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Call Of Duty Warzone Update: Gulag Weapons & Armor Box

Infinity Ward has rolled out some updates for Call of Duty: Warzone, tweaking certain mechanics and adding a whole new drop type. While neither are massive game changers, you will need to adjust some of your tactics going forward.

The main change introduced in the update is the addition of SMG and Assault Rifle weapon types to the Gulag. Previously you could only get Pistols and Shotguns in the randomized loadout, but now all of the ARs and SMGs are on the menu as well, potentially leading to much quicker gulag matches.

The other main addition is the Armor Box, a new consumable that works in the same way as the Munitions Box, but provides you and your squadmates with armor instead of ammo. You can acquire one much the same way as the other consumables - through ground loot, from a supply box, or it can be bought via Buy Station.

Since the Armor Box can supply an entire squad, incorporating it into your tactics will give you an edge - while a member of your team carries a Munitions Box, another can take the Armor Box, letting you refill both supplies after a confrontation.

Infinity Ward has also added an entirely new mode to the game, which goes back to the basics. Instead of adding new features, Warzone gets stripped down to the bare essentials of what makes a game "battle royale". Contracts, Buy Stations, the Gulag and other redeployment methods are all removed, making survival the name of the game - just be the last team standing.

"Classic Battle Royale" was previously leaked by data-miners, and its addition to the game further confirms that those leaks were correct. We wonder what some of the modes that didn't have descriptions in the leak will turn out to be.


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Aron Gerencser
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