Details about Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 2024 have leaked online

As Warzone Mobile went into Alpha in select regions two months ago, dataminers feasted on the early build to check out the in-game files.

In doing so, they found out images and references to several upcoming Call of Duty games.

Treyarch's Call of Duty game for 2024 will feature maps named "Stealth" and Pillage". The former will have a stealth fighter jet in the middle while the latter will have an old European aesthetic.

The in-game files also contained maps for Modern Warfare 2 such as "Grand Prix", "Oilfield", "Museum", "Farm 18", and "codename: SABA.

Finally, the files contain info about incoming Ground War maps likely for Warzone 2 as well including "Sira", "Fishtown", and "Hydro," as well as for the long-rumored spin-off mode, Call of Duty DMZ.

Warzone Mobile is set to go into beta soon ahead of a presumed launch later this year.

If nothing else, dataminers will have an even more detailed build of Warzone Mobile to probe in a few months.