The Archon Lord Kortifex Easter Egg Guide (Solo)

For the loadout you can use the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun as your starting weapon. Although, you need to change to an LMG for the boss fight.

First, you need to forge the PaP machine by collecting two parts and collect a shovel from one of the four guaranteed spawn locations.

Enter the Dark Aether using the portal at the Temple and wait to automatically go down and teleport back to the Temple.

Next, you need to do the Trial of Mindfulness by the Storehouse. The trial involves capturing runes on the ground in a set sequence shown by the red orb.

Then do the Trial of Sacrifice. Light up three torches, and kill Sturmkreiger. Next, kill zombies by the four Obelisks in the Derailment area while inside Ring of Fire.

Finally you must complete the Trial of Resilience in the Debris Field. In this trial, you must destroy the Scyphoncores and fill a perk fountain with blood.

Boss fight prep: At least tier IV ring of fire, an LMG (from box or wall buy), diabolical damage tier III perk, and Jugger-Nog tier III perk. PaP your weapon to tier II or III as well. And the Decimator Shield.

Go through the portal in the Temple to fight Lord Kortifex. He has three phases. You must destroy his eyes. One eye per phase.