Season 4 Content Guide

The newly released Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone brings forth a heap of new content including vehicle skins, weapon blueprints, new weapons, and the infamous Captain Price as the new operator.

Below we have covered everything that you need to know about the new Season 4.

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Warzone Rumble

A new game mode has been added to Warzone - Warzone Rumble. In Rumble, you get to experience the standard team deathmatch gameplay but at a specific location around the Verdansk map. This is a 50 vs. 50 player game mode. Your team and the enemy team both parachute down on either end of the map fight each other. The first team to reach the score limit wins.


Vehicle Horns

You now have the option to change the horns of your vehicle, under Vehicle Customization. To change your horn, head over to the Vehicle Customization menu, select the vehicle you want to change the horn for, and at the top, you will notice a "Horns" tab.

Each vehicle has its own horn sound, but the rhythm and the pattern are the same for all vehicles. You get the first horn as an instant reward once you've purchased the Season 4 Battle Pass.

New Weapons

There are two brand new weapons added to the game - the Fennec and CR-56 AMAX. The Fennec is a representation of the Vector SMG, and CR-56 AMAX is a Galil. They just have different names.

These weapons can be unlocked by upgrading your Battle Pass tier. You do not have to worry about buying the Battle Pass to unlock these weapons as they are free and can check our guide on the battle pass and how it works for more info about that.

The Fennec unlocks at tier 15, and the CR-56 AMAX unlocks at tier 31. More on the Battle Pass tier list below.

Weapon Mastery Challenges

New Weapon Mastery Challenges have been introduced in the game and are available for a weapon when you've unlocked Gold camo for it. There are a total of eight challenges, which include two kill challenges, two headshot challenges, and four skill challenges.

Each additional challenge is unlocked as the next completionist camo is unlocked. This means these can only be done in order of Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian. You will be rewarded with a unique sticker and a player card upon the completion of these mastery challenges for all the weapons.

New Operator

Season 4's most hyped-up content was the addition of the legendary Captain Price as a new Operator. You can now use him as your Coalition Operator. To get Captain Price as your Operator, you will need to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass, after which the first variant of the Operator called "The Captain" will be unlocked as an instant reward.

Furthermore, when you reach level 100 tier on your Battle Pass, you will get the iconic Captain Price skin, which we've all seen throughout the campaign. There are other skin variants available as well, which can be unlocked through the completion of in-game challenges.

There are two sets of challenges for Captain Price. The first set is just four objectives you need to complete in order to unlock the Midlands and Premier skin. The second set is only possible after you've reached Battle Pass tier 100. In the second set, you have four more objectives which you will need to complete to unlock Phantom and Dead of Night skin for the Captain Price Operator.

Challenges - Set 1

  • Get 10 Kills using a Sniper or Marksman Rifle with Price
  • Activate the UAV Killstreak 5 times with Price
  • Blind Enemies 2 times using a Flash Grenade with Price
  • Get 15 Kills while equipped with Double Time Perk with Price

Challenges - Set 2

Pre-requisite: Reach Battle Pass tier 100

  • Deploy 5 Field Upgrades with Price
  • Drive vehicles for 5 minutes with Price
  • Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Ghost perk with Price
  • Call in the UAV Killstreak 5 times with Price

New Mil-Sim Skins

We also have new Mil-Sim skins for both Allegiance and Coalition. Unfortunately, these skins are not free and you will need to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass.

For the Coalition category, we have two new Mil-Sim skins - USMC Raider I and Lagunari I, unlocked at tiers 30 and 50 respectively.

And for the Allegiance category, we have two new skins - Urzikstan SSG I and Russian FGF I, unlocked at tiers 10 and 70 respectively.

Just like other Mil-Sim Operator Skins, these also have variants indicated by the I, II, and III at the end of their names. Other variants can be unlocked by completing different challenges set for them.

In-Match Events

There are three different types of in-game events introduced in the game. These events will occur randomly when you're playing Warzone.

They can affect and alter your gameplay and approach. The three events are Jailbreak, Fire Sale, and Supply Chopper. They occur for a limited time only, and only one type of event can occur at a time in a single game.


When Jailbreak occurs, every eliminated player returns into the game. Whether you were spectating your teammates or waiting for a 1v1 in the gulag, everyone is returned back in the game. The players are notified of the event happening a minute before it starts so that they may prepare themselves. The Jailbreak event gives players a reason to stay in the game instead of leaving the match right away.

Fire Sale

Fire Sale temporarily puts an 80% discount on everything excluding the Loadout drop at the Buy Station. You can even get an item for free if you interact with the Buy Station. The free item that you may get is entirely random and it differs from game to game. This event only lasts for a minute, so expect a lot of people at the Buy Stations during this event.

Supply Chopper

Supply Chopper brings in a lot of loot. It is a non-lethal chopper but it is heavily armored up and will require quite a lot of firepower to be taken down. This chopper contains some really high tier loot such as 3 UAVs, armor boxes, munition box, grenade launcher and a lot of cash!

Contraband Contract System

This is a new, rare contract which can appear during your match. Completing this contract rewards you with a permanent weapon blueprint! This contract has a chance of appearing after the completion of any regular contract.

In this, you are asked to deliver a contraband briefcase to the extraction point. Once you reach the extraction point, you will have the option to call in a helicopter, much like depositing the money in Plunder mode.

Be careful as other players can also steal the briefcase from you by killing you. You can also do the same though.

Season 4 - Battle Pass Tier List

Instant RewardThe Captain – Legendary Captain Price SkinPremium
Instant RewardCascade – Rare Rodion SkinPremium
Instant RewardRide of the Valkyries – Epic Battle-HornPremium
Instant RewardSeason 4 XP BoostPremium
1Callous – Rare Pistol BlueprintFree
2Use Soap – Epic Player CardPremium
31 Hour Weapon XP BoostPremium
4Freedom Favors – Rare EmblemPremium
5Prisoner 627 – Epic Knife SkinPremium
6100 COD PointsFree
71 Hour XP TokenPremium
8Harpy – Rare Pistol BlueprintPremium
9Serval – Rare Vehicle Skin (ATV)Premium
10Urzikstan SSG I – Rare Mil-Sim Allegiance SkinPremium
11Sapper – Rare StickerFree
12100 COD PointsPremium
131 Hour Double Weapon XPPremium
14O Captain – Rare SprayPremium
15Fennec – New Base WeaponFree
16Show No Fear – Epic Player CardPremium
17100 COD PointsPremium
18Sunset Hue – Epic LMG BlueprintPremium
19Execution – Legendary Finishing MovePremium
20Wind River – Rare Talon SkinPremium
21Blank Stare – Legendary AR BlueprintFree
2245 Minutes XP TokenPremium
23100 COD PointsPremium
24Expendable – Rare CharmFree
2530 Minutes Double Weapon XPPremium
26Ambush Alley – Rare Vehicle Skin (Cargo Truck)Premium
27One Inch Punch – Rare Shotgun BlueprintPremium
28Nade Shades – Rare SprayFree
2930 Minutes Double XP TokenPremium
30Raiders – Rare Mil-Sim Coalition SkinPremium
31CR-56 AMAX – New Base WeaponFree
32100 COD PointsPremium
33Mountains to Climb – Legendary Player CardPremium
34Mini Map – Legendary WatchFree
35Old Growth – Rare DMR BlueprintPremium
3645 Minutes Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
37Die is Cast – Epic EmblemPremium
38Azure Hammer – Epic Pistol BlueprintPremium
39Eagle Rock – Epic Vehicle Skin (SUV)Free
40Counter Point – Rare Azur SkinPremium
41100 COD PointsPremium
42Glacial Polish – Legendary SMG BlueprintPremium
431 Hour Double XP TokenPremium
44Undercover – Rare StickerFree
45Duchess – Rare LMG BlueprintPremium
4615 Minutes Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
47Calm Like A Bomb – Rare SprayPremium
48100 COD PointsFree
49Mirrored – Epic Player CardPremium
50Lagunari I – Rare Mil-Sim Coalition SkinPremium
51Blue Jay – Epic AR BlueprintPremium
52Rocket Ranger – Rare EmblemPremium
5315 Minutes Double XP TokenPremium
54Chop Top – Rare CharmPremium
55Gavel – Legendary Pistol BlueprintFree
56100 COD PointsPremium
571 Hour Double Weapon XPPremium
58Coffin Corps – Rare StickerPremium
59Saddle Horn – Epic Sniper BlueprintPremium
60Insurrection – Rare Alice SkinPremium
61Love Never Dies – Rare SprayFree
62Redline – Epic WatchPremium
6330 Minutes Double XP TokenPremium
64Good Night Out – Legendary Player CardFree
65Underbrush – Legendary SMG BlueprintPremium
66100 COD PointsPremium
67Rocket Rounds – Rare EmblemFree
6830 Minutes Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
69Remotely Raging – Epic CharmPremium
70Russian Federation Ground Forces I – Rare Mil-Sim Allegiance SkinPremium
71Hedgerow – Legendary LMG BlueprintPremium
72Grim Reality – Rare StickerFree
731 Hour Double XP TokenPremium
74100 COD PointsPremium
75From the Ashes – Epic Vehicle Skin (Heli)Premium
76Muckrake – Legendary DMR BlueprintPremium
77Chopper Down – Epic Player CardFree
7845 Minutes Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
79Bombing Run – Epic EmblemPremium
80Trooper – Rare Raines SkinPremium
81Brookside – Legendary Sniper BlueprintFree
82100 COD PointsPremium
8315 Minutes Double XP TokenPremium
84Smokin’ – Epic CharmFree
85Snobby Fox – Legendary SMG BlueprintPremium
86On The Wind – Rare StickerPremium
8715 Minutes Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
88At The Ready – Rare SprayFree
89Bloodlines – Legendary Shotgun BlueprintPremium
90Killswitch – Rare Iskra SkinPremium
91100 COD PointsPremium
92Harsh Landscape – Legendary Player CardPremium
93Sortie – Epic WatchPremium
94Emblazon – Legendary EmblemFree
95Phoenix Ignition – Legendary LMG BlueprintPremium
961 Hour Double XP TokenPremium
97Rancorous – Legendary CharmPremium
98100 COD PointsFree
99Hoplite – Rare StickerPremium
100Nightfall – Legendary Captain Price Skin, Emissary – Legendary AR Blueprint, The Green Monster – Legendary Vehicle Skin (Tac Rover) & Legendary Season Four EmblemPremium
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