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Zombies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre & More - It's Halloween In Call Of Duty: Warzone

The Haunting of Verdansk event is here, bringing all sorts of spooky items and a new frightening game mode to Call of Duty: Warzone for Halloween.

Alongside a pair of licensed horror movie bundles bringing iconic operator skins to the game, there is also a new limited time game mode that adds zombies to Warzone for the first time. The spookiest holiday of the year is in full swing, so make the most of it while you can.

You don't need to wait for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to get your zombie fix. Zombies Royale is the new limited time mode available in Warzone from today to the 3rd of November.

Taking place at nighttime, Zombies Royale puts an interesting new spin on the usual scenario of players facing off against the undead - not only do you have the other squads to worry about, but every time a player is eliminated, they respawn as a zombie instead of being sent to the Gulag.

Zombies cannot use guns, but they have increased strength, speed and can jump much higher. Their melee attacks are vicious and cause a lot of damage, so be careful if they are nearby.

Should you turn into a zombie, that isn't the end of the line - every time a living player falls, they drop a syringe which becomes marked on everyone's map. If you collect two of these as a zombie, you get to redeploy as an operator to bolster your squad. Keep in mind that the syringes are marked on everyone's map and are bound to be popular items, so expect a fierce race much like the dash for that last discounted TV on Black Friday.

Supply boxes have also been switched out for Trick or Treat boxes, with no telling of what kind of presents or scares they have in store for you and your squad...

Since the Haunting of Verdansk is a party, you had better dress appropriately. Two new bundles help you with just that, poaching the likenesses of two of Hollywood's best known horror characters. The SAW bundle includes a Billy the Puppet skin for Morte alongside weapon blueprints, a special lethal equipment item and more customizations, while the Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle lets Velikan dress up as Leatherface, complete with his iconic human skin mask, a unique LMG weapon blueprint that allows the operator to use it as a chainsaw, a special one handed hammer and some additional items.

Don't miss out on all the fun, and have a happy Halloween!


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