Players are exploiting King Kong's testicles for faster XP gain

It can get a bit challenging to win a game of battle royale amidst a Titan showdown.

If you look past all the noise, you can take advantage of titans by damaging them.

The more damage you do to either one of the titans, the more intel you get and the better the rewards get.

As you damage the titans and earn intel, you also gain XP. The XP earn rate can be fast or slow, depending on your weapon.

Reddit user u/Mundoschristmas found that if you fly a helicopter between Kong's legs, you earn a lot of XP in seconds.

This was first reported by a Youtuber called Ulterior Covert where he drives a ground vehicle instead of the helicopter.

Operation Monarch comes to its epic conclusion on May 25, 2022. Be sure to take advantage of this while you still can!