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Xbox One Controls Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone drops you straight into the action with up to 150 players competing on the same map. Verdansk may be huge, but you're sharing it with a lot of opponents and the encroaching poisionous gas is there to ensure that you'll never be too far from one another.

So, you won't have time amid the flying bullets to double check your control scheme and a mistaken button press can reveal your location or waste a consumable at the worst moment.

In order to be the best Warzone player you can be, you need to master your control scheme. While you cannot freely rebind any action to any button like on PC, you can switch between a number of controller presets with subtle changes in layout. If you don't want to stick to the default controls, study those layouts carefully. The default controller layout for Xbox is as follows:

  • Movement - Left Analog Stick
  • Sprint/Steady Aim - Left Analog Stick (Press)
  • Aim/Look - Right Analog Stick
  • Melee - Right Analog Stick (Press)
  • Jump/Mantle/Open Parachute - A
  • Crouch/Cut Parachute - B (Tap)
  • Prone - B (Hold)
  • Slide - B (When sprinting)
  • Use/Reload - Y
  • Switch Weapon - X (Tap)
  • Equip Armor - X (Hold)
  • Tactical Equipment - Left Shoulder Button
  • Lethal Equipment - Right Shoulder Button
  • Aim Down Sights - Left Trigger
  • Mount Weapon - Left Trigger (Contextual)
  • Fire - Right Trigger
  • Ping - D-Pad Up (Tap)
  • Gesture/Spray - D-Pad Up (Hold)
  • Fire mode - D-Pad Left
  • Activate Killstreak - D-Pad Right (Tap)
  • Killstreak Menu - D-Pad Right (Hold)
  • Drop Ammo/Drop Cash - D-Pad Down
  • Open Map - View
  • Pause Menu - Menu

Call of Duty: Warzone supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox One. If you want to gain the fair advantage over other players, we highly recommend using KB+M instead of a controller, since using a mouse to aim is significantly more precise than an analog stick. In wired configuration, any keyboard and mouse with a USB connector should work, but only first-party KB+M peripherals will work wirelessly. Simply plug in your keyboard and mouse of choice and the console will set them up automatically.


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  1. I'm a newbie, I'll admit it, but this guide doesn't seem to work on my X-Box controller. I can pick up a heartbeat sensor but never activate it. I can buy a Load out marker but never use it. This is a simple guide, but how do you ACTUALLY use these once you have them? I can't find a single guide online that actually say "press these buttons on your X-Box controller to activate the heartbeat sensor, or use the loadout marker" . I don't know why, the settings are defaulted. To say it isn't intuitive is an understatement. You can show on screen your inventory and scroll left to right, but how do you actually DROP something once selected? That would be a great guide to have......

    1. Hi Robert, in Warzone if you wish to use your Tactical Equipment such as a Heartbeat Sensor then you usually would use LB button on your Xbox Controller.

      Once you've bought the Loadout drop, you will press LB + RB on your controller to drop the marker, just like using any Field Upgrade.

      If you wish to drop your weapon, then hold D-pad down button and use your RS analog to navigate to your weapon and press X to drop your weapon and Y to switch between your guns. It is the same menu where you drop your ammo and cash from.

      If you are not able to use LB to use your Tactical Equipment, then your controller layout might have been set to "Bumper Ping" layout where LB is used to ping. Therefore you will need to use D-pad up to alternate between your tactical and Lethal equipment and use RB to use them.

      You can change your controller layout by going to Options > Controller > BR Layout (Press RS analog stick when highlighted, and it should show you a list of all available layouts). The controller layout shown in the guide above is the default layout. I hope this helped!

    1. Hi Sam. You cannot switch to 3rd person view in Warzone as it is a first-person shooter. You can switch to 3rd person view (free look) only when parachuting by pressing the left bumper (LB) on your Xbox controller.

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