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Zombies Event In Call Of Duty: Warzone Officially Announced

Hinted at both in-game and in the recent Season 2 content reveal, Treyarch and Activision Blizzard have finally, officially announced the Zombies event coming to Call of Duty: Warzone.

This limited time challenge event coincides with the addition of brand new points of interest to the Verdansk map, adding new combat hotspots and loot areas to the battle royale.

The Vodianoy, previously sighted off the shore of Rebirth Island, has run ashore near the Zordaya Prison Complex in Verdansk, and split in two. The ship, lost since the cold war, was carrying a terrible secret, now unleashed - a Zombie infection, with plenty of undead onboard already.

This is the framing of the newest challenge event, that lasts until the 11th of March that releases a ravenous undead horde on Warzone with a bunch of special unlockables, including the Calling Cards which spoiled the surprise yesterday. Other rewards include Charms, Stickers, Emblems, Calling Cards, and Weapon Blueprints.

Since Outbreak is free to try for a limited time, some of the rewards you can unlock require the completion of challenges in that mode. In total, there are two sets of nine challenges, one for Warzone and one for Outbreak, both of which culminate in a special weapon blueprint.

Warzone's set of challenges ultimately unlock the “Teal Drop” Rare Handgun Blueprint, and they include; Kill 25 zombies with headshots, Eliminate 100 zombies, Kill 25 zombies using lethal equipment, Kill 25 zombies with vehicles, Eliminate 5 zombies in a single match 5 times, Kill 25 zombies with shotguns, Rapidly kill 2 or more zombies 3 times, Kill 25 zombies with pistols and finally Eliminate 25 zombies before the first circle closes.

The Outbreak challenge set will reward you with the more imposing and thematically named “Gray Matter” Epic Sniper Rifle Blueprint. To get this beast of a weapon, you need to Successfully exfil 3 times, Eliminate 250 zombies, Eliminate 10 elites, Open 25 chests, Complete 3 world events, Warp 10 times, Eliminate 3 special zombies, Kill 100 zombies with vehicles and Complete 9 objectives.

For some extra challenge, or in case you need to find some Zombies quick for an object completion, look for special terminals on the Vodianoy, which for the duration of the Zombie event will spawn a large horde of undead when interacted with. Players would also do well to keep eye peeled for both snipers shooting over from the other half of the broken ship, as well as the CQC threats in the claustrophobic interior.

One of the main purposes of this limited time Zombie event in Warzone is to introduce players to several new points of interest throughout Verdansk, of which the Vodianoy - though the most significant - is just one.

The huge cargo ship ran ashore near the shallows by the prison complex, and event that caused the hull to buckle, leading the ship to break in half near the middle. This released the toxic materials - and undead - that were in the hold, while also creating two multi-level combat hotspots for the battle royale game.

When approaching the ship, Warzone players will be able to scale the hull and reach the deck using ascenders on each side of the front half of the wreck, or enter via the gaping hole on either half where the ship broke in to, thus accessing interior ladders and stairwells. The shipwreck has some serious loot potency, which coupled with the desire to explore the new location is guaranteed to attract a lot of combatants.

The other main map changes are the opening of several missile silos in the rural outskirts of Verdansk, which were previously considered decommissioned. However, with the silo doors swung open, it is clear that there are rather large - and modern - missiles found within. All three silos have other interior locations that can be explored and looted.

With catwalks suspended over deadly falls, small control rooms connected by a maze of tunnels and various ruined access shafts, these silos will be perfect locations for setting up ambushes and hunkering down in well defended positions, just make sure you aren't stuck deep inside one when the circle collapses.

In order the funnel players into these silos, the developers used the Zombie crisis as a nice little in-game explanation for why other underground areas have been closed down. The Verdansk subway, the stadium parking lot and all but one bunker - since said bunker is part of a new silo complex - have been temporarily sealed, and are thus inaccessible to players. Since many of these areas yielded great loot, you can expect the silos to be veritable goldmines in order to compensate.

Since both the shipwreck of the Vodianoy and most of the newly opened missile silos are on the outskirts of the map, chances are they'll fall outside the circle after a collapse or two, so make sure you keep an eye on your tac map and plan accordingly. These areas are also bound to be popular drop zones in the coming weeks because of that, and because of the novelty, so expect a harsh fight right off the bat if you decide to land here.

Stay tuned for more intel and guides regarding the Zombies event in Warzone!


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