BY RAY AMPOLOQUIO October 26, 2022

Activision Blizzard goes straight for the stomach with Call of Duty x Burger King collab

They say that the best way to a gamer's heart is through their stomachs, which is probably why Activision Blizzard and Burger King have partnered for a promotional campaign.

The controversial publishers have tapped Burger King for a direct line to the stomachs of gamers. 

As part of its latest marketing effort to spread the word on Call of Duty, Burger King will sell a Call of Duty-themed Whopper Meal.

If you're in Australia, the meal will be sold by local restaurant chain, Hungry Jacks.

This tie-up promotion will add codes for players to redeem in-game for XP points and a burger-themed skin.

Themed restaurants will also be scattered all over Middle East, South America, and Europe.

Surprisingly enough, America isn't included in the countries that are part of the campaign.