BY RAY AMPOLOQUIO August 31, 2022

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage reveals new vehicle mechanic

After two relatively down years, Infinity Ward will need to step things up for this year's entry, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Judging from the leaked MW2 footage, Infinity is up to the task.

Leaked videos are confirming that Modern Warfare 2 will feature a gameplay mechanic where players can hijack other vehicles.

Other clips show players swimming up to a dock or firing an MP7. 

Unfortunately, Activision Blizzard has done an excellent job sending DMCA takedown notices to anyone caught uploading the videos.

After a few weeks of going radio silent, Activision and Infinity Ward will reveal more of the future of Call of Duty in the coming weeks

We can expect to see more Call of Duty info, official or not, to come out in the coming days.