Activision claims that Ricochet is working against Call of Duty cheaters

Activision has some bad news for Call of Duty cheaters: Ricochet is working and they're having fun.

According to Activision, the software has banned more than 180,000 players across Vanguard and Warzone since late April.

More importantly, Ricochet is letting Activision annoy the living hell out of cheaters so that they leave Call of Duty on their own.

As Activision explained in a recent blog post, Ricochet doesn't ban cheaters outright.

Instead, the team lets cheaters stay in Call of Duty to study their behavior and see how they react when they take away their weapons, make everyone else go invisible, or make them do less damage or none at all.

The good news here is that Ricochet is only going to get better. It's only been six months and Activision is already seeing positive results.

The program should only improve once it is implemented to Modern Warfare 2 in October and Warzone 2 soon after.