Activision is reportedly looking to rename Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has taken no time rising to the top of the gaming industry following its launch in March 2020.

And, while Activision Blizzard is already preparing to roll out the sequel later this year, it appears that the company isn't going to give up Warzone just like that.

If we believe the reports, the free-to-play title will get a new name just shortly after Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

It's not clear how long this arrangement will go on, but it would explain why Warzone progress will not carry over to Warzone 2.

Ultimately, we're curious how Activision will accomplish this.

At the very least, Activision deserves the benefit of the doubt; it has several dozen studios under its belt to make this happen.

Regardless of what happens, we should find out exactly what Activision has planned for Call of Duty on the 15th at the Next event.