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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Content Guide

Season 3 brings a lot of new features to Call of Duty: Warzone with the fresh content ranging from cosmetics to additional guns and operators. Below is out guide to all the new content.

Video Showcase

Quads Mode

You now have the option to jump into the action with not a team of only three, but four players. Trios has been completely replaced with the Quads mode. We note there has been a very mixed reaction from fans on this decision to completely remove Trios though.

Vehicle Customization

You can now customize and choose different skins for the vehicles in Warzone. There are skins for all vehicle types from the ATV to the Helicopter, but as of now they can only be unlocked by buying the Battle Pass. In order to customize your skin, you need to navigate to the "Weapons" tab and you will see a new option which says "Weapon Customization".

You will notice that pretty much all the vehicle skins will be locked. The customization option for a vehicle will be available once you have unlocked at least one skin for that particular vehicle.

New Weapons

Two new weapons that have been added to Warzone are the Pistol Renetti and a Marksman Rifle SKS. Both these weapons can be acquired without buying the Battle Pass. However, you do need to update your Battle Pass Tier to tier levels 15 and 31 to get the Renetti and SKS respectively.

New Operators

The two new operators added to the game are Ronin and the legendary Alex from COD's campaign. You will need to buy the Battle Pass to get these exclusive skins. There is another operator named Iskra who will be added as the season progresses.

Season 3 - Battle Pass Tier List

Check out the items that can be unlocked for each tier in the Season 3 Battle Pass below. Instant rewards are unlocked instantly upon buying the Battle Pass, just in case there was any confusion on that point. πŸ˜›

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Instant Reward Hard Wired – Legendary Alex Skin Premium
Instant Reward Hard Labor – Epic Yegor Skin Premium
Instant Reward Big Sky Country – Rare Vehicle Skin (ATV) Premium
Instant Reward Season 3 XP Boost Premium
1 Cerastes – Rare Blueprint (Handgun Echo) Free
2 In The Thick Of It – Epic Calling Card Premium
3 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
4 Cash Sack – Epic Emblem Premium
5 Sandfly – Epic Blueprint (Melee Alpha) Premium
6 100 COD Points Free
7 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
8 Sandstorm – Epic Blueprint (Assault Rifle India) Premium
9 Loyal Boy – Rare Charm Premium
10 USEF I – Rare Mil-Sim Skin Premium
11 Angry Sergeant – Common Sticker Free
12 100 COD Points Premium
13 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
14 Head Shot – Common Spray Premium
15 Renetti – Base Weapon Free
16 Killer On The Loose – Epic Calling Card Premium
17 100 COD Points Premium
18 Mighty Moe – Rare Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Charlie) Premium
19 Valor – Rare Thorne Skin Premium
20 Top Dog – Legendary Operator Finishing Move Premium
21 Jerboa – Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Delta) Free
22 45 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
23 100 COD Points Premium
24 Care Package – Rare Charm Free
25 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
26 From The Pit – Epic Vehicle Skin (Tactical Rover) Premium
27 Boomslang – Legendary Blueprint (Sniper Rifle Charlie) Premium
28 Out Of Reach – Common Spray Free
29 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
30 SKSF I – Rare Mil-Sim Skin Premium
31 SKS – Base Weapon Free
32 100 COD Points Premium
33 Blue Skies – Epic Watch Premium
34 The Gang’s All Here – Legendary Calling Card Free
35 Black ASP – Rare Blueprint (Assault Rifle Echo) Premium
36 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
37 Bada Boom – Epic Emblem Free
38 The Cover Up – Legendary Blueprint (Submachine Gun Charlie) Premium
39 The Warzone Express – Rare Vehicle Skin (SUV) Free
40 Quick Draw – Rare D-Day Skin Premium
41 100 COD Points Premium
42 Green Horn – Legendary Blueprint (Shotgun Charlie) Premium
43 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
44 Desert Fox – Common Sticker Free
45 Chupacabra – Legendary Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Charlie) Premium
46 15 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
47 On Target – Common Spray Premium
48 100 COD Points Free
49 Chute Crew – Epic Calling Card Premium
50 Pararescue I – Rare Mil-Sim Skin Premium
51 Rampage – Epic Blueprint (Submachine Gun Charlie) Premium
52 Echo 31 – Epic Emblem Premium
53 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
54 Bear Necessities – Rare Charm Premium
55 Beefeater – Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Bravo) Free
56 100 COD Points Premium
57 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Premium
58 Heavy Rain – Rare Sticker Premium
59 Chuckwalla – Legendary Blueprint (Submachine Gun Echo) Premium
60 Burger Town – Rare Rodion Skin Premium
61 Hammer Down – Epic Watch Free
62 C Ya Later – Common Spray Premium
63 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
64 The Long Road – Legendary Calling Card Free
65 Mowed Down – Legendary Blueprint (Submachine Gun Bravo) Premium
66 100 COD Points Premium
67 Take A Knee – Legendary Emblem Free
68 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
69 See All – Rare Charm Premium
70 CTSFO I – Rare Mil-Sim Skin Premium
71 Sand Sweeper – Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Hotel) Premium
72 Heat Seeker – Rare Sticker Free
73 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
74 100 COD Points Premium
75 Blue Ridge Racer – Rare Vehicle Skin (Cargo Truck) Premium
76 Xerocole – Epic Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Echo) Premium
77 Shoot To Kill – Epic Calling Card Free
78 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
79 Getting Some Air – Legendary Emblem Premium
80 Tracker – Rare Talon Skin Premium
81 Witching Hour – Legendary Blueprint (Sniper Rifle Charlie) Free
82 100 COD Points Premium
83 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
84 Lil’ Jug – Epic Charm Free
85 Guard One – Legendary Blueprint (Handgun Foxtrot) Premium
86 Sgt. Shark – Rare Sticker Premium
87 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
88 With Me? – Rare Spray Free
89 Muck And Mire – Legendary Blueprint (Shotgun Alpha) Premium
90 Death Dealer – Rare Mara Skin Premium
91 100 COD Points Premium
92 Like Clockwork – Legendary Calling Card Premium
93 Tomogunchi Black – Legendary Watch Premium
94 The Cyborg – Legendary Emblem Free
95 All That Glitters – Legendary Blueprint (Submachine Gun Delta) Premium
96 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
97 Chain Gun – Epic Charm Premium
98 100 COD Points Free
99 Crown Of Rounds – Epic Sticker Premium
100 Indomitable – Legendary Alex Skin, Utility Tool – Legendary Bluerint (Marksman Rifle Echo), Goblin – Epic Vehicle Skin (Helicopter) and Season 3 – Legendary Emblem Premium

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  1. The one big caveat to ADS is thatΒ it significantly slows movement. While you are aiming, your Operator will physically slow their speed, and by default, slow down the speed in which you can identify and lock-on targets. This is done to help you make tighter movements for precise fire.

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