Outbreak event introduced in Warzone runs in-line with the new zombies game mode for Cold War. It offers exclusive rewards for completing specific challenges in both Warzone and the actual Outbreak game mode in Cold War. In Warzone, there is a brand new area added to the shores of Verdansk called 'Shipwreck,' where you will find a huge ship stranded by the shore.

This ship is supposedly from the infamous Rebirth Island and was headed for Verdansk. It is an attempt to tie the two universes (Black Ops & Modern Warfare) together. Inside, you will find the same trial computer you find in the regular Cold War zombies mode. This was also accidentally found in-game ahead of time just a few days before Season 2 was released. Activating the machine releases a bunch of zombies that you must kill for a guaranteed reward. Although the new Shipwreck is here to stay, the Outbreak even is here for a limited time.

New Operators

There are two brand new Operators added in the game, both of which come directly from the Cold War - NAGA and Samantha Maxis. The veteran zombies player will definitely be familiar with Samantha Maxis's name, and now she is here as a playable character. Who would have thought?

  • NAGA
  • Samantha Maxis

New Weapons

There are two brand new weapons added to the arsenal of Warzone coming straight from Black Ops Cold War. The two weapons are FARA 83 (Assault Rifle) and LC10 (SMG).

Both these weapons are acquired for free as you level up your Battle Pass. You do not need the premium version of the Battle Pass to get these weapons. The FARA 83 and LC10 unlock at Battle Pass tier level 15 and 31, respectively.

  • FARA 83
    FARA 83 unlocks at Battle Pass tier level 15

  • LC10
    LC10 unlocks at Battle Pass tier level 31

New Reactive Weapon Blueprint

For the first time, we have a new reactive weapon blueprint in Warzone. This weapon is originally introduced in Black Ops Cold War but will be usable in Warzone as well, thanks to the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone integration.

The new reactive weapon blueprint is called the 'Vulture Exo' blueprint for FARA 83 assault rifle. You will need to buy the Battle Pass to acquire this blueprint, though. The blueprint unlocks at Battle Pass tier level 95.

This ultra-rarity weapon changes its colors as you get kills in-game. The weapon pulsates green energy by default, and the color shifts from blue to orange and finally red, indicating how much of a "hot hand" you have in the game.

Season 2 Battle Pass Tier List

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Instant Reward Viper - Legendary Naga Skin Premium
Instant Reward Survivor - Rare Park Skin Premium
Instant Reward Wellington Safari - Epic Watch Premium
Instant Reward Season 2 XP Boost Premium
1 Imposter - Legendary Sticker Free
2 Forged In Flames - Epic Calling Card Premium
3 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
4 Kabuki Mask - Rare Emblem Premium
5 Jungle Scrim - Epic Blueprint (Bullfrog) Premium
6 100 COD Points Free
7 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
8 River Raft (BOCW) & Cross Creek (MW) - Rare Vehicle Skin Premium
9 Extremely Dangerous - Legendary Emblem Premium
10 Transport - Rare Hunter Skin Premium
11 Griffon's Gift - Rare Emblem Premium
12 100 COD Points Premium
13 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
14 Shrine - Rare Reticle Premium
15 FARA 83 (Assault Rifle) - New Weapon Free
16 Deactivated - Legendary Calling Card Premium
17 100 COD Points Premium
18 Fresh Powder - Epic Blueprint (QBZ-83) Premium
19 Tactical Roll - Legendary Operator Finishing Move (BOCW) Premium
20 Renegade - Rare Adler Skin Premium
21 Glade Ripper - Legendary Blueprint (Stoner 63) Free
22 45 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
23 100 COD Points Premium
24 Rockweed - Rare Blueprint (M82) Free
25 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
26 Veridian (BOCW & MW) Rare Vehicle Skin Premium
27 First Mate - Legendary Blueprint (MP5) Premium
28 Ocular - Rare Reticle Free
29 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
30 Siege - Rare Stone Skin Premium
31 LC10 (SMG) - New Weapon Free
32 100 COD Points Premium
33 Dissected Slice - Legendary Calling Card Premium
34 Ruin Chaser - Legendary Watch Free
35 Swamp Issue - Rare Blueprint (FFAR 1) Premium
36 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
37 Death to Invaders - Epic Emblem Free
38 Chromalite - Epic Blueprint (Milano 821) Premium
39 Poach Coach (BOCW) & Intruder (MW) - Epic Vehicle Skin Free
40 Urgent Fury - Rare Sims Skin Premium
41 100 COD Points Premium
42 Midnight - Legendary Blueprint (1911) Premium
43 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
44 Black Ops 2 Mixtape - Legendary War Track Free
45 Poacher Hunter - Rare Blueprint (DMR 14) Premium
46 15 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
47 Wide Net - Rare Reticle Premium
48 100 COD Points Free
49 Daring Escape - Epic Calling Card Premium
50 Artist - Rare Portnova Skin Premium
51 Bush Snapper - Epic Blueprint (RPD) Premium
52 Field Gun - Rare Emblem Premium
53 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
54 Field Cannon - Rare Charm Premium
55 Dragon Idol - Legendary Blueprint (KSP 45) Free
56 100 COD Points Premium
57 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
58 Death Brick - Rare Sticker Premium
59 Crimson Steel - Epic Blueprint (Magnum) Premium
60 Brushfire - Epic Baker Skin Premium
61 Tattoo - Rare Reticle Free
62 Camo Keeper - Epic Watch Premium
63 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
64 Hell Hound - Epic Calling Card Free
65 Emerald Archer - Legendary Blueprint (AUG) Premium
66 100 COD Points Premium
67 Gunner Girl - Rare Sticker Free
68 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
69 Pink Flamingo - Epic Charm Premium
70 Coyote Dust - Rare Powers Skin Premium
71 Samurai's Creed - Legendary Blueprint (Krig 6) Premium
72 80's Rock II Pack - Legendary War Track Free
73 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
74 100 COD Points Premium
75 Bad Hair Day - Legendary Sticker Premium
76 Rat Hole - Legendary Blueprint (Hauer 77) Premium
77 River Patrol - Epic Calling Card Free
78 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
79 Demonic Overlord - Epic Emblem Premium
80 Guerilla - Rare Vargas Skin Premium
81 Almost Ripe - Legendary Blueprint (AK-47) Free
82 100 COD Points Premium
83 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
84 Cold Crest - Epic Charm Free
85 Ranger Elite - Legendary Blueprint (M16) Premium
86 Grim Look - Epic Sticker Premium
87 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
88 Beetle - Rare Reticle Free
89 Over Taped - Legendary Blueprint (Pellington 703) Premium
90 Key Resolve - Rare Song Skin Premium
91 100 COD Point Premium
92 In the Face - Legendary Calling Card Premium
93 Snow Tiger - Epic Watch Premium
94 80's Pop Pack - Legendary Free
95 Vulture Exo - Ultra Blueprint (FARA 83) Premium
96 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
97 Golden Viper - Legendary Charm Premium
98 100 COD Points Free
99 Tsunami Serpent - Legendary Emblem Premium
100 Warlord - Legendary Naga Skin, Poison Dart - Legendary Blueprint (LC10), Ammo Runner (BOCW) & Rocky Road (MW) - Legendary Vehicle Skin, and Season 2 Legendary Emblem Premium


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