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Cold War Warzone Season 3 Content & Battle Pass Tier List

Cold War Warzone Season 3 brings a lot of new content to the table, including some nostalgic and surprising additions. After the recent Nuke Event, Cold War Warzone continues to flourish in Season 3 and receives a range of new content, which we've listed below.

Note that this article focuses solely on the Warzone content and the Battle Pass tier list. If you're interested in the content added in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, feel free to check out our article here.

New Operators

There are four new operators added to the game, one of which came as a shock to the Call of Duty fanbase. Captain Price has been added to the Black Ops Cold War universe, which, let's be honest, none of us ever thought would be possible. But, given the colliding storylines and universe, the sky seems to be the limit! The possibilities are endless at this point. Following are the new Operators added to Warzone.

  • Price '84
  • Wraith
  • Knight
  • Antonov

    It seems that Antonov hasn't been added to Warzone yet. The image above is from Black Ops Cold War.

New Weapons

There are two new free weapons added to the ever-growing weapons locker in Warzone. The first weapon is the new PPSH-41 SMG, which many zombie players would appreciate given that it is considered one of the most popular weapons not just in the Black Ops series but in Zombies especially. The second weapon is a Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle which seems to have been giving the trusty Kar98k a run for its money. We will have to wait and see how this weapon does. So far, it has been showing some promising results.

These weapons can be unlocked by leveling up your Battle Pass. Note that these weapons are not premium weapons and can be obtained even without buying the premium version of the Battle Pass. The PPSH-41 and Swiss K31 unlock at Battle Pass tier levels 15 and 31, respectively.

  • PPSH-41: unlocks at Battle Pass tier level 15.

  • Swiss K31: unlocks at Battle Pass tier level 31.

Season 3 Battle Pass Tier List

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Instant Reward Disruptor - Legendary Wraith Skin Premium
Instant Reward Stinger - Rare Woods Skin Premium
Instant Reward Wellington Ash - Epic Watch Premium
Instant Reward Season 3 XP Boost Premium
1 Waste Warrior - Epic Sticker Free
2 Play It Safe - Epic Calling Card Premium
3 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
4 ICBMISSILE - Rare Charm Premium
5 Anodized Karbon - Legendary Blueprint (FFAR 1) Premium
6 100 COD Points Free
7 1 hour Double XP Token Premium
8 Derby Racer (BOCW) - Rare Vehicle Skin & Derby Racer (MW) - Epic Vehicle Skin Premium
9 Manufactured Threat - Epic Emblem Premium
10 Break Point - Rare Beck Skin Premium
11 Heart Attack! - Rare Sticker Premium
12 100 COD Points Premium
13 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
14 Battleship - Rare Reticle Premium
15 PPSH-41 (SMG) - New Weapon Free
16 Oh Snap! - Epic Gesture Premium
17 100 COD Points Premium
18 Field Infantry - Epic Blueprint (AK-74u) Premium
19 Double Tap - Epic Operator Finishing Move Premium
20 Battle Tested - Rare Park Skin Premium
21 Vex Lord - Legendary Blueprint (XM4) Free
22 45 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
23 100 COD Points Premium
24 Damascus Elite - Rare Blueprint (QBZ-83) Free
25 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
26 Trench Fighter (BOCW) - Rare Vehicle Skin & Trench Fighter (MW) - Epic Vehicle Skin Premium
27 Gilded Rose - Legendary Blueprint (Hauer 77) Premium
28 Central - Rare Reticle Free
29 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
30 Security Detail - Rare Sims Skin Premium
31 Swiss K31 (Sniper Rifle) - New Weapon Free
32 100 COD Points Premium
33 Storm Bringer - Legendary Calling Card Premium
34 Snow Tracker - Legendary Watch Free
35 Rat Tail - Rare Blueprint Premium
36 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
37 Rock On! - Epic Gestures Free
38 Factory Stainless - Epic Blueprint (DMR-14) Premium
39 After Burn (BOCW) - Epic Vehicle Skin & After Burn (MW) - Epic Vehicle Skin Free
40 Encroachment - Rare Song Skin Premium
41 100 COD Points Premium
42 Forsaken Treaty - Legendary Blueprint (Stoner 63) Premium
43 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
44 Black Ops 3 Mixtape - Legendary War Track Free
45 Go Getter - Rare Blueprint (Krig 6) Premium
46 12 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
47 Tri-Corner - Rare Reticle Premium
48 100 COD Points Free
49 Reactor Leak - Epic Calling Card Premium
50 Stronghold - Rare Vargas Skin Premium
51 Rattler - Epic Blueprint (M16) Premium
52 Hidden Code - Base Emblem Premium
53 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
54 Crystal Skull - Rare Charm Premium
55 Slow Death - Legendary Blueprint (M60) Free
56 100 COD Points Premium
57 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
58 Fragile Bomb - Rare Sticker Premium
59 Elegant Alloy - Epic Blueprint (Gallo SA12) Premium
60 Blank State - Rare Powers Skin Premium
61 Hit Box - Rare Reticle Free
62 Ascender - Epic Watch Premium
63 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
64 Kaboom!!! - Legendary Calling Card Free
65 Glow Catalyst - Legendary Blueprint (Bullfrog) Premium
66 100 COD Points Premium
67 Mind Rot - Epic Emblem Free
68 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
69 Flying Saucer - Epic Charm Premium
70 Pathfinder - Rare Hunter Skin Premium
71 Space Probe - Legendary Blueprint (AK-47) Premium
72 80's Pop 2 - Legendary War Track Free
73 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
74 100 COD Points Premium
75 Tundra Hunter - Legendary Sticker Premium
76 Roman Opulence - Ultra Blueprint (MP5) Premium
77 Radiance Melting - Epic Calling Card Free
78 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
79 Radiance Undone - Epic Emblem Premium
80 Rally Cry - Rare Zeyna Skin Premium
81 Big Game Hunter - Legendary Blueprint (M82) Free
82 100 COD Points Premium
83 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
84 Megaton Bomb - Epic Charm Free
85 Fast Leak - Legendary Blueprint (FFAR 1) Premium
86 Toxic Bite - Rare Sticker Premium
87 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
88 Inner Fire - Rare Reticle Free
89 Drab Deputy - Legendary Blueprint (Diamatti) Premium
90 Violent Nature - Epic Garcia Skin Premium
91 100 COD Points Premium
92 Firefighter - Legendary Calling Card Premium
93 Doomsday - Epic Watch Premium
94 80's Pop 3 - Legendary War Track Free
95 Loud Pipe - Ultra Blueprint (PPSH-41) Premium
96 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
97 Conqueror's Helm - Legendary Charm Premium
98 100 COD Points Free
99 Killer Clutch - Legendary Emblem Premium
100 White Queen - Legendary Wraith Skin, Roman Standard - Legendary Blueprint (Swiss K31), Fortress (BOCW) - Legendary Vehicle Skin & Fortress (MW) - Epic Vehicle Skin, and Season 3 Legendary Emblem Premium


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